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Kim Jakubec : I’m in agreement he deserves a title higher than Your Honor. He’s the best judge around

Hayder Waheed : Some one tell this lovely judge we love him for his humility .

TheSmithersy : You can tell he is not of sound mind.

Nazarene Christian Soldier : The Liberian president he was playing football with, is one of the best players ever and his name is George Weah

roy sam : Judge Caprio don't go for King, go for President.

Deconverted Man : lol Royal Highness! :D

Hiho Wego : Liberians....thats another bunch that does not seem to want to assimilate to American society.

Razeem Mohtesham : I'm number one fan of judge Caprio 🤗❤️

Ash : There is something super annoying about that guy.

natureboy : Wat a butt kisser

Vikram Srinivasan : Again "It's different". The esteemed judge found out this gentleman was "flattering".

Non turtle : A fishy man, but a funny one too.

Kathy McLain : Love this judge! So caring!

Tim Savage : Hilarious as usual. Better than Sticoms.

MysticGalaxy : That man is awesome. He has respect for everyone

Abdullah Alshli : I find him extremely annoying!!!!

DFCZ : Please send the royal highness Caprio our warm regards :).

८૦ɱԲ૦Ր੮คცՆע ძυɱც : Second... This man is really funny.

julia mahoney : Long live king Frank.

Billboxer : First

insAneTunA : hahaha "He's been called a lot of names most of which I can't repeat"...and the "big" guy chuckles a bit...realizing the joke is on him. Is it just me or was the judge friendly dissing on his deputy royal highness hahaha watch from here 3:16

Befkadu T. Lema : I'm addicted with caught in providence. I subed and watched all videos and sometimes I watch again the one I already watched. Juge Caprio has a gold heart !!!. I live in America where they chock u to get money but jude Caprio understands situation and gives a break that's the way human being supposed to be .

THEREAL McCOY : We have allot to learn from this man right here , both men actually . We need more of both !

usman bashir : Second your highness

Glenda Baugh-Johnson : Love it Your Royal Highness.

Police AccountabilityPr0ject : Such a remarkable judge and human being. 💯🙌

Vijayakrishnan K K : Your royal highness..

At. Rabiah : King frank

Befkadu T. Lema : I love this case !

Wind Roos : I love judge Caprio <3 you are always so gentle and nice.

justin case : Thumbs up for the judge. He didn't give a break to the guy.

Novitus Novitus : Judge Caprio is the pure Kindliness.

Akash : Butter and butter

dr troy turner : Roscoe Lee Brown lives on.

sunnyb831 : Little ovet the board..but alrighg

alisha l : Disgusting.

Diane Pickett : J

Bob Tavares : Watch "Caught in Providence" starting September 24th.  Check your local listings for time and station in your area.