Bill Burr Stand-Up On “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” 04/29/99

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Nate and Noah Try Life : Conan and Bill Burr are both vying for best redheaded Boston comedian... Or they were at least. Hair loss'll getcha. : *One of the best* comedians in US. Burr and Dave Chappelle could make almost anybody laugh.

Hyeon Goo Hwang : how come he's been always that grumpy old man ever since he was that young??? He is perfect!

dragon trail : Bill Burr wearing coat and having full hair. Thank you Conan .

Aplus_Nerd : Funny guy, he might go big one day.

Martin Tatere : He looks so young and full of optimism. Then age happened.

richardsim7 : You guys don't normally post super old videos unless someone's dead - had me worried for a second there!

Jay C : I thought he was born without hair.

Nerve End : Bill is joking about a pansexual getting butthurt. This dude was way ahead of his time.

devan copeland : This guy was amazing! Conan should try getting him on the show sometime.

travel er : Team coco 💝❄💙❄💫

bowmansparks : "My name is billy burr"????

Adil Y : *Conan uploads a bill burr video* Well this i gotta Seeeeeeeeaeee


ayyy__donkey : wow bill has become angrier and angrier

allenlee6710 : Bill Burr feat. hair

Drea _ : Love that guy! His Hot Ones episode on First We Feast was great too!

twisted tree : Bill Burr doing some good Jim Carey impressions

Justin Raap : Wow he was 30 years old here lol

BendOfMind : why were his clothes so large.... oh it 's still the 90's

tawpgk : Norm and Billy two internet favorites.

Himani Goswami : Man I have a Crush on young Bill

Bri Brizia : Just heard Conan and Bill on podcast ... bill said he hated how he looked when he was young. That is a hot piece of clever meat to me!

seth : When I see a vintage upload like this, I always worry that the person died and this video was uploaded to honour them. Bill didn't succumb to the wings after his Hot Ones interview, did he?

artisded : The world needs more BILL BURR!

Moodie's Music : did he call himself "Billy Burr"?

epicddgt : Bill burr always makes me laugh !

Escape Reality : He's so young and he got hair!!!! omg lol love Bill burr

lazy bacon : lol baby Bill looks like Christopher Titus when he scrunches his face.

Lone Wolfgang : I never picked up on his passive aggressive frustration back in the day but now i see that he was only gonna get more hardcore from there. All the signs were there but i was in high school then, now it all makes sense. Bill Burr is the GOAT!

Veggie Gamer : Ol' Billy Cheap-suit!

Miguel Nava : Bill burr is so underrated you can actually see his passion in this clip 🐐

TinUser : Ol Billy "this is my late night suit" Burr

3.14 : Bill Burr never ceases to amaze me

Gaurav Gummaraju : He's pretty charming. And he's got hair!

Agent Smith : R.I.P Bill Burr nice of conan for puting this

CJonesApple : This guy hasn't worn a suit before. Lol. That fitting. That bottom button. And I know not worn one since.

syv2un1 : He looks funny in Conan's suit for sure

Muhammad Maaz : Bill burr suited up and full hair And On Conan "This i gotta see"

병근허 : Hmm he looks like Joel McHale

Average Steve : Bill Burr with hair! Now this I gotta I see

Sam Farley : Back then he went by Billy Burr wow

feroui hamza : i really needed this after having a shitty day,thanks team conan i'm waiting for conan25

Rasun FrmQns : I see alil jim carey in his mannerisms.

118bone : Ol' young freckles theaa

Might B Fire : I'm telling you, it's the hair. He blew up as soon as he went bald. He's a different person. His bitter, I-hate-everything bit works way better as a bald dude.

Liz Sales : Oh, he's a redhead just like Conan. I get it now.

Zone07 : I guess we figured out time travel and reverse aging by the year 2099.

Fabian Aguilar : Conan and Bill Burr content always has the magic touch

Eco Fascist : RIP Bill burr. Can't believe he passed at the age of 50