I'm gonna kill the bear

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Lawrence Routt : I saw this as a kid, very underrated movie.

Anon One : "What one man can do another can do" - believe it and go and slay your own personal dragon (bear)!

Cris Des : such an underrated, almost forgotten movie

SpyDetector1984 : This movie may just have cemented Hopkins as my favorite actor of all time. I saw this the opening weekend when I was early in my 13th year. I thought it may be good seeing the trailer, but it was way better than the trailer could portray. I love movies are like that. "You wanna die out here...Well, die...I tell ya what. I'm not gonna die."

Alan Starcher : This is literally one of the best lessons of life !

leafyutube : The bear ate that one brother earlier so they knew they were next.

Emo Ray Torres : I've been qouting this in my head for years now on those tough days trying to get through workouts, runs, hard physically demanding jobs etc. Fucking love this scene ❤

Tristen : This is me trying to convense my self to kill a bear in the game the long dark

Bubba Samuel : THE Leads are weak YOU’RE WEAK .. HIT THE BRICKS

CrowdPleaser 1980 : Gem from the 90s

chaz Burleson : what one man can do another can do...

Elizabeth Faith : One of the best scenes in film

John Smith : What's the name of this movie? I must see it now.

California Combatives Club 209 : I remember i was like 11 i didnt get the themes until now.

Be Awake : Love this movie👍👍👍🙌

Frank Dodd : Charles.

1985pza : Charles!!!!

Mapleberry Farm - Off Grid Living : One of my favs.

Rachel Lynn Summers : I just watched this movie. That's what brought me here. Ive seen it numbers of times. You god damn right! Lol 😉

jake connors : In a situation like that, if your mind is set that your going to die. Then you will die. But if you believe that you will survive and fight through it. You may actually win.

Badlaama Urukehu : What one man can do!

The Campground Bear : One of the most motivational speeches of all time.

MrMagee78 : amazing film!

Jay Kay : Best at 0.5

Hatem _ : what a man can do others can this assuming the first man is an average on the bell curve or else we all will be Isaac newton or Cristiano ronaldo nevertheless a great movie


Dave : Better than the box scene from Se7en... In my opinion of course.

Amanda Eklund : Where can I find the whole movie? :-) someone tell me please♡ send me a link or something:-)

klavier285 : @Syrus7sk What one man can do another can do!....so um, good luck with that.

southport97 : This is by far Baldwin's best film. He was still married at the time, so I can see how easy it was for him to get into character for this film. That rage just flowed naturally and effortlessly.

Miatna Moto : What one man can do another can do!

klavier285 : cause today I'm gonna kill the mother fucker

Maria29493 : My psychology professor had us watch this movie because of scenes like this.

GrantPowerhead : they killed that mother fucking bear!

Syrus7sk : I once saw a man pull a truck with his dick... I can't do that :|

BuLoRd : @paulhillen The Edge (1997)

Paul Hillen : what movie is this from?

PHANTOM : One coward got killed by the bear.


zenmoon3 : What one man can do another can do!

Spencer Wallace : Cuz today....IM GONNA KILL THA MOTHA FUCKA!!!!!!!!!

jeff2all : Loved this movie. Anthony Hopkins had the practical knowledge that his companions didn't bother to learn, so he had the edge.

Clarence Hosey : @BeatsGalore4Sure I'm a competitive runner and coach, I have my teams watch this clip, it's very inspiring and simple!

773SleepyHollow : Well Alec, I guess killing bears is a bit harder than selling real estate, isn't it?

773SleepyHollow : @capnawsumpants No, it's Sir Anthony.

Yotsuba : This movie is so goddamn epic. Also Sir Anthony Hopkins is a boss.

yrrah123 : @DaveMacDave WHAT ONE MAN CAN DO ANOTHER CAN DO !

andytelferoo : @BeatsGalore4Sure One year ago it wa 2010 what did you do in the other 8 years?

pervy sage : @BeatsGalore4Sure so you killed a bear?

Intex : @jay1970 You cant spell, so i cant really understand what you are trying to tell me. Please come back when you are sober or not high.