Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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Lonely flame : Oml I remember this. God, I feel old.

Rose Snow : Wow thats some goood shit

Bombardier 0 : Makes females moist with his hand movements since 2007 gg Fr. Eckle

Samurai Zen : Back when YouTube had original content

Spencer Pootis : 2007 - playing on hands. . . . . . 2017 - playing on 1$ piano somebody found on eBay. In nature nothing is lost...


Арби ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ : *27.02.2018?* ❤


Dubby Plays : Most original youtube video ever made... And now in 2018 we have best shits

Yaoi Is Not Explicit : Wow. Back when you were bored in the early 2000s

Artzie Music : this brings me back to the good ol' days of youtube :')

Reverbious : the cordination

Grisha Geo : It’s 2018... What am I doing here..? Oh... I just forgot that this is immortal classic.😊

_ Absolut_Mayak : 1:55

flerfy dork : I found a new weird yet interesting subculture on YouTube

Hugatry's HackVlog : Happy birthday, Daft Hands!

Ignious Lupus : 10 years later, here I am once again

Guitar Arthur : top 10 lyric videos

Zach26Gamer : this video is highly underrated

Heejun Suh : 1:23 middle finger?!?!

Olji Boii : Good old times

Ethan Robertson : I like how she constantly shoots the bird at us, but we don't care.

goodlifeFOB : Hey! I remember you! Its nice seeing you again!

QUACK DUCKER : Better than any youtube contents that exist in this community today.

Marcelo Nahuel Frette : This deserves infinite likes

Zurgo Pussysmasher : I miss 2007

Asia Basia : She flipping the table off xD

SirWill_ : *_2018?_*

Утка : *1:23** XDDDD*

Toby -시현 Nho : DAAAMN My old days..😂😂 Me and my friends used to have some arguments for the finger is real or not

Casually Explained : Pretty good vid verynostalgic/10

• Sunset • : 0:53 she flipped me off :(


Zageri : back when youtube was creative :'(

트렉좋아하는인간 : nice 😎

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Back when the replay button was useful.

ΤΣЯRΘΓΜΙŁζHΚΔδΤΣΠ : this i why i love the internet - you just want to go to sleep on normal time bases because tomorrows school but then find yourself watching this at 3am

Michael Furtado : 0:52 Thanks For Flipping Of 67 Million People! 20K of them do not approve!

addi : Wtf this is awesome

homie sharktooth : channels everyone has seen a video from but doesn't know the name of

Jordan Villanueva : How many times did he flip us off? EDIT: this silly comment got 2.5k likes! and 130 comments! JESUS

Mersa316 : This is the first time I've come across this. It played automatically after Home - Resonance. I can't explain this. This is over 10 years old, glad YouTube is still shuffling around its old content, no matter how 60 million views it may be.

larioskid1 : Remeber this was lit back then

Spooky Medium : master hands

Spooky Medium : its 2007, you just got home. you wanna watch a video on the new website, YouTube. you find this video. life was good, life was good.

Philip Philipson Of 1773 : Shit this has more views than the actual video

Chencho Infancias Rotas Madafaka : Dios!!,que condonación. Impresionante

Mr BetaBombs : Those good old times when youtube wasn't mainstream af

TheSupercarNerd : Make it.

Snow The Wolf :3 : 1:23 did you ever know he showed up the fuck you finger?