Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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Fr. Eckle Studios : 👐2️⃣ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYBYMPnXWXU

Jordan Villanueva : How many times did he flip us off? EDIT: this silly comment got 2.5k likes! and 130 comments! JESUS

Flash Productions : Recommended section is drunk again

sliced banana : so it begins -tiktok

idolsonyeondan : 10 year old me thought this was the most badass thing ever

spiderman11915 : *Flips us off like 28 times* [Youtube]: MONETIZED

Vegeta : This gotta be the most 2000's thing ever

The Average Loser : This is some next level Naruto hand signs

klixa cat : 1982 -we will have flying cars 2007-this video 2018-me seeing this this is so badass

christian giardina : 11 years have passed... And this song is still great

Brian RNS : At first it was cringe then he begin to move his finger

Zurgo Pussysmasher : I miss 2007

_ Klondank_Bar_ : A relic from the golden age of YouTube.

xndriks : Why wasnt this uploaded insted of the 2018 rewind. Its still bad, but better.

Lau 01 : Why do i get this in my recommends 11 years later

Nenis Framed : I am at least a year older than this damn video XD

raul izquierdo : This: * Exists* Tik Tok: *Triggered*

MangoTheWolf : Do we just ignore the fact we got sworn at many times?

Thot slayer : Take a shot every time he whips out the middle finger

Tokeny : 0:52 And 1:23 And 2:25 And 2:33 And 2:56 And 3:12 And 3:35 What and I trying to show you?

Midge : I was 2 when this was posted...

Justin F. : Thats what she said.

Duf-e : What I mean when I tell someone that they're gonna meet my fists

Хомячок : Кто русский

Artzie Music : this brings me back to the good ol' days of youtube :')

Goo By : 2018?

Head Shuriken : What a great video with high quality :O

TheOneAndOnly 67 : Cheating on exams be like...

Chibby Star : World record......

morges : Daft Punk should upload this as their official lyrics video for this song

Daria Sokolova : My birthday is 6 of June of 2007

kurabytheway y : I thought it was tiktok but wait-

Whale Cat : How many tries did this take you?😂

My Jams ! : Still better than TikTok

Lonely flame : Oml I remember this. God, I feel old.

Алексей Марков : Следом выходит новый видос: " отмываю ебучий маркер от рук 10 часов "

VIad : Youtube should bring back the good content.

- Shiroyasha - : Welcome back to _"Why is this in my recommended"_ Episode 105

yoxos gaming : 69mil views lol

DaisyyMichelle : Came back just to watch this iconic classic video again. 😭

Tera Garcia : This is what made me draw on my self in elementary

Civix YT : Porque me aparece en recomendados ??

xX DamP YT Xx : 1:22 sticking his middle finger lmao

Ellie thedipshit : This song was played in a "inspirational" PowerPoint in my assembly

Casually Explained : Pretty good vid verynostalgic/10

random dude memes and cheesecake : you fliped us off many times

itsUnicorn Fox : Girl : HMM where would i put the make on my hands? Girl : hmm what about... Girl : MIDDLE FINGER!!!

oliq_ MX : First tik tok ever

Ferdibobo 10 : So this is what true determination looks like!

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Back when the replay button was useful.