Former NHL player Daniel Carcillo discusses head trauma and treatment

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Jonathan Wright : "I don't love the NHL...I love the game of hockey" - most powerful statement in this entire video

TheiHow : I am praying for your healing and strength in Jesus name!

Brendan Collins : People who are out here saying that Carcillo was a goon and has dished out his share of concussions are missing the point completely. He is the product of a league that has withheld information and let guys like Carcillo play and thrive putting in jeopardy the lives of all the players in the league. He's the best man to speak out about this, and I am sure glad he is.

VOIZES : Blessings to you, Daniel. Wishing you a full recovery, and I hope that your work healing yourself serves to lessen the suffering in the NHL and in other pro sports. It's too great a price to pay. Your honesty is very valuable. Much Love, to you and your family.

J. Horvath : Hard to feel bad for a guy who spared no opportunity to cause head trauma and injury to another player.

JM 26 : This guy was a goon that went out on the ice specifically to hurt people. Spare me the sob story. Not to completely dismiss what he's saying, but the timing here just seems suspicious. The NHL weeds out the goons and one of the goons is setting the groundwork for a lawsuit against the NHL. I hope time proves me wrong, but I don't feel sorry for this man.

tim mead : Big Carcillo fan. But there has been many many studies done that prove Fighting in the NHL is not where concussions are coming from. It's the equipment of today's NHL that's causing so much harm on the players. They should make the elbow pads, shoulder pads smaller and the Concussions will lower. Guys that want to hit with the small pads will still make big hits but it will impact them as well, so there will be more rubouts and not guys like Tom Wilson skating hard to take a guy's head off. I played 5 years in hockey and only was concussed once. I played 11 years in football and was concussed 5 times. The problem I have is that kids aren't coach proper on technique in giving receiving hits anymore. Now with hitting being taken out of peewee up here in Canada.. kid are now going in blind getting to the next level!

Brew311 : The chair Sydney Crosby says helped him with his concussion recovery.

Daniel Breitkreuz : I feel bad for Carcillo but this clinic does nothing, it's just a placebo effect and helps calm his anxiety because he thinks he's helping himself and working towards a goal of getting better. There are so many neurological pathways in the brain and starring at lines on a wall and spinning you around is not going to repair them or find ways around the dead pathways. Time, lack of physical brain movement and proper nutrition are the only things you can do.

clubmongerboy : This video shows a side of Carcillo speak like I've never seen before.  His trash talking and persona is what many will remember. It's good to see him contribute to this awareness affecting previous enforcers/players. This is the first good thing I've seen him contribute to as I was never a fan.

playinragz : Carcillo played dirty hockey his whole career. Cheap dirty hockey!

Gee G : You made the choice to play the game and drop the gloves. Now you're blaming the NHL

Son Kakaroto : Signs up to play full contact sport. Complains when head hurts. This guy must be a scientist.

Capin Kirt : Maybe I should get a super dangerous job and do no research or take in consideration the dangers it may contain. Then blame others for what happens instead of taking responsibility for my decisions and actions like this d-bag. Yep im convinced, Im doing it!!!!!

Gabriel Vezina : Watch the movie Concussion with Will Smith and you will understand everything about concussions/CTE

jack costa : Let's not forget all us guys that didn't even come close to the pro level. A cross check to the face at age 12 and a trip that sent me into the boards head first ruined my life.

Tom : Dr. Mark Gordon of Encino, CA does tremendous work linking TBIs and hormone deficiencies. I’ve sustained concussions from youth hockey, explosions in Afghanistan and car accidents in the states and I’m finally getting back on track after simply having my hormones checked.

Tim Fronimos : sorry for the bad grammar but concussive injury even effects us recreational players

Rocco Anthony : Wow, great job for penguins fans justifying the “pussifying” of the NHL lol. I hate to say this but no wonder soccer is about to overtake the NHL for the 4th place for professional league lmao. People watch NHL because it is fast and physical. Not because it is “only fast”. This whole pussifying is an absolute joke. Which is also why I will NEVER consider Crosby to be top 10 all time. He is product of the league pussifying the NHL. He would not be playing that many games after all the concussions he had during his peak, had the league commissioner and the top members softened the league with BS rules. Hockey was ALWAYS a physical sport. Only those who are tough enough can survive. If you can’t, than just retire. Plain and simple. They should ALL know that. If you don’t want to play contact sports, than they should have played baseball or basketball, not hockey or American football.

