Jordan's iconic final shot as a Bull requires a deep rewind | 1998 NBA Finals Game 6

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Michael Jordan's shot with 5.2 seconds left to clinch the 1998 NBA Finals in Salt Lake City is one of the most memorable moments in postseason history. But how we got there involves Scottie Pippen's back, Dick Bavetta's sense of time and space, and Antoine Carr's sweet, sweet rec specs. Subscribe: Check out our full video catalog: Visit our playlists: Like SB Nation on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: Explore SB Nation:


Craig Allen Bodenschatz : This. This is incredible in every way. It’s all the things I have forgotten since, or didn’t catch when, I was a kid and a Jordan maniac.

Keaundrey Clark : The Jazz scored 54 points in a finals game. Holy hell.

Josh Castro : This video is so well made I was confused it wasn’t Jon Bois

jumpstart55million : Damn...Jordan was on a different level.

McJohnson : Ooh, this is a well put together video. If this is a new series, I'm all in.

Jamees Woodhouse : Drogba in the champions league final 2012 , late goal and winning penalty

Jtbuckets : I hate how all these 15, 16 and 17 year old that have never picked up a basketball say he played against weak competition

wavenstein : According to today's sports talk media. This is not a clutch shot because the buzzer didn't go off.

Hugo lopez : Do a deep rewind for the david tyree catch in the superbowl

Dr. Strange : Shannon Sharpe forgot to mention that everybody on the 98 squad was 33 and older compare to LeBron squad

Kaustubh Tandon : That LBJ reference was gold. Mj was and is the goat though

Jeremy Leung : you guys should put on some instant replays or play the clip a few times - it's a lot of buildup only to have the climax last 3 seconds, let us savor the moment even more

Isaiah Watson : NBA needs to go back to the best of 5 games in the first rounds

Mazen Abu Ghazaleh : i know its recent, but a breakdown on kyries shot on curry in game 7 of 2016 or ray allen 3 in game 6 in 2013 would be cool

Facts Only : All my life I though Jordan crossed up Malone their🤔I was wrong😂😂

Benjamin Kassel : 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Great video. Can’t wait for more of these. Some ideas: — Denkinger’s blown 1985 call — Bill Buckner in 1986 (May be good to mention his 1974 blunder as a Dodger too) — The Islanders winning their first Cup in 1980 on Bob Nystrom’s OT goal — David Freese in Game 6, 2011 — Havlicek stealing the ball — The New York Rangers’ Curse of 1940 and 1994 triumph, with a focus on the final two rounds — Bobby Orr’s flight in winning the Cup in 1970 — The Miracle on Manchester — Brad May and “May Day” — And finally, it’s little less universally appreciated, but a good one: The Avalanche winning the Stanley Cup in their first year in Denver. It could focus on the end of their time in Quebec, the famed Patrick Roy trade, and the final against the Panthers and their barrage of rats.

dako91196 : This was a great video guys

Trevor Leach : The true GOAT

Ryan Dunham : If anybody knows did pippen get hurt early in the game when he dunked

Lucas Liso : Argentina's final third goal against Germany in the 1986 FIFA World Cup final. Considering how Argentina got there, and how Germany got there, not only in the FIFA World Cup itself, but the qualifications prior to it, it was incredible that Argentina managed to win with that final minutes goal.

Swishas NKush : Even as a die hard OG glory days Bulls fan MUCH RESPECT WILL ALWAYS GO TO THE JAZZ...Malone/Stockton were one of those bad ass duo's like Rainman/Glove

Wis Dom : These Bulls are the oldest team to ever win an NBA championship! Their hearts ignored the fact that they were old, hurt and shooting poorly.

Lincoln Chambers : Do a rewind on game 2 of the 2011 NBA Finals: how the unlikely Mavs wound up in the Finals against the big 3, how miami handled game 1, and as they were dominating in the fourth quarter of game 2, Dwyane Wade makes a corner three to put the Heat up 15 with only seven min left. Talk about how Dirk had a reputation of choking in the playoffs, being "soft", and had already lost a Finals against D wade. But as Wade made that corner three, he held his follow through right in front of the Mavs bench... Long story short Dallas makes a furious comeback, shifts the entire momentum of the series (although the Heat would win game 3, Nowitzki had a chance to tie at buzzer) and Mavs ultimately end up winning championship. Hmu w a job too cuz these things come easy to me

Carl Padua : the SALT in this comment section is hilarious 😂 Push-off this. Cheating that. Rigged this. NBA protection that. keep whining. bums. 🖕

Gabriel Relyea : Do Manchester city's premier league winning goal in 2012

21redsox21 : So actually the jazz won, according to rewind. Lol.

June Amarillo : Only reason Jordan retired after the 1998 season was because the Bulls owner didn't wanna bring back Phil Jackson as head coach.

Curtis Washington : Do 2007 pats. 18-1 lmfao

Pablo Martinez : CONTEXT is everything. Great video as always.

ADHD : 14/34 is not a bad shooting performance that’s literally like just under 50%

Antonio Harris : Somebody needs 2 show this to UNCLE shay sharpe. & everybody else who says Jordan had more help

Jtbuckets : Just pure greatness this is what makes him the Goat

SlamClamBigelow : “And Karl Malone got a pat on the butt from this perverted man bear”

Landmo : Do Brett Favre's final game

Untitled : This isn't his final shot cause Jordan came out of retirement to play for the Wizards

Yeesh : Do Dave Roberts stealing second base in Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS for a future one of these

TK14 NBA : Do Derek Fisher 0.4 seconds Larry Bird steal against Isiah Thomas Ray Allen game tying 3 against the Spurs

Crash Bandicoot : Dude, this was straight up amazing. New series hype!

Alex Leed : Love this series! Do Ray Allen's infamous 3 point shot to win Game 6 of the 2013 NBA finals please. A fun fact: radamel falcao, one of the best soccer players in the world at that time was right behind ray allen when the shot was made.

J. A. Greene : I'd love to help you with different football games, such as: 1998 NFC Championship Game (Gary Anderson's miss) 1999 Bills @ Titans (Music City Miracle) And whatever else you can think of football wise.

Mr. Miles : I forgot that MJ stole the ball too!

T3l3MuNd0 : I was soooo happy about that shot. I hated the jazz with a passion. I'm a Lakers fan. & back in 97' that was the famous "Kobe Airball party" where Kobe missed 4 shots as airballs. That same year was Jordan's Flu game. Then the next year we get swept in the 3rd round by Jazz....i wanted the Bulls to win over the Jazz so bad. I was like "anyone but the jazz" 😂🤣 crazy how this will almost be 21 years old already...

Christopher Crawford : You left one factor out, this is back when Refs were gambling on and fixing games. Besides the two bad calls that led to a 5 point swing, Jordan clearly pushes off Russell.

Charles Gonzalez : dude please make more of these. It would be dope for people to actually know the moments that we remember not just the stats or the achievements... and for the people saying push off just look at his body before MJ even puts his hand on him lmaoo he's already crossed before it happened

Frederick Fatalla Tampus : I Love This Iconic Moment i Watch it Bulls and Jazz Battle for NBA Championships are Amazing and very Intense! But Michael Jordan Seals another Game Winner and cements him as a NBA Player Legend! Thanks SB Nation!

Zion Horton : yea why are these videos so fun to walcht

austin robinson : You guys should do a Rewinder of the basketball game from The Office. Like so they can see.

NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES : that lebron pic in the back nice oh yeah yeah

Mr UV : Notice how most game winners Lebron has hit were tie breakers, where as MJ hit WIN or LOSE shots, MUCH harder to swallow if you miss