Top 8 3D Printed Things TimeLapse Episode 24 Prusa MK3S octolapse octopi
Time Lapses of 3d printing

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3D Printing TimeLapses from the Prusa MK3S 3d printer using octopi and octolapse. Sorry for the lack of uploads, I have some big news about the future of this channel! stay tuned ;) If you'd like to support me directly (by no means neccasary) you can do so here: Or you can support the channel by using our affiliate links here: You can follow me on social media here: instagram twitter twitch and check out my original 3D printing designs here: myminifactory MODELS helical pencil holder: Printed in 3Djake silver and grey speckle ecoPLA filament wrench: Printed in matterhackers silver PETG filament castle: Printed in 3djake grey speckle EcoPLA filament solder holder: Printed in eSun red PETG filament zoidberg: Printed in amz3d pla using the mosaic palette 2 pro multi material system modern vase: Printed in silver stronghero pla kratos: printed in 3djake grey speckle ecoPLA and gold satin ecoPLA ManoWar: Printed in amz3d bronze PLA #3dprinting #Timelapse #octolapse