Avengers VS Thanos - 16 Bit Scenes

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Chris Montgomery : this makes you realize there are long segments where some characters just go missing.

Nicholas Hall : In my opinion, i think "all that just for a drop of blood" is an important scene in the movie


Crossing The Infinite : Thanos: "Insect!" Spider-man: "Well, actually I'm an arachnid..." *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP*

Radic The Hedgehog : Magic! More Magic! *MAGIC WITH A KICK!*

Vapid : CGI still better than Justice League

zen4sen : If you disliked this, there’s something wrong with you.

hicham piggy : Hey, that explosion animation was from metal slug!

Lyu Yi : I feel like I am watching a gameplay

Izham Roslan : *Star Lord was mvp cuz we gonna see avenger 4 change my mind*

Unruly Don : I just notice that Drax is really useless 😂

Manny Diaz : Could you add healthbars?

TurboThunderGaming : I never understood why ironmans hit made him bleed, but previously he's taking guns to the face, bullets, even a BOMB, and nothing even scratches him. I never liked the feeling he was simply invulnerable. I wish we would had seen scars on his face from all the battles throughout the movie at the end, when he gets to kill Vision, we would see iron mans scar on the cheek, star lords bomb damage on the back, cap americas shield hit on the lower chin and so on... it just feels meh when he's 100 % unscratched at the end.

Bani Baney : I appreciate the use of Metal Slug explosion effects and sound effects from Marvel Super Heroes and MVC3 (if I heard the Doctor Strange one right) fighting game. But the rest of it (8-bit music and original sprites), wow. So intricately well made!! :D

Jeremy Wolf : I really wish Marvel or Capcom would make new Avengers games in the Arcade style. It would be so cool seeing new games with the use of modern power, but still a flashback(like Sonic Mania)

BattleUp Saber : After Thanos snaps his fingers, this video will turn into 8 bits.

Damien X : SERIOUSLY! I've been asking this question since the movie came out and NO ONE can give me even a decent answer!! So right after Mr. Lord whacked Thanos in the head & pretty much screws everything up, including their plan. Why doesn't Strange just use the Time Stone to go back in time just 30 seconds before that happens?? Then he can tell Star Lord, (& probably even show him) "Look you dumb-ass! In the future, I saw you screw this up by punching him! So if you just don't do that, we get the gauntlet! Oh and BTW Drax, you are pretty much useless just holding his leg." LOL BOOM! Piece of cake and no need for a 4th Avengers! (Even though we all secretly want it!) LOL BUT STILL...

El Muro Del Muggle : This is a masterpiece

Gaming Geeks : this would be an epic video game

Gredrex81 : 7:30 ALMOST! (Put in x0.25 speed)

Moonstar Butterfly : It has that nostalgia feel. *THIS PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE*

Shadowbandit : Quill's an idiot

Halle The Dino : 2:17 *WHY* is Gamora?

1k Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge : The 2.5k that disliked this must have worked at dc comics.

NIN JA : Пиздец у вас графика хреновая)

Zuzu : This should be a game where you can pick any heroes you want and fight Thanos in the story mode I'd pick Iron Man

PorgPrinterz 3D : Magic with a kick!

Taco King : Who else was thinking of Kirby while watching this

Flax tape Guy : Like for battle on titan Replay for battle in wakanda

Gr8muta : Dr Strange vs Thanos (as short as it was in the film) was Epic!! Strange kept him at bay for a while and likely could have kept it up longer, but didn't need to...just appear like he was trying to beat him. We're in the Endgame now.

Mark Prosper : Doctor Strange was the mvp of this fight, change my mind.

Colin Hicks : Being really nerdy about this, the energy signature when he dispelled the illusions of Doctor Strange should have been orange, as he was using the Soul Stone to do it. The Russos go to great pains to point this out on the commentary.

Batata Gamer ツ : Good is animation

BaTTzinho 979 : Mortal Kombat Legacy Scorpion vs Sub-Zero

Contrôle M : Better than the original 😄😄😄

White Devil 94 : Dude Game Informer just wrote an article on you!

ItzRobloxBoy : is this like avengers infinity arcade?

陈维奇 : great

PLAY GAMER : Is nice!

Shippening Police Sanic : does this release on my tiger genie?

Urambo Tauro : All that for a pixel of blood.

Abraham Salazar : Please do a 16-Bit Scene version of Thanos arriving at Wakanda and fighting off the last line of defense.

Gabriel Lunda Velasquez : Como lo haces

Letícia R. : Great!

Focus Pack357 : Cool just cool

Mr Trick : Hawkeye would have beaten Thanos on his own

GigaGamerGuy : Why does Iron Man look like Samus from Metroid?

The Jjblizzard : I would totally play this game

MrGriff305 : Dr. Strange scene went Neo-Geo graphics. Too much for SNES and Genesis!

GEARS 4LIFE : If this was a game i would already buy and play it NJ great 16 bit video