Dora The Explorer Theme DRUM COVER - JOEY MUHA

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Josh Steffen : Haha! Pete Townsend meets David Silveria on the hihat.

Cordvale Lindsay : This dude could go to a funeral and rock the song that's playing

Adrian Garcia : Jajajajajajja xd eso si es amar lo que se hace This is true love xd

Leilani Salas : I can't stop watching this videos haha I really love it ♡

tapir pañordo : Ya es mi tono de llamada

Mr. NoName : Never thought that it was that complex...

bobkin611 : Hey dude your video is on FB idk if it has your permission or not but It has like millions of views

Thito Campos : The best drummer of the galaxy KKKKKKK 💜

Cam Bam : Man if this was the real theme song.. shit would have went down! *five year old me busting out as soon as I hear the first note.*. “DORRAAA”. *drop kicks my sister, bites my brother and smacks the babysitter.” DO-DO DORA! *head bang*


iownu92 : 4.8 million views on FB, 36k views on YouTube. Crazy.

Victor Degan : backyardigans theme!

Will Bunnell : Good to have you back👍🇨🇦

Cyber El Sotano : Mamalon en un concierto y toda la banda saltando bien crazy xD

YADLAVI : Tanks u I'm better now

Felix El Gato : This sounds so good i wish it was a real song xD

Eduardo Gonzalez : Se mamo jajajaja

Razin Rahman : That ending tho

Alfredo G : Video Fav 🔝

Alexander Damian juarez : Kha :v

Pewdieseptiplier : Dude I told you to do the bruan strowman theme drum cover, but you did not do it , please do it now

Μαρία Αηδονίδου : i love you endlessly!!! i actually want a heavy metal song with dora drums xD ... and lets wait for who can identify the "not so metal drum part" xD

Jack Achenbach : Please do "Living In The Sunlight" from Spongebob Episode 1.


Ian Beardy : I love the "Swiper no Swping, Swiper no swiping!" double pedal 😂🤘🤘🤘

Raffael Diiaz : creo q es suficiente internet por hoy :v

Assira Toys : I didn't know Sebastian Bach play drums

Jonathan De La Cruz : This is why I love internet


Gerardo Vite : Espléndida melodía y excelente intérprete

Murat de lambreta : speechless

nianlike : Da fak i cant stop laughing

chefkero : Do the hime hime

David Simon Tjali : I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Adrick Entertainment : This is like the 10th time i've seen this video :v Just... Amazing

Goumes : Best thing i've seen whole week.

evo balatbat : Make some OPM songs drum cover sir. Please. 🙂🙂

Legit dont : i love you

Ivan Lopez : Jajajajajajaja la cuestión jajaja😂

Yume : Tas du talent continue 😍😍😍

Javier Elias17 : Que maestro!!!! :v

정 정 : I loved this song❤️❤️❤️

KING_GODZILA juegos y mas : Dora dora la perradore :v

Ezra Sitompul : This dude going places

Brian Mckenzie : This was too natural... Joey’s fave?!

Aztec Metalhead : You're awesome.

Jonas Bacal : Best Drum Cover! Haha. Nice on Bro.

Nubia Gutierres : My mom say "this is so cool" :vvvvv

Fajar Videos : Salah genre anjeng

カ ミーユ : omg u have a beautiful and silky hair! my mother ask : what is your shampoo ?