The BEST Way To Open & Eat A Pomegranate

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Shirin Akter : It is the normal way to open so why you make this video when it is not match with first photo which attract people to see this 😟😟😟

Parthib Sarkar : I'm sure that out of 45million 44.9 came from the thumbnail the thumbnail gained the video popularity this shouldn't be popular at all the thumbnail attracted all edit:thanks for the likes this is the first time.I got 100+ likes

Nabeel Tahir : Ok so whats the trick

Tejashri Dhane : I came here just cuz of thumbnail.. That's it.. 😬😐

Que Croft : Just opened one for the first time and my kitchen counter looks like a murder scene 😔

Nosh Khan : Yes I get it its a spoon and knife and plate .

Love the Art : Iti mehnat kon kra

Gaming93 : Roses are red....violets are blue...thumbnail looks awsome...why arent you

Nivesh sharma : Click bate 😬

Toiba Baba : Ye sab joote he aap knu aisa krte ho pehle attractive photos rakhte ho phir ander bakvas cheeze hoti he aapko logo ko itne gunna cadega 😣😣idiot....ab doosroo ko aavo maiko knu aate ho....😠😠😠😠


Hacking Tutorial : Do According to your thumbnail

music kid : Isn't that the normal way to open a pomegranate?🤔

Clarice Vieira Linck : It is very big. In my country, Brazil, they are very small in comparison with this. Greetings from Brazil!

rita shukla : we do lazyness because its hard and time wasting to open a pomegrenate

Razor Sharp : Instructions unclear. My microwave will self destruct in 2 minutes.

asutosh maharana : Madarchod

priyanka parihar : ... Someone plz give him a GOLD🏅medal for this!#waste of time!!!

Büşra Irmak : CLİCKBAİT 😡

Juan Pena : Starts at :56


мадылген маркиза : Картинка с темой не совпадает.

рита джукеева : Так долго чистил гранат умирать можно 😥

fashion & U : This video is very bad and wast you and your time😑😑😞

Hafsa Natural Beauty : Masha Allah abaayo cfmd kucun

mzs100 : I learnt that in 1969 by my school teacher, when many manners were educated through schools.

mohd ahmed : Welcome back to another clickbait video

Junaid // JK7 : I always use this trick and by the way CLICKBAIT.....

Teja Kolluri : O rai yerry p**a yavvarina e lava chastharu .

Дамира Эркимбаева : Ты что играешь

Tusha sahariya : Amezing 👍👍👍😍😍😍😘😘😘🔥🔥🔥💋💋💋


lee moore : Click bait thumbnail... enjoy your dislike.

srinu duvvu : Good practical joke

Tendo Sylvia : Next time don't use a spoon, use uo head instead

mdroman mia : আমানুশ কি পিক দিলে আর কি দেখাইলে

BIRAJA SHANKAR PARIDA : Tereko chutiya banane ke liye aur koi nehin Mila

Lanngeax. : The dislikes are from the NO POMEGRANATES teacher bots

RizVines : Thumbnail kuch aur video kuch aur

jack frost : Ppgl mt bnao plz

Asad Ali : Well your reflection was shown on the spoon😂

Sreelal Sabari : malayaalees ivide come on....

Hassaan Ahmad : Khanzeer

Faiyaz khan : Lier no body can like this video

Hassan Maalik : Fazooooooool😱 Wastage of time

sarihaddu : Fake thumbnail madarchoot

Ayisha Ayisha : Foto me disra

Seema Deswal : Bakwas

संजय भाई सोलंकी : Solanki Shailesh

Hari Reddy : How to kill this guy