B Xx : Step 1: Get George Parros off the department of player's safety. Some of those head shots by Tom Wilson in the playoffs should have received a 20+ game suspension. Don't let idiots run around on the ice if they've proven they shouldn't be there.

Michael Grenon : I suffered a severe concussion after a car accident and initially lost significant ability to speak for the first week. Then the mTBIs neurological symptoms started and have continued for the 18 months since. Your reaction in the beginning of the video, looking away and into the distance while becoming overwhelmed and tearing up and seemingly at a loss of words and despondent is to a T how I get when asked how am I doing. When you say it's hard being a man with pride going to seek treatment...I feel the exact same way. I am a doctor of pharmacy, and graduated with high honors, received many awards, am published, have played drums for 24 years and was signed to a small record deal right out of high school, played baseball until I was 24 and last at bat was homerun. I have never met a challenge I could not beat or a hobby I didn't perform exceptional in through hard work and passion. I wanted to attempt a few fitness expos I got myself from 175lbs 15% body fat to 207lbs 4% body fat, I was married to a physician and divorced from that physician, and still after being betrayed and isolated, I had me, my pride, my loving family and could overcome anything. After the accident everything....everything about me and the person I always was got erased and was replaced with guilt, hopelessness, anxiety, depression, loss of self, apathy, well multiple physical symptoms. It's amazing to see the similarity in your demeanor to mine. I wish you a speedy acceptable recovery and thank you so much for making this video

Brandon Sibley : I can't even count the amount of undiagnosed concussions I've had from playing hockey all my life

ChickenOfTheCaveMan : I really hope he gets the best recovery possible with these treatments but I can't help but to see dishonesty here. Sure, the NHL and NHLPA are accountable but the game is played by players and they're the most accountable of all. I know this is an intense game but players need to respect each others, the amount of elbows and hard slashing is still there though it decreased since the Carcillo kind of players are vanishing from the league.

Josh Fry : Unfortunately you signed the contracts and knew what you were getting into! You cant blame trainers or staff your a grown man and if you couldnt play then say so!! Dont sue the league cuz your broke!

matt forte : carbomb!

and if you're retarded then I apologize : Car bomb boom. Hang in there.

Dimitri : every player wanted to punch him in the face when he played so this makes sense

John Beck : Thanks for having the courage to share your story Dan. We may not have played the same role but we certainly share very similar after hockey stories. 20+ concussions later and the pain, fear and uncertainty are very real. The guilt of having a young family and not being able to be 100% for them ever is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Thanks to your video I’ve booked myself a week at the centre. Who knows how much it will help but any relief is a blessing to not only myself but my wife, kids, parents and coworkers. When doctors openly write cte on your charts in front of you it’s a very scary thing and it doesn’t leave you with great feelings of hope. People don’t know me, I barely played minor pro so I can’t speak out on the topic like you can and I’m damn sure glad you are! Keep fighting the good fight.

NCarmine1 : I truly believe that Dan Carcillo will make a biggest impact how NHL deals head traumas in near future.He and Paul Holmgren probably saved Nick Boynton`s life after addiction when he played Philadelphia

Asia Roberson : they need to do that in football too because the same thing happened in that sport too

AttilatheThrilla : This guy was a dirty player... I feel bad for him but this is just Karma for his dirty hits and actions.

Tim Fronimos : The NHL is like a meatgrinder that treats innured players and explayers like a commodity. Vegas Golden Knights entry fee was $500 million dollars US if they took a portion and invested in concussive brain injury OR fund for injured players Bettman and al l could be heroes. Seattle is gonna pay $650 million to join. 10% from these two expansions would be $100 million to address the problem. the player in the video said it best I don't love the NHL but I do love hockey. this issue will bankrupt some major professional sport at some day in the future their culpability is that obvious

Fern Mccreary : Thanks for the seizure to whoever edited this

Leo Cutaway : Go Filip Forsberg & the rest of my pred boyz

SpikeFlea : I love Carcillo, and I love hockey (played all my life). I personally think the NHL is rotten to the core in how it treats its players not only in terms of their health but also their careers. But all that being said, I have to wonder how much of Carcillo's problem stems from playing hockey, versus the fights he fought. I guess what I'm saying is he may be more a victim of the era in which he played, than the sport itself. And yeah, that's partly the NHL's fault. I do hope that the research he is involved with can make some breakthrough in CTE, and that hopefully it can apply to other aspects of dementia.

