The 'Smart Guy' When T.J. Met A Pedophile On The Internet

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L.R. Red : This was a serious topic but oh my gosh I’m cracking up at the narration 😂😂😂

Jen Tuesday : "So they can send him to prison, where his ass will get FILLED with street justice" 😂

mriee : I'm crying

EmailNoLonger InUse : the _worst_ kind of basement

Wicked Amoeba : Clowns of War sounds like an amazing game!😂

Little Miss Sunshine : “They said the game rocked...cause they’re dumb” HAHAHAH

Steve Von Doom : the worst kinda basement....

lastimosa : *_hEy MaN w HaT tH e sHit ?_*

Michael Wolf : "The worst kind of basement to be in!"

Jose Aguirre : And the pedophile was Zach Morris because ZACH MORRIS IS TRAAASSHHH!!!

SykosymatiK : To be fair, that was a pretty sweet basement. But don't tell your parents.

Tight-Pants Jack : “. . . so they can send him to prison, where his ass will get FILLED with Street Justice." Nice.

Salacious Thatch : Somebody call Chris Hansen.

Julia Nguyen : Not a 90s show but you guys should do the thats so raven episode where the retail store wouldn’t hire raven for being black.

Joi Robb : This content is the reason why I'm subbed 😂😂 I laugh so hard every time! I can't wait for more similar videos!! Old sitcoms are traaaasshhhhh

Mr_RGP : Also parents, just give your kids $55 to buy a video game so they don't go into chat rooms talking to men pretending to be kids 😁😁😁.

Sara Katherine : Marky, the original catfish

Mark Allen : "Hey man! What tha shit! I thought you said we were the first ones to play the game". Im so dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

xquizts : Hahaha. I like the way he says what the shit like its a matter of fact kinda statement

Andrew Pearson : Omg was this an actually episode wtf

toomuch4em : Even a child genius falls into a pedophile's trap.

The Haves and the Have Nots Review : This was my show back in the day!

queenfrostine97 : "Because she's about to wind up on a page stuck to Melissa's" HGIGHFYVJYDJ

pajamagirl123 : You need to do the episode where TJ gets drunk at a party!!!!

Truth-Rationale Scientist : This was back when Disney Channel cared about their child viewers and we're more realistic.

dkhasar92 : I remember this episode

doogie Five-Four : I definitely remember this episode..stranger danger at its finest

RAE10182504 : You should do step by step. They had allot of special episodes on that show.

Fikash : Why are pedophiles always depicted on TV in windbreakers

Christina Wright : His ass could get filled with street justice 🍆👉🏼💦

Alex Mott : 0:31 They made up a whole bunch of game titles like "Night Shift Cashier" and "Clowns of War", but they also included the real-life games Tomb Raider 1-3?

William Lavagna : Anyone else know he's the little brother of Sister Sister.

Robert Moss : haha wow i never remembered smart guy being so dark, i remember it being shit, but not dark

Lola Grayce : Bet you Zack Morris had something to do with it.

Jay Jackson : At first I didn’t remember this episode, and then suddenly I remembered it when I saw the pervert’s surfboard. Also I remember when my pops had to explain the episode to me because I was a child.

el diablø : "Hey man what the shit we thought you were twelve"

Marth : So, it’s a rape den.

Edwin Pin : "If you meet a pedophile in a chat room, tell the cops, so they can send him to prison, where his ass will get filled with strict justice. " Best advice ever.

Caitie W : I mentally blocked this episode for so long thanks for resurfacing hahahaha oh god

SugaKookie : Tj is such a cute child tho

The Blue Eye Gamer : watching this now than I'm an adult is much darker than when I was a child. Its crazy when old kid shows take on adult topics then you watch it years later understanding the full context of the topic

Drew : @0:32 Those games sound great! Texacutioner, Night Shift Cashier, Grave Robber 2. Sign me up! Just not in Marky412’s basement 😕

GlitterBot 5000 : I feel like the 90s were just a weird time

Alex bro : *Hey Man What The Shit*

Kayla Wright : Please keep making these pleaseeeeeee

Wade Baker : "HeymanwhattheshittheressomeprettycoolstuffonthereandalsoIlookatboobswhenyoureatschool." 😂😂

jbentley8383 : The narrator is brutal...but honest and funny!

Zee Butler : "Basement Friends" 😭 omg

Enrique Santos : “ what the shit “ legendary

reandruzzi : I totally remember this episode.