Silence in the storm, at the park, composed by Feng E

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xenonxi : It's funny to see the kids about Feng's age in the background just being kids, and then there's Feng with his incredible skills. 😂😂

natsume the llama : This song is bomb! 👏

kelsi6273 : One of these days people will be lining up for blocks to see this kid perform. Today they act like he isn't there. Hang tough kid. You will be discovered!

K Lu : I've never heard a ukelele sound like that before.

KaterKarloMawMaw : I really don't get it why there aren't people queuing up to see you. I don't know if it helps you but if you would play in Vienna in a public place there would be a huge crowd! So keep on rocking!

Tom Ferstl : Either kids that can shred the Ukulele grow on tree's in Taiwan or the other people in the park just don't realize they are in the presence of greatness.

K Archi : 太厲害了!而且他看起來很享受自己的音樂的樣子,感覺真好。

Zachary Maynor : One day you’re gonna be famous kid. All the way from North Carolina supporting you. Keep playing and don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise. You’re absolutely amazing. You have the likes of Tommy Emanuel.

Indra Eindhoven : Anyone who dislikes this video, has no knowledge of music.

Ugly Uker : Two almost unbelievable aspects in this video, as also to be seen in some others in his channel. The miracle like talent of this amazing boy on the one side, and the somehow "unreal" non awareness of all these people around him. Strange.

喜洋洋 : 超強,第一個把烏克麗麗玩成電吉他的小大師,請收下我的膝蓋

おむむ : Twitterから来ました( ´・▿・` ) めちゃ上手い 私だったら絶対できない((;゚Д゚)ガクガクブルブル

Vacymm, Aggla : 周りの人の無関心さが却ってこの子の異次元感を醸し出している

Pinkieweasel : The Master at work. How on Earth do you get such tone from your ukulele? And all with such a tiny amp.

Chris Norton : I can't believe that there aren't like 50 people stopping to see this unbelievable live performance. Feng is amazing!

yoyo oAo : This kid gonna be legend

Alvin Collins : difference in the way kids play

Ashuj : People around are seriously dead! Btw it sounds like Mario music in between, sometimes

McLean Blades : It's awesome how much Feng loves playing Uke. This arrangement was really good. It has different types of strumming and several string-only solos.

Andrew Kosasih : Do you do tabs for any of your compositions, by chance? Either way, this is amazing! Not even your age--your playing is incredibly clean, and I love your creativity.

季時 : Twitterで見たけれどこの歳でこんなに弾けるなんて羨ましい…授業でウクレレやるのでさえ苦労してるのにもう本当に憧れる

Jennifer : Stunning & impressive! Keep going Feng E! Love & Blessings from Sydney!

noypi21stcentury : how is this kid play ukulele like that! unbelievable! amazing! 👍😊 keep it up! music prodigy

Neuri : Holy cow incredible song dude really great arrangement too 👊

jessoey : I seriously were gasping throughout the entire video... Like're still really young but you can play the ukulele this awesome already with allt hat techniques and evenmore you composed this incredible piece of music! You're definitely a genius in music. I'm rooting for your music journey!

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sunnysdayful : He is not a kid. He is awesome.

Cezannie Melchor : Last (09-22-18) at the 4th Annual Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival I had the privilege to play with Cali Rose and CC Strummers sharing the same stage with Taimane Gardner, Chris Fuchigame, and many other fantastic ukulele players. Having been there watching them was an inspiration. I hope next year Mitch would invite Feng E. to the 5th annual LAIUF, he would definitely inspire both the young and the old to pick up the ukulele. Feng E. make a CD so you can sale them when you get invited to play I'm sure they will line up to buy once they see and hear you.

DodAs YT : seeing all these kids playing like they are supposed to be and Fend being at the same age playing a musical instrument like a pro. Here ladies and gentlemen is shown exactly that we are not equal. Some are way more intelligent than others.

Hearthstone : いや周り無関心すぎるやろw

黃冠儒 : 加油💪💪 海祭的表演很👍 很多人都被圈粉了

MrKockabilly : Feng E, no amount of training or lesson could get you to this level of playing skill if you aren't a genius. I say you are musical genius.

Luc Georges : T'es sur la bonne voie ! Keep going, support from France 😉

康寶龍 : 旁邊的人好淡定……

Nikola Krstic : The melody of the song is amazing and catchy.Nice song.

SONG BIRD : CDで欲しい(人´ω`)〜♪

Amanda Germanotta : Holy sh*t that's good😱 Are people deaf or something?!

Ryan Canunayon : You know what your a Monster👏👏😂😂

Disappointed Soul : This is one Einstein musician in such tender age. Kids and people around him didn't seem to notice because they never have such a genius. He though will eventually be discovered among the very best

Paul Grimes : Jesus, how is he that good at such a young age

Moon Eyes : I love this kid!

Omfg Loot : Your creativity is light years beyond your age, you're simply outstanding!

Moon light : 没有比较就没有伤害 真是天才啊

小奈吳 : 彈得很棒~ 還有中間的小男孩好可愛 發現在拍攝就尷尬退出鏡頭🤣

Dilly Dilly : Great Job! You’ll be famous all over the world one day ! I would love to go and see one of your concerts live.

卵白 : Twitterから〜まさに神童ですな

ARandomRoadSign : Not a single eye caught him? Wow...

Abel Portugal : You deserve a million subs

Ellen Lain : AMAZING! How was there not a crowd there?!?

Jade Mangabat : Can you have a video tutorial for this?I am from Philippines and I really like this song and it makes me want to cover it and play it in front of my friends and let them hear it😻