Korean Bird talks about his Brother's death in VRchat

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Syrmor : HEY YOU! You can catch my VRchat streams live at https://www.twitch.tv/syrmor/ "Why does he wear a Polish uniform if he's Korean" Because that's the uniform he liked the most

PowahSlap Entertainmint : This bird is learning to fly.

Rosaraider : I could watch this lil birb talk about his life for _hours_

junggoo’s ankles : him being a cute little bird makes this 1000% better. i hope he enjoys his new job in L.A, and 나는 그가 잘하길 바란다.

uncle hank : The part about his brother made me cry. Jesus Christ, this man deserves the best and I really hope that he'll take that trip to Europe one day. Can we keep in touch with him?

Mary Beth. : 8:34 it's so fucking sad that the worst lie he's ever told to someone he loves was that they were going to be okay

152521 wa : Why is a talking bird making me cry?

Matthew Marron : This man is too kind to be in the army.

Jelly Donut : I can't believe how nice and kind he is. I think everyone here can learn a lot about life in general just by hearing his words.

Pretty The Princess : *so soft yet so sad..*

Yeet Meister : Him being that adorable bird makes him 10x cuter

Firesong Games : Someone give this man a wife.

Squeezy Cheezy : This is genuinely one of the most heartwarming and breaking things i've ever heard. It was the exact moment I heard something about his brother, my eyes started watering. This man is too pure for this world, pass me a tissue...

Chai Lugares : His bird avatar is called a crow-tit, cute tiny birds hailed in Korea. 😊 In Korean it's called bapsae (bap-se). Salute to this guy! I wish him well!

Mikey Scott : This man is way too pure for America and L.A. I hope he remains true to his values and never gives into the hate and toxicity that many of this country create.

Potero : *We must protect this national treasure at all costs.*


So-duhh : He's too kind for this world man...

PUT SOME RESPECT ON MY NAME : Whoever put a thumbs down ⬇ you have no 👎🙅soul

Kenni : Nice Korean Bird. His uniform says 'POLAND'.

Emma VS The Game : Haha omg his thoughts on Nickleback nearly made me go out and change my mind about the band


Grand Teenager : its been a long time i found a positive video on YouTube

RamyeonCat : This guy is so wholesome and pure I cried listening to his stories and how much he cares for people in both videos. I really hope he will really have a wonderful time in LA and have a happy future! TwT <3

RobotUnderscore : MY HEART IS MELTING

Own Opinions : The Brother part hit me in the feels like this vid for a prayer

Jayou RBLX : I’m crying. I could really say this bird has the biggest heart and wings 😭❤️ He’s so precious

David Ignatov : A bulgarian wife is cheaper than $350

Jorge G. : He is the bob ross of VRChat

Daily Dose Of Internet : :')

captainmagic : I'm dealing with a very similar tragedy, little birb. I understand your pain, hugs from the cat lady up in SF. <3

Nish Limbu : This man is so pure, every person should strive to be him.

Communist Soldier text stories maker : We.... Must..... *PROTECC* THIS MAN

Corey Wright : This man is so pure.~ I love him so much!~ Thank you so much for having conversations with him and posting.~

SAK- SOON : Oh little birdie... 😭😭😭😭😭

Bunga Rin : Now America gonna ruin his purity

The goodest Shiba : Quick question... Who are those devilish heartless humans who have disliked this video and why would they ever have a reason to have even a small bit of hatred for this man and what he’s gone through? (Sorry about my rant ;-;)

snowie13 london10 : Oh my god..I cried..i feel so bad for him he is such a inspiration..I have been needing to let out some tears and this really helps #WELOVEYOU

Aℓℓ σf мє : Omg he's so lovely! Im so glad that he got a job!

Dick Grayson : HE'S A FREAKING BIRD.... A BIRD... this is so emotional ;u;

BunnyLovesHam : OMG such a beautiful dogo

Another Meme Lol : This bird is more inspirational then that Chinese man in an cold weather catching fish in cold water...I never cry in most videos.This one got me.

Keendi ! : Its Poland Bird *POLAND SQUAD*

Gage Reach the gamer : This is so touching

LANdroid7 : I don't usually cry.

nickolas ninja : oh christ, the first time ive ever cried at a youtube video

Gage Reach the gamer : I might cry

LEAH DUKE : Heart warming.

Lemi Kadriaj : Can you guys imagine while crying? *because i can’t*

Macy L. : The sequel we needed but didn't deserve