Dora The Explorer Theme DRUM COVER - JOEY MUHA

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Josh Steffen : Haha! Pete Townsend meets David Silveria on the hihat.

Adrian Garcia : Jajajajajajja xd eso si es amar lo que se hace This is true love xd

Gabriel Balbuena : 0:14 my favorite part :3333

Cordvale Lindsay : This dude could go to a funeral and rock the song that's playing

tapir pañordo : Ya es mi tono de llamada

GaboAnd Waffles : *_DORA THE EXPLORER_*

Cyber El Sotano : Mamalon en un concierto y toda la banda saltando bien crazy xD

Mr. NoName : Never thought that it was that complex...

Leilani Salas : I can't stop watching this videos haha I really love it ♡

kikendo xD : Jaja se la Rifo con el final xD

bobkin611 : Hey dude your video is on FB idk if it has your permission or not but It has like millions of views

Cam Bam : Man if this was the real theme song.. shit would have went down! *five year old me busting out as soon as I hear the first note.*. “DORRAAA”. *drop kicks my sister, bites my brother and smacks the babysitter.” DO-DO DORA! *head bang*

Thito Campos : The best drummer of the galaxy KKKKKKK 💜

iownu92 : 4.8 million views on FB, 36k views on YouTube. Crazy.

Satanás Gobernará : Oye fuera de coñas es un batería qué flipas

Victor Degan : backyardigans theme!

Felix El Gato : This sounds so good i wish it was a real song xD


Josue Rodriguez : Cuando te la estás jalando BUT Se te safa el brazo 0:14

Ramiro Pj : Ese pelo pantene

Will Bunnell : Good to have you back👍🇨🇦

The Guy : Looks like his childhood is back

Jack Achenbach : Please do "Living In The Sunlight" from Spongebob Episode 1.

Dustin Bud : Maybe I would've learned Spanish if this was the music for the show

J4C3L 4V4LOS : No mames te mamaste bro Good cover

Eduardo Gonzalez : Se mamo jajajaja

YADLAVI : Tanks u I'm better now

Nubia Gutierres : My mom say "this is so cool" :vvvvv

barbelizah : drugs

Johnny Sins : Do momoland amigo

Razin Rahman : That ending tho

Alfredo G : Video Fav 🔝

Alex toxic:v : Kha :v

Pewdieseptiplier : Dude I told you to do the bruan strowman theme drum cover, but you did not do it , please do it now

Rob¡CASO!Rec • : Alguien vino por hbro?

Tutus Thomson : This isssssssss soooooooo liiiiiitttttt

estas loquillo : Este si es un fan

Minecraft Platinum Fireworks Inc. : When your exposed to that show Me:

killzone12 : i hate dora but i like this

El_Perro Gusacio : Holy shit!!!!!! no me reía de esta manera en años xD

Entertaining Everything : This Got 9m views On facebook through a reposter

Señor Nube : Dónde le doy "me encanta" a está madre jajajajaj

Charly RF : Hahahahhahaha holly shit😂😂😂😂😂 this is amazing

Vertex 72 : Childhood HYPED in one video

Μαρία Αηδονίδου : i love you endlessly!!! i actually want a heavy metal song with dora drums xD ... and lets wait for who can identify the "not so metal drum part" xD

La Ranita Loca : Khe wea???

Miguel Setfer : where is the fcking moshpit?

edward van domian : i needed this...thank you


LynXX GAming : A perfect example of how hyped my sister was back then when she used to watch dora