Guy Calls Judge Your Royal Highness

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We love Judge Caprio. Some people REALLY love Judge Caprio. But will Judge Caprio love his new title? Catch his royal highness Judge Caprio every week day starting September 24th. Go to for local listings. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coming in to court is voluntary, in most cases. The majority of defendants come in to fight their ticket because they felt they were wrongly ticketed, or they have an excuse they'd like the judge to consider. People do have the option to mail in their payment. These are real people, not actors. Please keep that in mind when you comment. They don't deserve negative scrutiny. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Reddit: Contact us for sponsorship opportunities! Produced by Sociable!


Hayder Waheed : Some one tell this lovely judge we love him for his humility .

Nazarene Christian Soldier : The Liberian president he was playing football with, is one of the best players ever and his name is George Weah

Razeem Mohtesham : I'm number one fan of judge Caprio 🤗❤️

Deconverted Man : lol Royal Highness! :D

Non turtle : A fishy man, but a funny one too.

Vikram Srinivasan : Again "It's different". The esteemed judge found out this gentleman was "flattering".

Kathy McLain : Love this judge! So caring!

Tim Savage : Hilarious as usual. Better than Sticoms.

roy sam : Judge Caprio don't go for King, go for President.

Wind Roos : I love judge Caprio <3 you are always so gentle and nice.

८૦ɱԲ૦Ր੮คცՆע ძυɱც : Second... This man is really funny.

Police AccountabilityPr0ject : Priceless 😂

DFCZ : Please send the royal highness Caprio our warm regards :).

Bob Tavares : Watch "Caught in Providence" starting September 24th.  Check your local listings for time and station in your area.

Police AccountabilityPr0ject : Such a remarkable judge and human being. 💯🙌

Novitus Novitus : Judge Caprio is the pure Kindliness.

John Belardo : Best judge ever.

Glenda Baugh-Johnson : Love it Your Royal Highness.

julia mahoney : Long live king Frank.

J C : Thumbs up for the judge. He didn't give a break to the guy.

TheSmithersy : You can tell he is not of sound mind.

THEREAL McCOY : We have allot to learn from this man right here , both men actually . We need more of both !

Vijayakrishnan K K : Your royal highness..

usman bashir : Second your highness

dr troy turner : Roscoe Lee Brown lives on.

Befkadu T. Lema : I love this case !

Akash : Butter and butter

sunnyb831 : Little ovet the board..but alrighg

insAneTunA : hahaha "He's been called a lot of names most of which I can't repeat"...and the "big" guy chuckles a bit...realizing the joke is on him. Is it just me or was the judge friendly dissing on his deputy royal highness hahaha watch from here 3:16

MysticGalaxy : That man is awesome. He has respect for everyone

Befkadu T. Lema : I'm addicted with caught in providence. I subed and watched all videos and sometimes I watch again the one I already watched. Juge Caprio has a gold heart !!!. I live in America where they chock u to get money but jude Caprio understands situation and gives a break that's the way human being supposed to be .

At. Rabiah : King frank

Ash : There is something super annoying about that guy.

Diane Pickett : J

Abdullah Alshli : I find him extremely annoying!!!!

Billboxer : First

Hiho Wego : Liberians....thats another bunch that does not seem to want to assimilate to American society.

alisha l : Disgusting.