Korean Bird talks about his Brother's death in VRchat

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Syrmor : HEY YOU! You can catch my VRchat streams live at https://www.twitch.tv/syrmor/ "Why does he wear a Polish uniform if he's Korean" Because that's the uniform he liked the most

Daily Dose Of Internet : :')

ClazyPlayz 0-0 : My tears came out.... :') so sad

Depression Session : The internet really is a beautiful place.

Cameron Coughlin : This guy's English is so broken but it sounds so good because he's confident about it.

WuzNab : When someone says the internet is bad for you, show them this video. It helps up connect with people whom we don’t know.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : This bird is learning to fly.

100 subs with No vids : How do all these people miss the like button so bad

Ninja Dawg : Wish you luck Kor_Leonie 😊 Rest In Peace Kor_Leonie's brother

g.hostlyPrincessxo : those cute bird sounds he made awe my heart exploded 😭

Jakub Lisowski : Why Korean Bird is in Polish uniform?

Yeet Meister-vro : Him being that adorable bird makes him 10x cuter

Strawberry Kiwi : "I couldn't deny that i did very mean things to my younger brother so I regretted a lot from that so I try to do the best to everyone who is still around me." He is the best human i know I love him and Im praying for him to have a happy life and I want him to go to europe and im crying sm right now I love him with all my heart.

Rhiannon Hall : God I cried so hard when he was talking about his brother. It touched me so much and I honestly relate so much to what he went through.

rebekah cha : For those who are curious. The main people that choose to go to prison are mainly Jehovah witnesses and buddhist people. I have done research into these religions. The Jehovah witnesses have chosen to not do killing of any type since world war 1. Many german JW's and people in the surrounding areas went to concentration camps out of their own will because of their religious believes. even before death there are many letters to their family saying that they are at peace because this is their own choices. In world war 2 JWs who went to the war anyway because they were scared of the opposition they would face at home wore a symbol. it was a cross with some flowers (JWs don't believe in the cross anymore). Apparently they would recognize the symbol of their fellow friends and not kill them. there are reported incidents of enemy soldiers embracing each other in combat. i don't know exactly but yea. FYI im korean

XxFortnitewolfxX King : It was hard not to cry

Rosaraider : I could watch this lil birb talk about his life for _hours_

THAT ONE GUY : The birb is very very deep

Glory Thepotato : This wonderful bird doesn't deserve this stuff he deserve better 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

The Raven Channel : When he started talking about his brother I started crying coming from someone who hates them self I never thought this is how bad it would be to have a loved one lost in life I feel so bad

ThatVenomousCat96 : I could totally feel his pain when he was talking about his brother, remembering when my grandmother was dying of uterine cancer. She had surgery to get it removed, but they'd used a power morcellator... A tool they used to use for removing the uterus up until 2015 when it was recalled ... Which is exactly one year after she died sadly enough. The power morcellator was recalled after people figured out using this tool massively increased the risk of spreading the cancer after removal. Which is exactly what happened to my grandmother, they removed the cancer but not long after the surgery it grew back much worse then it'd been before. So after months of her being in hospitals and sometimes even at home, in a hospital bed my family set up. She was in the emergency room she was dying and her body was shutting down on her. She unconscious and was crying out in pain when I'd walked in with my older sister myself being 17 while she was 22. I hadn't expected this when i walked in, so when we were approaching the curtains to see her. I stopped turned and walked away, feeling myself begin to panic and being unable to handle it. I walked right back out to the waiting room where my mother and aunt was along with a handfull of strangers. I tried to calm down sitting in there, but it didn't take long before i started hyperventilating. Beginning to have my first ever anxiety panic attack, my sister noticing this got up and led me out through the hallway to her. Not even half-way through the hospital i started crying uncontrollably almost unable to breathe, we wound up sitting in her car until i calmed down about thirty or so minutes later. Sorry for the long post, don't expect many to read it. Mainly needed to vent and thought i'd share my similar experience.

Potero : *We must protect this national treasure at all costs.*

THE RISER : Honestly,I wish him the best in life.

N00b349 Gaming : Salutes this isn't a joke this guy has beautiful stories and I bet that he is a god on PC games btw Happy Birth - day

2hilarious! : Why there's Polish uniform? XDD (i am from Poland <3)

Hwang Minhyun's Smile : His English is so precious I just want to hug him

Dick Grayson : HE'S A FREAKING BIRD.... A BIRD... this is so emotional ;u;

TheSeagull Koi : Is there a page where peeps came donate to him?

K3L0 : Why this korean Bird has got polish military costium?

WeebTrash Ari : If anyone DARE hurt this precious beby boi i will strangle you but not kill you and once you've managed to catch just some of your breath I will drown you then burn your body and throw it into a dumpster to be eaten by rats

IFFANThunder : i acctually cried is was sad that he brother passed

RobotUnderscore : MY HEART IS MELTING

Dream : *claps* Oh my gosh I have no words.......

MrBlake06 : If his bird dies in Korea that’s enough we are calling trump and launching the biggest nuke we have over there

Aru Akane : Aww he went to the Philippines? I'm glad that he enjoyed his stay there

Xxsavagecat xX : Roses are red Violets are blue I like my own comment because no one else will too

SAK- SOON : Oh little birdie... 😭😭😭😭😭

Marie The Squid Sister : I’m not crying I’m just sweating tears OK IM CRYING GOD BLESS YOU LEO!!!!!!!

Johannes Eriksson : Military salute 😑👋

Piranha Drama : Korean Bird likes Nickelback.

Nightmaringshadow : Ya know i have been going through something right now and listening to his story this time and the first one is so inspiring. Thank u little bird for being just a awesome bird good luck at you job! Bye

uncle hank : The part about his brother made me cry. Jesus Christ, this man deserves the best and I really hope that he'll take that trip to Europe one day. Can we keep in touch with him?

daffodilia _ : I’ve fallen in love with a pure hearted angel

Shin Soo-Hoon : Bless him, I wish him the best in life. We love you Birdy! ❤

Igone : oh he come in the philippines im there too

TheTrenchface : This kinda reminded me of americas polarization, lets just get along and forget about politics for a while lol

Macy L. : The sequel we needed but didn't deserve

Aloha Itz Honey : I am Korean too!! I hope Leo has a fantastic life and he is so positive with his actions!! I hope you wl have a happy life Leo, all of the people watching this video is respecting you right now just so you know and I respect you too Leo. I'm sorry about your brother but I hope you and your brother have a peaceful life I feel you Leo. I once had someone I love be gone forever, I feel you too Leo, please do not cry.. it makes me sad when you cry... you are a very beautiful, brave soldier. I love you Leo I wish you the best of lives💕😢😭😥😔🙁😟☹💗❤💞

SatanJesus : Holy shit, this is one of the only videos that has ever brought me down to tears honestly so soo sooo sad. I think I’ve been inspired to be a better person.

mia reynolds : im *C R Y I N G* this man is so pure and i wish him the best of luck!! <3