Avengers VS Thanos - 16 Bit Scenes

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Chris Montgomery : this makes you realize there are long segments where some characters just go missing.

Radic The Hedgehog : Magic! More Magic! *MAGIC WITH A KICK!*

Gerson Cruz : You know what I just realized, Doctor strange is the only reason these ppl have a chance against Thanos.. he was doing half the work!! DS is MVP

Crossing The Infinite : Thanos: "Insect!" Spider-man: "Well, actually I'm an arachnid..." *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP*

Марина Байдаева : All we need is "Wakanda battle - 16 Bit Scenes"

Vapid : CGI still better than Justice League

Raku Ichijo : *If Infinity War Was Created In 1988*

Gaming Geeks : this would be an epic video game

1000 Subscribers with 2 Thanos Videos Challange : The 2.5k that disliked this must have worked at dc comics.


Unruly Don : I just notice that Drax is really useless 😂

Damien X : SERIOUSLY! I've been asking this question since the movie came out and NO ONE can give me even a decent answer!! So right after Mr. Lord whacked Thanos in the head & pretty much screws everything up, including their plan. Why doesn't Strange just use the Time Stone to go back in time just 30 seconds before that happens?? Then he can tell Star Lord, (& probably even show him) "Look you dumb-ass! In the future, I saw you screw this up by punching him! So if you just don't do that, we get the gauntlet! Oh and BTW Drax, you are pretty much useless just holding his leg." LOL BOOM! Piece of cake and no need for a 4th Avengers! (Even though we all secretly want it!) LOL BUT STILL...

Kiwibo : 2:17 *WHY* is Gamora?

Gr8muta : Dr Strange vs Thanos (as short as it was in the film) was Epic!! Strange kept him at bay for a while and likely could have kept it up longer, but didn't need to...just appear like he was trying to beat him. We're in the Endgame now.

Almighty Villagran : Una obra de arte :v

BattleUp Saber : After Thanos snaps his fingers, this video will turn into 8 bits.

XenoTronus PrimeZilla#21068 : *1:32** Nebula has joined the game.*

TurboThunderGaming : I never understood why ironmans hit made him bleed, but previously he's taking guns to the face, bullets, even a BOMB, and nothing even scratches him. I never liked the feeling he was simply invulnerable. I wish we would had seen scars on his face from all the battles throughout the movie at the end, when he gets to kill Vision, we would see iron mans scar on the cheek, star lords bomb damage on the back, cap americas shield hit on the lower chin and so on... it just feels meh when he's 100 % unscratched at the end.

Oujix : *This was just so well made!* *I can see you put a lot of effort into this!* _You deserve my like!_

limpan999linus : Wow they should really make a movie of this game, what is the games name?

Moon Corona : It has that nostalgia feel. *THIS PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE*

Mobile DROID : *Cade os BR$ que curtem a Marvel?*

MemeWarriorGaming : Report starlord

doctor strange : 2:18. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT 2:37hahahaha 3:15 birds of the same feathers flock together

RAIN 500 : Kien dirira que hasta en 16 bits starlords la caga en grande

White Devil Rants : Dude Game Informer just wrote an article on you!

This is Argus : What would it looked like if I play Avengers: Infinity War The Game with my friends *Recreating the whole scene*

Flax tape Guy : Like for battle on titan Replay for battle in wakanda

Jefferson melquiades dos santos : Muito top👍✌

動画無しで登録者100万人チャレンジ : 画像の解像度の割に処理速度が追いつかなさそうな動きしてる

Mark Prosper : Doctor Strange was the mvp of this fight, change my mind.

PorgPrinterz - CT-1337 : Magic with a kick!

אברהם Abraham : Please do a 16-Bit Scene version of Thanos arriving at Wakanda and fighting off the last line of defense.

Vacilionツ : *Who most helped in this Battle.* Doctor Strange - 45% Iron Man - 30% Spider Man - 15% Quill - 7% - 2% Mantis - 1%

斯兔彼得 : cool

Zuzu : This should be a game where you can pick any heroes you want and fight Thanos in the story mode I'd pick Iron Man

GigaGamerGuy : Why does Iron Man look like Samus from Metroid?

Fanta : Fanta

Dezzel Plus : Increíble, te lo curraste y te quedó muy buen trabajo. Sigue así.

JoJo Music : 1:08 I read incest

Urambo Tauro : All that for a pixel of blood.

I SMOKE I : Пиздец у вас графика хреновая)

Gold : parese un juego.muy bueno.good

Remus Ciuciu : This looks like a GBA Game. BTW. You can make The Wakanda Battle - 16 bit.

Francisco Martinez : You shouldve made it so the little rockets coming out of iron man looked like they were acually coming out of his suit in the 8 bit animation but other than that awesome video!!!

Chris L : Still better than Justice League.


cabeza de papel : Como de juegos jaja

Fardin Allam : I would rather die if Avengers 4 will release only in 16 bit😂😂😂😂

Daniel Herrera : Is like a sequel of the avengers (arcade).