Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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Fr. Eckle Studios : 👐2️⃣ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYBYMPnXWXU

Vegeta : This gotta be the most 2000's thing ever

Pro Player 1⃣ : Those are some nice hands

Yukieren : if you were alive before 2007 what age were you in 2007 because your that many years older than me.

FNAF Faction : 1:24 I just got flipped off *;-;*

morges : Daft Punk should upload this as their official lyrics video for this song

Shannon Brown : beginning me: um.. what is this? 0:20 me: .... 0:51 me:wait what? 1:38 me: OH WAA HOW IS THIS SUDDENLY AMAZINGNESS?!?

Nicholas Helmer : I heard he had to re-record this 24 times because he kept accidentally summoning dead Hokages.

Desmish : Now do Rap God!

maria catalan : 2018?❤️

Ålji Boii : Good old times

Mitch Beljing : I love that this was made just over 11 years ago, and there's still a comment at least every other hour. Comes to show that even though the people of this generation are growing, we can still go back to our roots. [I first saw this when I was 4].

blackham7 : Does anyone miss the simplicity of 2007 we had technology but not too much technology it was a perfect balance.

Dionte Mosley : 1:23 I like how *Make IT* is the middle finger


Hugatry's HackVlog : Happy birthday, Daft Hands!

Sugar Violet : I wonder how many tries this toke to make this perfect

torshi GD : I was 5 at 2007 , now I'm 31 ....

Jrpewpewpew : One word: Kachow

Night Light : This song still fresh !

Rose Snow : Wow thats some goood shit

Creeper the cringe : Woah 2007?? I was born on 13 august 2007 ;0

Эмо Хулиган : 3:19 OMG

Not Cake : I want likes so hard, that i liked my own comment ._.

TheGuy : Pause at 1:24

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Back when the replay button was useful.

Eros& Cupid : I DEMAND A REMAKE...

Michael Johnson : This is the coolest thing I've seen all summer (aside from certain AGT auditions), and it's one of those times where it's funny and clever to be flicked off. Good show.

Lucas ferreira : 2018

Akith31 : Remember watching this at school when I was in grade 2. Ah, memories..


lysohurtsme : classic

NeoN3 : ben niye bunu izliom amq

J・M : Cringe

Gonyonyen : Oh my gudnesasssse

Casually Explained : Pretty good vid verynostalgic/10

Puppylover809 : This is the most oldest and popular vids ever Nice job 2018?

Shaumi Mehta : Kuchiyose no jutsu.

Phia the Kcragon animator : 2018?

Nothing Is Nothing : So Trash

Zurgo Pussysmasher : I miss 2007

JustKillz : I didn’t come here to see 2 dancing hands that are just bouncing up and down.

Vinnyr111 : Imagine how many times this person recorded this to get it right

Jennifer Vang : 2 0 1 8 ?

kur1tan : Now do it again with better video quality and in focus. :) Still an amazing idea and execution.

Philip Philipson Of 1773 : Shit this has more views than the actual video

mysticfox2aj fuk u alicha : Middlel figer o mi

Really Daniella : Lol i was 5 months old when this came out.

심심체조 : 한국인은 없냐?

melissa dominuez : omg wow so good