Bill Burr Stand-Up On “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” 04/29/99
Bill Burr Stand Up On Late Night With Conan OBrien 042999

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Hear Bill Burr talk about his many appearances on Conan’s show on the latest episode of "Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend.” Listen and subscribe @


dragon trail : Bill Burr wearing coat and having full hair. Thank you Conan .

Nerve End : Bill is joking about a pansexual getting butthurt. This dude was way ahead of his time.

Martin Tatere : He looks so young and full of optimism. Then age happened.

Fichè Hwang : how come he's been always that grumpy old man ever since he was that young??? He is perfect!

Nate and Noah Try Life : Conan and Bill Burr are both vying for best redheaded Boston comedian... Or they were at least. Hair loss'll getcha.

richardsim7 : You guys don't normally post super old videos unless someone's dead - had me worried for a second there!

devan copeland : This guy was amazing! Conan should try getting him on the show sometime.

Adil Y : *Conan uploads a bill burr video* Well this i gotta Seeeeeeeeaeee


bowmansparks : "My name is billy burr"????

Drea : Love that guy! His Hot Ones episode on First We Feast was great too!

ayyy__donkey : wow bill has become angrier and angrier : *One of the best* comedians in US. Burr and Dave Chappelle could make almost anybody laugh.

Jay C : I thought he was born without hair.

twisted tree : Bill Burr doing some good Jim Carey impressions

allenlee6710 : Bill Burr feat. hair

Justin Raap : Wow he was 30 years old here lol

BendOfMind : why were his clothes so large.... oh it 's still the 90's

Bri Brizia : Just heard Conan and Bill on podcast ... bill said he hated how he looked when he was young. That is a hot piece of clever meat to me!

artisded : The world needs more BILL BURR!

epicddgt : Bill burr always makes me laugh !

Lone Wolfgang : I never picked up on his passive aggressive frustration back in the day but now i see that he was only gonna get more hardcore from there. All the signs were there but i was in high school then, now it all makes sense. Bill Burr is the GOAT!

Himani Goswami : Man I have a Crush on young Bill

seth : When I see a vintage upload like this, I always worry that the person died and this video was uploaded to honour them. Bill didn't succumb to the wings after his Hot Ones interview, did he?

Escape Reality : He's so young and he got hair!!!! omg lol love Bill burr

Miguel Nava : Bill burr is so underrated you can actually see his passion in this clip 🐐

tawpgk : Norm and Billy two internet favorites.

Might B Fire : I'm telling you, it's the hair. He blew up as soon as he went bald. He's a different person. His bitter, I-hate-everything bit works way better as a bald dude.

phil m. : Lmao "Billy is cornier than ice tea with no sugar" -Patrice.

feroui hamza : i really needed this after having a shitty day,thanks team conan i'm waiting for conan25

3.14 : Bill Burr never ceases to amaze me

lazy bacon : lol baby Bill looks like Christopher Titus when he scrunches his face.

Veggie Gamer : Ol' Billy Cheap-suit!

Moodie's Music : did he call himself "Billy Burr"?

travel er : Team coco 💝❄💙❄💫

Liz Sales : Oh, he's a redhead just like Conan. I get it now.

Check It Out : Bill Burr?? Never heard of him. Wonder what hes up now.

syv2un1 : He looks funny in Conan's suit for sure

Oversteer/ : Dude looks like he walked off the set of gattaca

Fabian Aguilar : Conan and Bill Burr content always has the magic touch

Dar W : Conan is the only one to keep Up with the funniest self declared psycho, Bill Burr. Thank you Conan for working with this Genius.

Average Steve : Bill Burr with hair! Now this I gotta I see

dex gen : I love Bill Burr but this was so unfunny to the point where I was just cringing for most of it and was unable to finish the whole thing. It's just slapstick with him pulling "funny" faces and making loud noises. I want to say that he's like Jim Carrey but so much worse. He's great now so it's whatever but I'm really surprised that he managed to get onto Conan with an act like this.

TinUser : Ol Billy "this is my late night suit" Burr

GamefreakTP : Just saw this, it's almost 20 years old but it still cracked me up. LOVE Bill!

D-BLOCK Diaz : Well this I gotta see LMFAO. AMAZING well what about the price 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Darth Maul Out'vFux : Sounded like, at the end, he said "my name's Billy Burr ".

ozeppeo : Young Billy Red Face. Acetate.

Besharps : "you know?" - Bill Burr