Dad at a store ASMR
Dad at a store ASMR

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YEE CHRAVIS : I could take a nap in this

jmp1814 : Totally my dad at a store🤪🤪🤪

Blake Cardenas : Swear to God I thought this was a Gus Johnson video until i clicked on it

Luca Baldassi : I guess i will be the only one to comment _"i am the coolest guy ever"_

Blonca : Too many TINGLES.

Logan Rampp : Who else had tingles from this don’t lie😂

YT_lit0- : OMG. The tingles

Diamond Dog : I normally get hard watching asmr clips but actually came during this

ΛDRIΛN I random_ Guy : I am the coolest guy ever

Cactus : Almost took a nap from the tingles~

Vit Kh : i am the coolest guy ever and i also take instructions on how to act

Sth Lng : Divorced squad where you at

LUGOZZI : I’m the coolest guy ever ;)

Furon4 : I am the coolest guy ever

Wyvern Wolfy : I am the coolest guy ever

TheEpicAlpaca : I am the coolest gal ever :D

kato : Are you real Cherdleys?

Payn Smasher's Productions : This is it hahahaha

garmfielb cat : This would make a sick beat


Menthol : So many tingles

Repugnant_ _ : Flabnabit

starkingbiker : Im 22 and dress like this

Marty D : 😭😭😭

Gud bai m8 : Flapnabbit.

hiphopaDIZZL : Flabnabit.

Tarova : tingles

Martin Pitt : Call your mother

yalldontnoshitjjr84 : Lol

phat crusader : Dad what the heck is wrong with you, you got the big gay or something ?

Noam Trotsky : Daddddy where’s gwandpwa Andrew?

Super Agent 74 : *F l a b n a b i t*