The 'Smart Guy' When T.J. Met A Pedophile On The Internet

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Jen Tuesday : "So they can send him to prison, where his ass will get FILLED with street justice" 😂

L.R. Red : This was a serious topic but oh my gosh I’m cracking up at the narration 😂😂😂

Air Quotes : I'm crying

EmailNoLonger InUse : the _worst_ kind of basement

Wicked Amoeba : Clowns of War sounds like an amazing game!😂

lastimosa : *_hEy MaN w HaT tH e sHit ?_*

Steve Von Doom : the worst kinda basement....

Michael Wolf : "The worst kind of basement to be in!"

Tight-Pants Jack : “. . . so they can send him to prison, where his ass will get FILLED with Street Justice." Nice.

Joi Robb : This content is the reason why I'm subbed 😂😂 I laugh so hard every time! I can't wait for more similar videos!! Old sitcoms are traaaasshhhhh

Julia Nguyen : Not a 90s show but you guys should do the thats so raven episode where the retail store wouldn’t hire raven for being black.

Mark Allen : "Hey man! What tha shit! I thought you said we were the first ones to play the game". Im so dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

xquizts : Hahaha. I like the way he says what the shit like its a matter of fact kinda statement

Sara Katherine : Marky, the original catfish

Mr_RGP : Also parents, just give your kids $55 to buy a video game so they don't go into chat rooms talking to men pretending to be kids 😁😁😁.

toomuch4em : Even a child genius falls into a pedophile's trap.

The Haves and the Have Nots Review : This was my show back in the day!

pajamagirl123 : You need to do the episode where TJ gets drunk at a party!!!!

queenfrostine97 : "Because she's about to wind up on a page stuck to Melissa's" HGIGHFYVJYDJ

dkhasar92 : I remember this episode

doogie Five-Four : I definitely remember this episode..stranger danger at its finest

Christopher Figueroa : This was pretty much a 90s version of Different Strokes "Bicycle Man" episode lol

Truth-Rationale Scientist : This was back when Disney Channel cared about their child viewers and we're more realistic.

Fikash : Why are pedophiles always depicted on TV in windbreakers

William Lavagna : Anyone else know he's the little brother of Sister Sister.

Alex Mott : 0:31 They made up a whole bunch of game titles like "Night Shift Cashier" and "Clowns of War", but they also included the real-life games Tomb Raider 1-3?

Christina Wright : His ass could get filled with street justice 🍆👉🏼💦

Jay Jackson : At first I didn’t remember this episode, and then suddenly I remembered it when I saw the pervert’s surfboard. Also I remember when my pops had to explain the episode to me because I was a child.

Blue Eyed Tech : watching this now than I'm an adult is much darker than when I was a child. Its crazy when old kid shows take on adult topics then you watch it years later understanding the full context of the topic

Lalo Grayce : Bet you Zack Morris had something to do with it.

Marth : So, it’s a rape den.

el diablø : "Hey man what the shit we thought you were twelve"

Little Miss Sunshine : “They said the game rocked...cause they’re dumb” HAHAHAH

GlitterBot 5000 : I feel like the 90s were just a weird time

Edwin Pin : "If you meet a pedophile in a chat room, tell the cops, so they can send him to prison, where his ass will get filled with strict justice. " Best advice ever.

Drew : @0:32 Those games sound great! Texacutioner, Night Shift Cashier, Grave Robber 2. Sign me up! Just not in Marky412’s basement 😕

MinYoonGay : Tj is such a cute child tho

Jose Aguirre : And the pedophile was Zach Morris because ZACH MORRIS IS TRAAASSHHH!!!

Wade Baker : "HeymanwhattheshittheressomeprettycoolstuffonthereandalsoIlookatboobswhenyoureatschool." 😂😂

Caitie W : I mentally blocked this episode for so long thanks for resurfacing hahahaha oh god

Retrocade Podcast : I feel bad for the actor that had to play a pedophile

Alex bro : *Hey Man What The Shit*

SykosymatiK : To be fair, that was a pretty sweet basement. But don't tell your parents.

ARIEL GOLD : Sister sister got a good ep covering a similar scam

Kayla Wright : Please keep making these pleaseeeeeee

Zee Butler : "Basement Friends" 😭 omg

William Lavagna : The Disney Channel must have not aired this because this is the only episode I have zero recollection of.

T Mystery : It's really messed up that you called the kids who got into these situations "stupid" and "dumb". Child molesters specifically prey on the innocence and trusting nature of children to lure them in. Insulting the intelligence of kids who get groomed this way is *victim blaming* and only adds more shame to the survivors of child sexual abuse who did not know they were being set up.

Ness H : More Zach Morris!!

Enrique Santos : “ what the shit “ legendary