Hyena Walks Right into a Pride of Lions

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momthegreatest : He who runs for his life will run faster than a Cheetah...

Sincere One : Lioness 1 - "There he goes, there he goes!!" Lioness 2 - "So go get him!" Lioness 1 - "There aint no way I'm goin' in there...what you want me to come out lookin' like you...cactus butt!?" Lioness 2 - "But we gotta finish the job" Lioness 1 - "Well, he's as good as dead out there anyway...and if he comes back, we'll kill him!" Lioness 2 - "YOU HEAR THAT??? IF U EVER COME BACK....WE'LL KILL YAAAAAAA!"

PC Gaming & Sports : Would have been different story if male lion was around..

Broch Slanders : Is Scar home? I'm just looking for Scar, chill, chill.

Steve Chicco : Lionesses didn't put much effort. In short bursts, Lions can easily catch Zebras that are a lot faster than Hyenas because Zebras are food. Lions don't eat Hyenas. Male lions usually kill Hyenas and don't eat because they are pests not food. This chase was just a game and nothing serious. If the male lion was there, though not the usual hunter he was going to chase and kill the Hyena, the hate comes from hyenas stealing his family food.

john joseph : lol white guy walkin into the hood like 0:48

TheGreatDane : Hyena's bites are actually stronger than that of a lion.

Another NPC : Crime in South Africa: even the hyena's occasionally wander into the wrong neighbourhood. :P

Max Mason : That was me running from my ex-wife and her family.

Pawan Kumar : The dislikers must be insane or scared (I cant even say they belong to the lion pride, as that would be insulting the lions)

chengy : Simba will not be happy with this...

Heather Chandler : Hyena.exe has stopped working.

Superman : 0:49 Oh shit!!

najibullah khan : Half hearted chase out of fear to avoid getting a bloody nose, thats why,I suppose, lions fell short of hyena.

Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man : Hy, this is Hyena Knoxville, welcome to Jackass. *CORONA BY MINUTEMEN PLAYS*

chitty bang : 0:49 my black neighbor wandering on streets seeing cops

Bill b : run forest run

zorpio : Hyena got caught slipping in the wrong hood

Akat suki : Wow.. I thought there were only 2 female lion.. But instead suddenly 5 came out of nowhere..... Their team work is almost perfect

its impossible to make me angry : Are the lionesses young? Because brown hyena was of their size even though brown hyena is smaller than spotted.

Zach Van Harris JR : how in the world did that slow ass hyena get away? i know lions and hyenas can outrun humans by a long shot but they seem to be jogging after it. oh well, good for the hyena! peace

Rahul K : The hyena should be glad that he didn't walk into Ntwadumela's territory.

fluido82 : Run Forrest, run. These lions are lazy 😂

ViewsFromda 6 : They were just chasing him out of there territory they don't have much appetite for hyenas

samy laranja : Why is the hyena lonely ? They always like at least 10 ...

huwang tung huwerr : Hyena got the black belt in running.

ambokozo : Landscape looks like Africa but the lions and the hyena look like asiatic.

gregory hudson : If the lions don't eat their meat they won't get any pudding..... They won't get ANY pudding,IF THEY DON'T EAT THEIR MEAT!!!!!

Chiru Jason : He (Male Lion) who greets with fire 🔥 is not there , lucky hyena....from India 🇮🇳

Sadique Shaikh : Good running 👍👍👍

Megalon Fan : I’m very happy he got away, he’s not exactly a big a impressive meal for a pride of lions and those kinds of hyenas aren’t common anymore so seeing one die would be very disappointing.

Michael Kelligan : Should have played "Suicide Solution" by Ozzy Osbourne during this video.

Samuel J : territory push,hyenas probably taste like something to laugh at.

TheOne 151 : Lion King real life!

Stuart Campbell : Young inexperienced lions...lucky day for the hyena

T Sweetest : Nooo. Dis like this video. Hyenas are ruthless. Sometimes get just a little of what you give. Hyenas and wild dogs. I. Hate them

مخاوي الليل : نجا بجلده😂

Pokemon4833 : that hyena started running at the right time & made the right moves .. but then again that lion squad were weak af

Illuminati Dreamin : Wrong Hood Cuh....Where you from!?!?!

4exgold : glad he got away

Jacob Hernandez : Lol looks like that hyena will think twice befor coming on their terf

Spanish Uloahola : Damn! Hyenas Run fast 💨

AXN Official : Legends say that hyena still running

Kelvin nyenza : I wish they got it

randomyoshi : Lions: Hey, something's coming this way. Let's lie down and see what it is. Hyena: Ah, what a lovely morning! It's a perfect day for-(sees lions) *NOPE!* Nopenopenopenopenope-ack! My leg! Lions: That's what you get for wandering off all alone by yourself!

Radhika Technical : Loins are not interesting ..... Just they playing..

John Al : The hyena was a paid actor

Adil Khan : lion is very powerfull

B N : 5 v 1 not cool

Gabo Vásquez : En México dirían: "puto el ultimo" :v