The BEST Way To Open & Eat A Pomegranate
The BEST Way To Open amp Eat A Pomegranate

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Neal Pandita vlogs : OH wow, i learned how to cut a pomegrenate in 3 minutes,but the best part is that i could do it in just 1 minute. 👌👌🤣🤣🤣

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Shirin Akter : It is the normal way to open so why you make this video when it is not match with first photo which attract people to see this 😟😟😟

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music kid : Isn't that the normal way to open a pomegranate?🤔

TheSterling Critic : Your beginning picture looks like its still whole without outer skin!! Thats what I want to see is how to peel it that way!

Nivesh sharma : Click bate 😬

Tejashri Dhane : I came here just cuz of thumbnail.. That's it.. 😬😐

s n : Thank you for this video, it's really simple and easy.

Cian O'Mahony : Thanks for wasting one whole minute before you got around to demonstrating it.

Shabba bibi Doman : I thought it would be like in the picture

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Ashish Kumar : I knew this already but seeing the thumbnail I watched this

Ankur Chaubey : Ohh superbbb! Before this I used to open pomegranate by smashing it on the ground 😂😂

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