Silence in the storm, at the park, composed by Feng E
9 years of age and already a master of the ukele

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Feng E’s fan page Feng E’s first single


K Lu : I've never heard a ukelele sound like that before.

kelsi6273 : One of these days people will be lining up for blocks to see this kid perform. Today they act like he isn't there. Hang tough kid. You will be discovered!

Chris Norton : I can't believe that there aren't like 50 people stopping to see this unbelievable live performance. Feng is amazing!

KaterKarloMawMaw : I really don't get it why there aren't people queuing up to see you. I don't know if it helps you but if you would play in Vienna in a public place there would be a huge crowd! So keep on rocking!

Tom Ferstl : Either kids that can shred the Ukulele grow on tree's in Taiwan or the other people in the park just don't realize they are in the presence of greatness.

Zachary Maynor : One day you’re gonna be famous kid. All the way from North Carolina supporting you. Keep playing and don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise. You’re absolutely amazing. You have the likes of Tommy Emanuel.

natsume the llama : This song is bomb! 👏

FrenchToasties123 : I don't understand how he hasn't gone completely viral. Dang.

K Archi : 太厲害了!而且他看起來很享受自己的音樂的樣子,感覺真好。

美容系YouTuberベリーベリーおむむ : Twitterから来ました( ´・▿・` ) めちゃ上手い 私だったら絶対できない((;゚Д゚)ガクガクブルブル

喜洋洋 : 超強,第一個把烏克麗麗玩成電吉他的小大師,請收下我的膝蓋

Pinkieweasel : The Master at work. How on Earth do you get such tone from your ukulele? And all with such a tiny amp.

Ugly Uker : Two almost unbelievable aspects in this video, as also to be seen in some others in his channel. The miracle like talent of this amazing boy on the one side, and the somehow "unreal" non awareness of all these people around him. Strange.

睦骨 : 周りの人の無関心さが却ってこの子の異次元感を醸し出している

yoyo Yo : This kid gonna be legend

Indra Eindhoven : Anyone who dislikes this video, has no knowledge of music.

S WORLD : I'd buy a ticket to watch this incredible kid play in a concert. And he composed this himself? Freaking awesome my man. Keep it up. Coming from your fellow Asian guitarist brother

Neuri : Holy cow incredible song dude really great arrangement too 👊

rikki long : Cannot believe people aren't in awe of this happening while they're sitting around. What a genius.

Fırat Ertürk : That's the greatest silence I've ever listened to. Keep it coming!

Alvin Collins : difference in the way kids play

ZBQ FN : 他和旁边一些同龄小孩对比不是一般的鲜明……

Ashuj : People around are seriously dead! Btw it sounds like Mario music in between, sometimes

フジキタモツ : 一回来た子供の反応から撮ってる人がめっちゃ怖い人説

Invisible Boy : Feng juxtaposition to the others his age...WOW!!

SONG BIRD : CDで欲しい(人´ω`)〜♪

McLean Blades : It's awesome how much Feng loves playing Uke. This arrangement was really good. It has different types of strumming and several string-only solos.

candy10962 : I'm here because Brian May had posted about you! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!

sakutaro1969 : 我来自Twitter 这很好 I came from Twitter It is good Twitterから来ました 上手ですね

日本のどこか : Twitterからきました! 中毒性のあるリズムで何回でも聞ける😳

Christian Quezada : This guy is phenomenal. Such a perfect scene too. Like something out of music video.

Wolfling Xia : 周围的人,简直像是被隔绝了一样……明明是那么有感染力的音乐

GameofJokes : Bro so much talent holy cow. Don't let your talent betray you because you really have a very bright future ahead. you really remind me of Sungha Jung. This rhythm is my fave from you.

卵白 : Twitterから〜まさに神童ですな

莉兎rito : Twitterから失礼しますm(*_ _)m 凄いですね天賦の才能やもしれない( ゚д゚)

Fangirling trash : I found a little Mabuchi Kou who is beyond awesome at ukulele. I am in love

Jindevilt V : Bah! These people don’t know talent when they hear it.

preshit ingle : Does anybody know the style he's playing.?

KJay : 周りの無関心さが、この子の異質さを際立たせてる...

季時 : Twitterで見たけれどこの歳でこんなに弾けるなんて羨ましい…授業でウクレレやるのでさえ苦労してるのにもう本当に憧れる

Pedro Guedes : Boa mlk 👏👏 Mandando super bem Parabéns 👊

Luc Georges : T'es sur la bonne voie ! Keep going, support from France 😉

Y. Readman : I'm living for those music box higher tones!

がろ~ん : ついったーから。

Andrew Kosasih : Do you do tabs for any of your compositions, by chance? Either way, this is amazing! Not even your age--your playing is incredibly clean, and I love your creativity.

Jennifer : Stunning & impressive! Keep going Feng E! Love & Blessings from Sydney!

小奈吳 : 彈得很棒~ 還有中間的小男孩好可愛 發現在拍攝就尷尬退出鏡頭🤣

GPin : Great Job! You’ll be famous all over the world one day ! I would love to go and see one of your concerts live.

康寶龍 : 旁邊的人好淡定……