R.I.P. The Internet

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223Drone : I wonder how long it'll be before right wing youtubers such as Steven Crowder, Stefan Molyneux, Alex Jones etc. regret supporting the removal of net neutrality.

Crypto Stacey : this ribbon cutting ceremony was brought to you by a forest. saving the planet... one ream of paper at a time.

Zoe Tuinman : "Uhh what's happening? Oh, Donald Trump." Me, every day.

Pollix780 : It's not over, the FCC voted in to "pass their bullshit" which no big surprise, it passed on Dec 14. Congress still has to vote-in this mess, WHICH WAS WHY WE WERE CALLING CONGRESS IN THE FIRST PLACE. With 83% disapproval from the populace, we gotta keep pressuring congress to undo this atrocity. *Keep calling congress*. We got this!

Kreytiv Sounds : I’m from Canada bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

MforMovesets : Well, and RIP all the trees for that stupid red ribbon thing.

Sails : Clinton deregulated the banks and insurance industry which directly lead to the 2008 crash. These megalomaniac billionaires have to be regulated, the 2008 crash proved it. Just as there has to be laws regulating our elected leaders or they get out of control, like Trump is now!

Ravyn Marie : As a Canadian, yet again am I astounded by America. This is just wrong, fuck Trump and Pai and the idiots who vote for these people. I feel sorry for the rest of you ❤️ Best of luck from your friends north of the border.

Raphanne : I'm against violence but that FCC guy has such a punchable face.

Origami Chik3n : 7 things you can do "after net neutrality"? 1-7. Not live in US.

UnPhayzable : Cucked by the Ajit

Mat Cat : Stephen, you pronounced "A Shit Pie" wrong.

JustCausefan : Elect a Clown, Expect a Circus


Steve Jarvis : Please, if these internet service providers truly didn't have the intention of slowing down, blocking or prioritizing traffic, they wouldn't have bothered to be in favor of voting to repeal Net Neutrality to begin with. Lying corporate shills. Always got their hands too far down in the pockets of the people.

Jacob Lund : Rip norways got talent

Pratim Gupta : Karma at its finest. US has done more than enough damage around the world (creating terrorists, toppling democratic governments, bombing whole regions) now suffer the consequences,

Alyssa Christensen : I wish none of the Internet providers changed anything out of the goodness of their hearts but Ik it's not going to happen because all they care about is money

Ben M : Trump wants this repeal, in part, to suppress internet content, bandwidth, and connectivity to suit his agenda.

boonlincoln : Monologue Order: 1. R.I.P. The Internet 2. Trump Attacks The Mainstream 'Meadia'

TheLonelySpider : 4:50 I see Emperor Palpatine was in the audience today. That laugh...

MrRamazanLale2 : "Hillary would do the same thing". Random Trump supporter.

Derek’s Universe : I guess one positive thing is we won’t have to read trumps tweets.

kaziBIGdeal : idk y i didnt even laugh

LA Fresh Life : Avocado selfie 🥑

GabzitoHD : 4:50 that laugh sounds like Jared Letos joker

snuffythebloatedbat : It's obvious that America can't be trusted with control of vital global resources - and in the case of the internet it's time to free it from any sort of hard-wire systems - to evolve into a predominantly satellite-based system.I imagine China is poised or that effort. The E.U. being the clear legitimate leader of the secular democratic 'free' world - and the largest economy on the planet - would be the ideal sponsor for alternative systems to compete with the one that an American plutocratic theocracy mascarading as a secular democracy has just bastardised. This American decision is one more reason the greater world should shun America - and corporations based in America (like Apple and Boeing) in favour of global citizens in good standing (like Samsung and Airbus). Other than light entertainment America offers very few products that don't have peers or superiors elsewhere.

James Joyce : “Uh, what’s happening..” Let me guess, something about Trump? “Oh, Donald Trump” Yea of course, your whole career is just talking about Trump now

Marcellino Sananto : Any Democrat running for Congress should run on an impeachment platform.

Spenzer20 : Sure glad they're making good use of white house staffers who had to stack 200.000 blank pages of paper into a man-sized tower for a 5 minute photo-op

RadLadNamedBrad : America is such a shitbucket recently. Come over to Canada! We can warm you up with poutine!

Origami Maker : In fact The Internet is already censored. You may think you can watch on YT whatever you like. But YT is blocking videos which are unpleasent for the companies which pay YT for insterting their ads to videos. For example gameplays of GTA V with explosive samsung s7 note mod were blocked, money earning option on such videos was disabled etc.

sillyfreeman : what people don't get is that now, the biggest corporations and the government can have complete control over the media. they can block your from seeing whatever they don't want you to see. there is no longer a "war on for your mind;" it has been lost.

wyarp : Never ceases to amaze me how much of an utter moron Trump is. Yet there are still ppl that support him. So sad what is happening in America. :/

Oliver König : Good-bye everyo..

trefrog : +1 if you're watching this on the internet

Kevin Lapierre : He should fire his writing crew he's really not funny at all.

Narwhalz : This is about as sad as when Luke Skywalker died in The Last Jedi

Reydriel : I never understood why these people see regulations as a bad thing. Most of them are common sense rules that are put into place so to prevent bad shit from happening. Like companies and corporations screwing over people.

Ancient Entity : Wubba Lubba Dub Dub?!?!?!?

Superior Being : Trump loves his props, I suppose Trumpers can't understand the numbers so need a visual demonstration.

batarang 614 : There are people graduating from college younger than the Starbucks screenplay joke

Frank Farrell : Can this guy talk about anything other than Trump?

Stumptiscool 007 : I’m glad we can all agree that the FCC director is an idiot and does not care about what the people want.

CliffJumpingProd : It's not just going to be expensive to use the internet, that's just annoying. but it will slow down the progress of evolving the biggest infrastructure of humanity right now, the internet. This is evil on the biggest level possible. How can you americans just watch this happen?

MsPurplebutterly : I have a question; can American citizens vote for an early election? It really seems like American citizens want to, and I’m not familiar to the government. (Canadian, if you want to know)

Tucker Bowen : Good lord i hate my generation so freaking much...

Kathy Powers : A broken system cannot reform itself!

Kim Jong Fun : I love how Americans like to brag about how they are the "greatest democracy", yet all these deeply unpopular policies keep being imposed, like the tax bill, only like 20% of the people approve; killing net neutrality, 83% of the people are against it. In what kind of democracy the vast majority of the people's interests keep getting ignored?

Shadow in a Cave : Hate your new "click and subscribe" tags, Stephen. We all know what to do, and if we want to, we will. Don't beg. Never beg.