Korean Bird talks about his Brother's death in VRchat

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Comments from Youtube

Daily Dose Of Internet : :')


꧁Røbø ༒ Bītch꧂ : Came for *memes* Stood for history

Krishna Yogeshwar : damn first the panda and now this birb really hit hard

A Lounge Moogle : I've seen more humanity in VR chat than all of Twitter.

You Are The Bane Of My Existance : *_We don't deserve this man._*

Ps4_Jmoyo 404 : There was a Korean in my Boy Scout troop that was born in South Korea , so when he turned 18, he had to move back to South Korea and serve in there military, even though his home was in my us

Deadpool 22 : That man is destined for great things !

RubiMercuri : @3:21 Omg he's too precious 😍😂😂😂

hazardousmateriel_1 : respect for this korean bird because of his attitude

Potero : *We must protect this national treasure at all costs.*

DC LINK : Holy shit this hit hard because I have a younger brother as well and he isn’t dead but if he died I don’t know if I could possibly ever be as happy as him but I’m happy now so I guess that’s all I should really worry about

afatyellowpanda : What a freaking legend. He accepted what he did in his past was wrong, learned from that, and used it as a positive to benefit his life... The world needs more of these pigeons

ORBIT zz : He is such a nice person I kinda had a bad day today but watching this video and how nice he is made me feel way much better

イアン : I don’t play VRchat, and I only learned about it through YouTube videos. This channel feels like a short film series.. more than just a YouTube channel..

Adina Fidow : The fact that it’s a game that got them together is such an amazing way.

Rippler Music Guru : i cried :'( for the first time on a video its strange feeling

G_F_L_YT : I watched the one about the kid that was bullied and then watched this one guess u have a new sub

Ace Attack : I really want to meet him and give him a big hug 🙂🙂🙂

LANdroid7 : I don't usually cry.

Benito 7 : *heartfelt bird sounds*

Klubzyy : This guy is the best in America he would get a job immediately

° SaggOnMe ° : Watching all these videos brings physical tears to my eyes. You're a beautiful human, Syrmor. Bless your soul, and every soul you've touched through your platform.

RafPlayZ : i thought his brother died in VRCHAT

Macy L. : The sequel we needed but didn't deserve

Jotgie : I'm literally crying. Not even joking, it was so hearttouching 🙁

turtlewarrior330 0 : Kudos to you korean bird in vrchat your awesome :) Edit: lost my gramma to cancer and i fully feel his pain but that was years ago so ive gotten over it but it still in the back of my head

ExodusTheFestive : Symor is one hell of a guy he gives people platforms to talk about things like this

SuN_TaN Lotion : no offence to Leo but Korea sounds like the last place I wound want to go

ainatulmardhiahcute : Is he an angel or something

- chipped stars - : Love this guy, he's such a sweetheart

SoarÂřťž : When he said momo I wasn't looking t the screen and I was like "REEE"

Imma Kat : When GTA 5 graphics are better than Real Life

iIKaijuIi GD : I came to the video hoping for a Q&A I came back with tears..... 😭


Gamerz 101 : I’m about to cry 😭 I couldn’t imagine losing a brother. 😔

Vocaloid_ Ria : He strongly reminds me of my dad with the broken English and positive personality. It makes me want to cry...

Exploding TV : It's so sad I.its sad to hear that his brother died from cancer Wish him the best of luck in his life and a long and happy life

NYC JAKOBE : Damn this made me tear up😭 man we need more people like him

sugahoneyoongi : I could watch this lil birb talk about his life for _hours_

Rusty Shackleford : Yo Korean birb, love you. Yo, Go get some french frys

Matt Russell : {\_/} ( ._.) >🍙

Fortune Gaming F.K.A Star Gamer : at 5:10 he says momo (ik thats the girls name but still)

iiLookzChunky : Bird: hi Community: OMG OMG I'M CRYING SO CUTE ;_; *It's just a joke btw, the birdy talked really well and I'm proud ;_;*

xXwapa98xDXx : He has such a nice soul, I’m crying

Kay Nine : Sinse evryone plays computer i guess im master at console

Benjamin Yu : Doesn't talk bad behind someone's back. This birdy is so much of a bigger man than anyone else I know. My god.

FORTNITE Frenzy : My names Joshua I’m 11 years old and normally I don’t understand this but as I’m writing this I’m crying I absolutely love korleone or however u say it I don’t care. Anyway good luck on that job and all the people who disliked you should be ashamed. I LOVE YOUN💗 btw I also have said bad thing that I regret but I got through it and if I can so can you

Jay Tee Kay : 3:18 he spoke in his native bird language very inspiring :D