R.I.P. The Internet

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Akshay Anand : India here: We're really sorry about Ajit Pai. We don't know how he escaped that mental institution. All he had was a hammer and a poster of Raquel Pomplun in his cell. So sorry!

Stacey : this ribbon cutting ceremony was brought to you by a forest. saving the planet... one ream of paper at a time.

Buzz : Elect a Clown, Expect a Circus

Zoe's Zoo : "Uhh what's happening? Oh, Donald Trump." Me, every day.

ellistorris : Ajit Pai needs to Lajit Dai

DeadlyMargiKarp223 : I wonder how long it'll be before right wing youtubers such as Steven Crowder, Stefan Molyneux, Alex Jones etc. regret supporting the removal of net neutrality.

Pollix780 : It's not over, the FCC voted in to "pass their bullshit" which no big surprise, it passed on Dec 14. Congress still has to vote-in this mess, WHICH WAS WHY WE WERE CALLING CONGRESS IN THE FIRST PLACE. With 83% disapproval from the populace, we gotta keep pressuring congress to undo this atrocity. *Keep calling congress*. We got this!

Sohail Hashim : To view this comment, please pay 9.99

Origami Chik3n : 7 things you can do "after net neutrality"? 1-7. Not live in US.

Donut Chan : Everytime someone brings up deregulation I always remember the fact that several people died in buildings that were unsafe because the owners had neglected all safety regulations. People are stupid and lazy, they'll do their best to avoid pesky regulations until someone gets hurt or dies. Only until then do they start scrambling.

Ashmita Nandy : Dishonor on you and dishonor on your cow, Ajit Pai!!

Sails : Clinton deregulated the banks and insurance industry which directly lead to the 2008 crash. These megalomaniac billionaires have to be regulated, the 2008 crash proved it. Just as there has to be laws regulating our elected leaders or they get out of control, like Trump is now!

Steve Jarvis : Please, if these internet service providers truly didn't have the intention of slowing down, blocking or prioritizing traffic, they wouldn't have bothered to be in favor of voting to repeal Net Neutrality to begin with. Lying corporate shills. Always got their hands too far down in the pockets of the people.

Vrzgr Sgu : Ajit Pai is an indian scammer. With love, From Europe

Ru Fus : Here's one change the Net Neutrality repeal will bring which Pai forgot to mention in his video: he will make millions. Short-sighted greed prevails again, while the longer term effect will be a net negative for the rest of us.

James Burgess : IT STILL HAS TO PASS THROUGH CONGRESS!!! Call your Senators to keep Net Neutrality! If you don't, you have to pay for HBO to see John Oliver weekend updates!

Entity Entertainment : Wubba Lubba Dub Dub?!?!?!?

daturadreams : In 1960 people thought asbestos, led paint, mercury in food, no seatbelts etc etc etc were a good idea. Someone needs to tell the Trumplets that a lot of that red tape is in place to keep the lemmings from falling off a cliff.

sportsfan723 : Sooo what are we supposed to do for porn now? Aint no one wanna sit there, watch 3 seconds then wait 2 minutes for it to buffer, then play another 2 seconds lol

Xanxei : I've never been a violent person, but I'm really starting to rethink that attitude lately.

MinersLoveGames : Man who won the "Most Punchable Face Award" two years in a row, Ajit Pai.

Alyssa Christensen : I wish none of the Internet providers changed anything out of the goodness of their hearts but Ik it's not going to happen because all they care about is money

MrRamazanLale2 : "Hillary would do the same thing". Random Trump supporter.

Fire Iscoming : Trump is our modern day Caligula. They say ignorance is bliss. I guess Trump supporters are the most blissful people on the planet.

Risky Nights : You’ve gone too far America. No one respects you anymore

emboltic : ITS NOT OVER YET. They still have to go through congress as well as the house and senate. So call your local congressman and let them hear your voice!

TheLonelySpider : 4:50 I see Emperor Palpatine was in the audience today. That laugh...

Jacob Lund : Rip norways got talent

Chris M : WE WILL PUT NET NEUTRALITY BACK IN PLACE! Democrats, pay attention to what happened in New Jersey, Virginia and Alabama. This criminal administration lost by 3 million votes and only won the electoral college because of a letter from the FBI. This is not what the people want. The next Democratic administration can and must reverse every single decision Ajit Pai is making when Dems control the FCC again. We WILL put Net Neutrality back in place. This "repeal" is only good for as long as Democrats are not in power.

Derek’s Universe : I guess one positive thing is we won’t have to read trumps tweets.

Penny Lane : Oh, Harlem Shake... I knew he'd find something deader than fidget spinners.

Chris M : Want Net Neutrality back in place? Donate, volunteer, fundraise and vote for Democrats in every single election coming up to 2018. If we get Democrats back in power we can undo/erase any damage from Trump's criminal administration. #UndoTrump #TrumpForPrison

Reydriel : I never understood why these people see regulations as a bad thing. Most of them are common sense rules that are put into place so to prevent bad shit from happening. Like companies and corporations screwing over people.

Derek T. : Why is this video not loading?

OP Zoroark : Steve, I love your work & all, but you're totally underselling the massive pile of sh*t we're in right now. ISPs now have complete control over the flow of information in America. Essentially, they control America now

MforMovesets : Well, and RIP all the trees for that stupid red ribbon thing.

Pratim Gupta : Karma at its finest. US has done more than enough damage around the world (creating terrorists, toppling democratic governments, bombing whole regions) now suffer the consequences,

Azian : At least I'm in Australia Mate

Stephano Plaza : It’s not over yet, we can still win this.

Origami Maker : In fact The Internet is already censored. You may think you can watch on YT whatever you like. But YT is blocking videos which are unpleasent for the companies which pay YT for insterting their ads to videos. For example gameplays of GTA V with explosive samsung s7 note mod were blocked, money earning option on such videos was disabled etc.

Kim Jong Fun : I love how Americans like to brag about how they are the "greatest democracy", yet all these deeply unpopular policies keep being imposed, like the tax bill, only like 20% of the people approve; killing net neutrality, 83% of the people are against it. In what kind of democracy the vast majority of the people's interests keep getting ignored?

sillyfreeman : what people don't get is that now, the biggest corporations and the government can have complete control over the media. they can block your from seeing whatever they don't want you to see. there is no longer a "war on for your mind;" it has been lost.


wyarp : Never ceases to amaze me how much of an utter moron Trump is. Yet there are still ppl that support him. So sad what is happening in America. :/

Ben M : Trump wants this repeal, in part, to suppress internet content, bandwidth, and connectivity to suit his agenda.

nkooutsider : Can someone SWAT and DDOS Ajit Pai? I would but I don't wanna get in trouble.

Lee Bee : I literally have every single pornography video downloaded onto several USBs Also every movie, tv show and favorite youtube videos. SET FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE ! !!!

Marcellino Sananto : Any Democrat running for Congress should run on an impeachment platform.

Superior Being : Trump loves his props, I suppose Trumpers can't understand the numbers so need a visual demonstration.

CliffJumpingProd : It's not just going to be expensive to use the internet, that's just annoying. but it will slow down the progress of evolving the biggest infrastructure of humanity right now, the internet. This is evil on the biggest level possible. How can you americans just watch this happen?