My Corn Video

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I go on an all corn diet and attempt a no wipe poop.

Comments from Youtube

preciliano perea : How did tosh.0 make this video funny? I thought it was hella funny but now I think it lame

Steve French : Its happening, ITS HAPPENING

Marissa Goseyun : I'm sure we all know its not real! It's for laughs Merp -______-'

kimsy520 : I can see the husk on the corn in the toilet. Fail.

Harry Black : o this never gets old

k willroth : no top comment uh uh BOOBS

kitsurubami : is this not the video that was featured on tosh.0? if not could you point me in the direction of the original?

Kera K : @Rolfchoppa007 meee(:

Kari Dice : Lol, I was so grossed out at first.. Tosh.0 made me want to prank people with it.

MomijiLover13 : Hot ;)

Atomic Rebellion : As the first straight, white asain mix, i would like to say these 2 things... 1. FIRST and 2. Anyone watched Tosh.0 and found your way here?

Maddison Lally : LOL

matt charbonneau : That was.......kinda corny

lili_gal989 B : How in the world did he poop out corn on the cob‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼😝😜 so inipropoet😲😵😲😲😷😝😜😛

Mohit Bassan : that ass must be gaping ;)