BuckMarley : Appreciate the honest blunt truth that the NHL/NFL and all its advertisers do not want you to know. I dont watch Hockey but have watched sports (entertainment) all my life, including the NFL and Professional Wrestling. People love the brutality and at the end of the day, the players know what they're signing up for in part (the physical aspect) and they get paid handsomely for their play. I am very compassionate for their life after sports but i do know the wicked and ugly truth behind the ways of this world. These players are destroying their bodies for entertainment and money at the end of the day, who doesnt know that all Major Sports are betted on and rigged at the highest levels...all for the mighty dollar. That means the precious memories and moments are tainted and deceitful because moments and even players...are being rigged to operate a certain way. My only question is "What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul"?- Jesus Christ There is a price to fame and riches in the Devil's wicked game.

David G Draper : Brother as a veteran, so many of us are dealing with this and yet our care is so piss poor. I know that many of us are having our children play soccer, international football. I hope you put your son in a soccer program. It’s not perfect either but need to come to terms with this and treat those with brain injury accordingly. You and your mates from Hockey will be in our collective thoughts. I know my BIL sustained multiple concussions while playing NCAA hockey and the 2 years he spent playing farm league hockey just trying to get back to school. Fredonia State in NY took in most of his farm league teammates and tried their best to keep them safe while giving them an education. I know his personality is much different post hockey. His kids no longer play the game or even US football but stick to baseball and softball. This is something the world needs to hear. The Sane is true for veterans. We know what it’s like to have huge gaps in memory, serious depression and gaps in our thought processes. Thanks for coming forward.

Mike Sweet : You signed on the dotted line u knew what could happen and now your complaining.Played the sport all my life im 59 now i knew the risks.Hes a no class wanna be

gotopshelf8 : That was touching......needed to be said.....and informative. Wake up NHL...... CTE is sports needs to wake up. AFter losing my friend JR Seau.....i just can't see sports the same anymore. Hockey is my favorite sport that i play and LOVE......and for a player like Daniel to say "You can take my name off the Stanley Cup twice over. I can’t live like that anymore."....WOW GREAT PIECE!!!!!! HOCKEY RULES......(the game)

VAiNE SANTΩ : I need some help i live in miami florida and i want to put my head through a ten foot thick steel wall!!!!!!!

NothingToPointOut24 : Were the deaths of Belak, Rypien and Boogaard not proof enough? Give me a break with this garbage. Everyone knows that hockey is dangerous. And playing the enforcer role is even more dangerous. But a player like Carcillo would've never been in the league if he didnt play that role. I wonder if 10 years ago he would've forgone millions to "save his brain".

Brendan Kernaghan : hated Carcillo on the ice, but hate to see that he's going through this. hope he can recover from this for his family.

mic01 : He's lucky to be getting this kind of treatment here in Canada I was hit from a lady who ran a red light woke up on the side of the road. nearly 10 months later insurance cuts you off they want you back to work. I have the same symptoms our health system here in Canada is a joke.

ghytgb : The slow piano music almost gets ya huh😄. Oh Danny Boy you get traded to LA and you become a flakey phoney fool. How much did you get paid for this great acting job?

Loyalty1269 : I really enjoyed him when he was a flyer. Always willing to throw down. Crazy how a player as gritty as dan Carrillo is an advocate for head injuries. I agree with him 100% though. The Nincompoop Hockey League needs to take care of these guys

KMF : This looks like really expensive treatment.  I have TBI and could never afford this treatment or actually any treatment.

Mikeyybands🔋 : I really liked carcillo when he was a flyer but I hated him for other squads haha

atnvl : Cet an hydrogen breathing machine and HBOT.

Wolfman Jack : Get well Daniel.     You are awesome.  Loved watching you play.

Will Koz : I recently have been experiencing some unexplainable symptoms and the doctors are just now starting to think it's also from a TBI. He told me about your battle and I came here to check it out for myself. Seeing someone like you go through this makes it a little less terrifying for me. Wish you the best and I hope for a full recovery for the both of us and anyone else who is also suffering through this.