Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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Fr. Eckle Studios : 👐2️⃣ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYBYMPnXWXU

Jordan Villanueva : How many times did he flip us off? EDIT: this silly comment got 2.5k likes! and 130 comments! JESUS

Mijnheer Leo : 11 years after and this still shows up on my recommendeds. WOW THX FOR THE LIKES <3

4nx1ety : Oh look a new meme! - checks the date - *w h A T*

αииιкα 549 : 2007: *_Our technology is balance_* 2018: *_wOw tEcHnOLogY!_* *_-Yandere Dev_*

Neeks : Lmao compare this to current trends, you can’t find creativity elsewhere

Vegeta : This gotta be the most 2000's thing ever

Anik : 2018 Кто русский?)

Natsuki : 2:03 ... um... yah... huh... I STILL LOVE THIS! P.S. I LOVE IT! GREAT WORK! but... I'm kinda late... with... 11.. years...

*•Shadow Tails •* : Jesus Im Late... EDIT BOIIII’S:) HOLY ShAMOLy... 215 likes... YoU ShOUlDEnT HaVe... *le sheds single tear*

TheOnlyInformant : 2007 was the sweet spot of videos and creators on YouTube to cause nostalgia when watching. I saw this video in the sidebar after watching SMPFilm's The Mean Kitty Song. What a time it was to be alive.

Artzie Music : this brings me back to the good ol' days of youtube :')

22 grlcontry : omg this was made on my birthday and on my birth year this was made the exact time i was born, this vid is my destiny

꧁IWuvKittenz꧂ : That moment you realise this video is 11 years old... *oOooOoF*

RedBread WhitePencil : *BURGER* *NUGGETS* *NUGGETS* *BURGER!*

I don't deserve subs : Try it at 1.5 speed

morges : Daft Punk should upload this as their official lyrics video for this song

happy na!? : 2007....I Don't even know YouTube yet

Kevin Crevan : i respect you i'am not inglish sorry i'm frenche

lost : flipped us off 13 times

sugar wolfee : Wow.....this was made before i was even born.....wow

Lonely flame : Oml I remember this. God, I feel old.

Case_Beast : who is watching in 2018? lIKE THIS

Alec_ Red : That middle finger scene 😂😂😂😂😂

Kawaii Planet : This should be the official music video!!! 😄

ŞİYAR AKMEŞE : wtf very old video. i 'm shocked

Zurgo Pussysmasher : I miss 2007

K Price : I love how I watch this and then forget about it for a couple years and then suddenly it pops up in my recommended and I rewatch it in amazement.

Evie.w : The original tik tok hand dance challenge

ROSSDABOSS : When someone asks for a karaoke machine but its broken so you have to improvise

This is my user name Yes it is : Is it just me or do you have long fingers

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Back when the replay button was useful.

Sean Bernal : How to flip someone off with style

Sydney 1410 : I bet everyone laughed at least once at "Make It"

Isuckatnames60 : the golden days

Beta And Dj : How many times did you practice to even *_do this_* ?

Man of Matt : I love how this person flips us off over 10 times

Bianca ppg star : 11 years later i'm watching this

UnkownSocceriii : 0:53 don’t point your middle finger at us ;-;

Ayan ZAIDI : 1:54 - 2:24 _Holy shit... how many tries did that take?_

MegatunaS X : Anyone feels uncomfortable when he shows his middle finger?

Casually Explained : Pretty good vid verynostalgic/10

Kawaii Gacha Potato : Wow...... I'm late....only by 11 years though

Catty Sans Waifu :3 : I don’t need daft punk I need daft hands

Brain Chard : *Burger. Nuggets.* *Nuggets.Burger.* *Nuggets.Burger.* *Burger.Nuggets.*

Đạt Đào : Wow, you're so creative

soundcloud rapper : Good old times

Bartoch : LOL I was 5 when this video got uploaded ^^ And now I'm enjoying it af

Unknown Anonymous 6_4_ : Major respect for you ✊

Lyka : First gen finger tutting