I'm gonna kill the bear

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Lawrence Routt : I saw this as a kid, very underrated movie.

Cris Des : such an underrated, almost forgotten movie

Anon One : "What one man can do another can do" - believe it and go and slay your own personal dragon (bear)!

SpyDetector1984 : This movie may just have cemented Hopkins as my favorite actor of all time. I saw this the opening weekend when I was early in my 13th year. I thought it may be good seeing the trailer, but it was way better than the trailer could portray. I love movies are like that. "You wanna die out here...Well, die...I tell ya what. I'm not gonna die."

Alan Starcher : This is literally one of the best lessons of life !

leafyutube : The bear ate that one brother earlier so they knew they were next.

Tristen Dragon : This is me trying to convense my self to kill a bear in the game the long dark

CrowdPleaser 1980 : Gem from the 90s

Bubba Samuel : THE Leads are weak YOU’RE WEAK .. HIT THE BRICKS

chaz Burleson : what one man can do another can do...

Be Awake : Love this movie👍👍👍🙌

California Combatives Club 209 : I remember i was like 11 i didnt get the themes until now.

John Smith : What's the name of this movie? I must see it now.

Frank Dodd : Charles.

Mapleberry Farm - Off Grid : One of my favs.


Dave : Better than the box scene from Se7en... In my opinion of course.

Jay Kay : Best at 0.5

klavier285 : @Syrus7sk What one man can do another can do!....so um, good luck with that.

southport97 : This is by far Baldwin's best film. He was still married at the time, so I can see how easy it was for him to get into character for this film. That rage just flowed naturally and effortlessly.

Miatna Moto : What one man can do another can do!

klavier285 : cause today I'm gonna kill the mother fucker

Maria29493 : My psychology professor had us watch this movie because of scenes like this.

GrantPowerhead : they killed that mother fucking bear!

Syrus7sk : I once saw a man pull a truck with his dick... I can't do that :|

BuLoRd : @paulhillen The Edge (1997)

Paul Hillen : what movie is this from?

PHANTOM : One coward got killed by the bear.


zenmoon3 : What one man can do another can do!

Spencer Wallace : Cuz today....IM GONNA KILL THA MOTHA FUCKA!!!!!!!!!

jeff2all : Loved this movie. Anthony Hopkins had the practical knowledge that his companions didn't bother to learn, so he had the edge.

Clarence Hosey : @BeatsGalore4Sure I'm a competitive runner and coach, I have my teams watch this clip, it's very inspiring and simple!

773SleepyHollow : Well Alec, I guess killing bears is a bit harder than selling real estate, isn't it?

773SleepyHollow : @capnawsumpants No, it's Sir Anthony.

Yotsuba : This movie is so goddamn epic. Also Sir Anthony Hopkins is a boss.

yrrah123 : @DaveMacDave WHAT ONE MAN CAN DO ANOTHER CAN DO !

andytelferoo : @BeatsGalore4Sure One year ago it wa 2010 what did you do in the other 8 years?

pervy sage : @BeatsGalore4Sure so you killed a bear?

Intex : @jay1970 You cant spell, so i cant really understand what you are trying to tell me. Please come back when you are sober or not high.

jay1970 : @PureShinigami Realistic?? I have never seen anyone acted like this dangerous situations.

Intex : @jay1970 its better than any acting nowadays, very realistic imo. Hopkins is a legend so you stfu

Skyntalor : 65 people killed the bear.

Nash Fawcett : @HoLeInOnE905 IT'S SIR Hopkins!!!!!

yrrah123 : @DaveMacDave SAY IT AGAIN!

yrrah123 : SAY IT BOB!

Todd Hatcher : @mrhyperbobbo Haha, that's hilarious

Rubik Banter : press at 1:15 repeatedly. LOL!!

jay1970 : They both can OVERACT. Hopkins is worse out of these two.

Roberto Innit : Charles:I'm gonna kill the bear. Say i'm gonna kill the bear. Say it. Im kill the bear say it! SAY IT Bob:(Shuffles uncomfortably before saying quietly) I'm gonna kill the bear Charles:SAY IT AGAIN Bob:(More confidently) I'm gonna kill the bear Charles:And again Bob:I GON KILL THE BEAR Charles:What one man can do, another can do Bob:What one man can do another can do Charles:Again Bob:What 1 man can do another can do! Charles: Yeah Godamn right coz today... i'm gonna kill the mother fucker!