Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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WANT A SHIRT? - http://www.cafepress.com/frecklestudios --- Wait until after the awesome hand-jig and be amazed. Now comes with blurriness AND the moment near the end where I fall over and kill my toes - but keep going! --- Let me clarify: This is all one take; there is no editing except the words at the beginning. This is also the original. These are my hands. Thanks for all the positive feedback!

Comments from Youtube

Ivan Tovarisch : YouTube used to be so pure...

BermudaTriangle Area51 : Still better than TikTok

Frosty potato : Goes to school Friend- why are you so tired Me- ...... makes...us...stronger

MISHKA MOUSE : My friend : If you could get a tatoo what would it be And what would you do with it Me:

Gravity Falls Lover : Poor 24K misread the dislike button as "dis I like"

Líquido Ocelote : Daft Hands: 65M views Daft Punk: 52M views WTF

ItzDeamin : This is what made me draw on my self in elementary

VIad : Youtube should bring back the good content.

Diamond Boi : 0:53 HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO ME

Goobyster : 2018?

Wuilmer Arana : 2007 had way better video's than 2016 I'm done

Xndriks : Why wasnt this uploaded insted of the 2018 rewind. Its still bad, but better.

Allan Huisman : I am many years late

marley mations : I was 1 when this posted Wow Hmm How did yt betray me

Michelle Ramirez : **tiktok has left the chat**

JiminnieCricket : 2030 history teacher: and here kids u see one of the last videos from youtube before it was tragically contaminated

Dainreiz : I wish that i did finger video 10 years ago to get 60m views

mystic/ mysticfire : And part of this is a meme;^; Im completely convinced that those two hands are not from the same person How many times did yall prac for this xD

Ames Starline : Thank you ToddInTheShadows for showing me this greatness of the past!

bamiph : When YouTube had entertaining content lol

Muse : No lyrics needed for this song :D

Spooning Demon : aaaahhhh... the good old days of the internet.

DoomieFlakez : 1:24 when the teacher gives you a pop quiz

The Unknown : *_m a k e s u s_*

Lau 01 : Why do i get this in my recommends 12 years later

astoria sameer : Naruto meets Daft Punk

Chys ASMR : This is probably one of the oldest videos on YouTube

Laika GamePlays : Please, in my recommended 12 near 13years after uploading :o Still amazing, must have taken l o a d s of practice :D

레콘YOUTUBE : 2018.12.11?

AngeloNix : The entire song is in his hands.

Shawn Lee : He flipped us off 16 times I counted even the double ones

NotNotAHuman : This is what YouTube was truly made for

Mr Popo 2.0 : *looks at the marker you used and realized it was permanent* Wait...

Justin O'Donnell : Person: WHY DID YOU FLIP ME OFF?! Me:

Vegeta : This gotta be the most 2000's thing ever

Tygz Dk : Wondering what this person is doing after 12 years 🤨

Dc2_ Johnston : VERY talented!! LUV IT!!!

Selina Sanchez : I remember sharing this video on my myspace page and then immediately going back to youtube to consume all Daft Punk content. Thank you for introducing 12yo me to the dynamic duo<3


anxieties : Oh look a new meme! - checks the date - *w h A T*

iDenAndCo : When you try to do the Naruto Shippuden Jutsu

MsDomm Games : Beautiful work... *Cries le epicly*

Sertainement Serdaigle : And 12 years later I finally see this video!! It's so good !

Exorcisted : 666k likes ay lmao

Michael A : Sign language taken to the next level.

Lucas Brelaz Paiva : 1:24 D E M O N I T I Z E D

Connorthe Dummy : This actually took effort it’s so cool watch all the way through I had my doughts but it’s good

Ali Hussain : Doctor: You have 3 mins amd 45 seconds to live. Me:

лис White Black Fox : Кто русский?