Korean Bird talks about his Brother's death in VRchat

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Syrmor : HEY YOU! You can catch my VRchat streams live at https://www.twitch.tv/syrmor/ "Why does he wear a Polish uniform if he's Korean" Because that's the uniform he liked the most

Poe : *We must protect this national treasure at all costs.*

i get likes saying lol Nothing : Rest in peace to his brother.

CALLUP : Damn, as a Korean, I felt really bad that militery service kind of fucked him up. I heard it’s getting better, but it’s still a long way to go. Btw, He seems to be an honest person.

김베리 : As a Korean its so true.. going to the military is mandatory for all grown up men in Korea because our country is somehow still at war. ( with North Korea, the war have been truced for a long time)

KG Barnes : *I feel like I'm commiting a crime by not helping him*

Macy L. : The sequel we needed but didn't deserve

Kelwin Lant : We have reached a new level of wholesome

Marioma : *Failing in school:* Meh *Watching titanic:* Meh *Seeing any Korean man being sad:* SOBBB, DONT BE SAD. DAMMIT IM DROWNING IN MY OWN TEARS

Geo Rock : I always thought vr chat was super crazy until I found your videos and saw that it wasn't so bad but rather beautiful

Devin Partida : press F for respect

AIbinoPo1arBear : Him being that adorable bird makes him 10x cuter

Sunny : This is a real experience and I hope one day we can make Korean Bird president

Robinskateboard : POLAND!

An4rchy : how tf do people dislike this????

Aorii : *cries* who's cutting onions :(

PowahSlap Entertainmint : This bird is learning to fly.

Justin Y. : "He just wasn't the same when he came back from the Great Emu war..."

Jun Taiohara : "Oh no don't hate them! " OH GOD STOP BEING SO PRECIOUS!

TSNP NinjAx ! : Korean even tho he wears polish uniform savage Edit:it’s Zofias uniform from R6

Naani : I want to befriend this bird!

kit kat : omg bless this man i only want the best for him aaaaaaah 💖💖💖💖💖

HD DenoZard : In singapore its the same, its a must for all men have to enlist for NS(national service :< ) at a certain age or after studies.

Eduardo Saldaña : This bird must be protected at all cost :c

Rusty Bullets : So wholesome I cried

U mad bro ? : didn't cry but felt kinda bad for him

Daily Dose Of Internet : :')

吉岡メロ : his twitter is @kor_leonie he made it recently

KristinEffect 17 : *AAaaww he went to Philippines?!* *Nuice*

Shock : This guy is so nice! More people like this guy, we need it!

Sparkuwaaa : poland outfit xDDD

RobotUnderscore : MY HEART IS MELTING

CAT FR_OG : omg that was some real stuff... gg hope u the best bird

Robbie B : A fellow Tzuyu stan, I love him even more.

Magoob : stay strong little birb

Swatdoge : Fine youtube ill watch it.

Zay : HE'S A FREAKING BIRD.... A BIRD... this is so emotional ;u;

Um, Nani? : Ay, wtf, Nexon? Maplestory vibes man

Jimmy Martinez : 666k views...

Sergio AB : Is this the new ugandan knuckles?

Hyuka Blake Ashford : my faith in humanity has returned

zuhn : omfg ;( this guy <3

Luke Debs : Who else got teary

abram : this man singlehandedly ended nickelback hate

안기환 : 취직하신건 정말 좋지만..... 돈슨이라닝 미국은 좀 다르겠지?

wj mint : I think that bird is 뱁새! its a cute & little bird

ESW3429 Quality Content E.P : I remember watching this live :( oh no I don’t think I can handle it again.

Alpha Puma : Who's cutting onions?

Karen Soto : This little Korean bird is going places!!! I love him!!

TigR'e. : Why he have Poland in vest?