Ylvis - Massachusetts [Official music video HD] (Explicit Lyrics)

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Anton Petrov : it escalated pretty quickly with that penis reference

Simen Iversen : Everything I know of Massachusettes is from this song.

miniummanee : that's what happens when you let Norwegians travel... xD

masterredwood : This needs to be our new state official song.

Hecs : It should be mass - achoose like the "mass" in "massproduce" but without "produce"

maddi : I live in Massachusetts. I approve.

Nadim Chahar Coquis : You guys should make a song about Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

betotrono : Man you guys hit the nail on the head recreating probably every cheesy tourism promotional commercial song trope. Love this song.

Foxy Grandpa : Who hasn't ever seen a hunk on a bus and thought "Mmm, I wanna sit on your lap"

Frank O : Best part is when the cheerleaders mess up the spelling. Funny.

mygetrichslowplan : Wait... Mufasa dies? Spoilers, dude...

Ariadne : We have America as a topic in my English class and because of this song, I know exactly when the Pilgrims came to America xD. Everytime our teacher asks something like "What was important for the history of America?" I say "1620, the Pilgrims came to Massachusetts on board of the Mayflower". And my teacher said that he'd appreciate my knowledge in in American history xD.

shmupkin s : I live in Attleboro Massachusetts!


Regan Fairley : I'm from offensive and I find this song New York

Classical Stars : I love the emphasis on Teddy P and Bruce~

Anamika Dutta : These a**holes didn't include their brother in the video though, will he ever be a star? 😭😭😂

AnAngryStorm : fuck the apartheid! lol

Poppy : Sometimes I watch the lion king and I cry when Mufasa dies

Paradox6520 : "Kissing a man doesn't mean you're gay, Confused!" This part tho hahahahhaah

confusedmalu : All Ylvis songs should be compiled and be made into a broadway musical. This needs to happen.

Nina April : Well, who *hasn't* seen a hunk on the bus and thought, "Mm, I wanna sit on your lap!" ?


omgubler : Sometimes I watch this video and it makes it feel like everything is right in the world.

Maria Sanz : After watch this video, I wanna visit Massachusetts xD

MandJTV : This is such a brilliant song

Judson Bonneville : This isn't funny to you unless you actually live in Massachusetts, because you won't understand. You won't. Understand.

Samantha K : I'm one of the cheerleaders💁🏼 love ece cheer

Jodi Purdy-Quinlan : The Nelson Mandela House is in need of restoration and the Town of Weymouth, Massachusetts where it is located doesn't have the money for this important project. The Town purchased the house and surrounding 28 acres of open space for $1.9 million and there are some who would like to see it demolished. If you would like to make a donation, please contact me at Jodi Purdy at mac dot com. I made this video for Ylvis here in Massachusetts- I did everything from casting to locations to hiring local crew and buying costumes to careering!! It was all done in one week!!

CutesyWOOT : Comment Breakdown: 50% "I live in Massachusets" and/or "This is true" 40% "They said ''Haverhill' wrong." 10% lyrics from the song.

Gabe Tocci : Its pronounced haverhill, not haverhill.

Grimmy : This is like a very uncomfortable gift, I don't know whether to be flattered or afraid

Brandon Black : This should be the new theme for Fallout 4.

Sam Lindgren : The guy with the brown curly hair looks like Paul Rudd

Not Guy Fieri : Needs more clam chowdah.

Jessy Relaxation ASMR : Vegard ♥

Werner Beinhart : The spirit of Massachuchetts is the spirit of America. The spirit of what's old and what's new

Clara cg :  This is an awesome song. I understand why some pleople might be a bit confused , but I think what makes that tune so great is how absurdity subtly pervades the whole thing! Lots of comedians nowadays rely on very obvious tricks to make their audience laugh. I love lonely island, but it's mainely pee-jokes. Ylvis is somewhat more... Clever! (excuse my E,glish, i'm French :) )

Skjult' : Sometimes when i read the comments, i have the feeling that people just lack sense of sarcasm

Valeri Kendall : I'm really late to this party, but I have to say, I busted a gut when the cheerleaders misspelled Massachusetts and he says, "That is way too many K's!"

Amund Eilertsen : I'm having a test on Friday aboute Massachusetts. wish me good luck

Rambles : Makkakoko is way too many K's indeed.

AJN Productions™ : This is what happends when we let norwegians travel..

Fadaourl : Half of people thinks it sounds like a nice place, the other half thinks it's an insult to the state. Really shows how random lyrics makes people interpret it the way they want.

InLoveWithAScandinavian _ : Bård is so handsome, ugh 😭

Call Me Gorgor : This song is one of the few things that can make me laugh until I cannot breathe and holy shit it is amazing

J. Scadoots : I gotta play this song everytime I'm in Massachusetts.

Perry D : Damn. Them bass lines though.

Mona Lisa : How is it possible to get annoyed by this song - or Ylvis for that matter? These brothers are comedians with their own talkshow in Norway, and all of their music videos are part of their talkshow. They are extremely musical, but have never really pretended to be pop-stars. Their trade-mark is catchy songs (in all genres) but with silly (and satirical) lyrics. It's not their fault that The Fox went viral and brought a lot of attention to them and their brilliant work;) You should all really take some time to watch more of their stuff. Perhaps you would get a broader understanding of them. But you are hereby warned: It is ridiculously easy to become a Ylvisholic. Just sayin'...

Rosie Milano : I'm from Massachusetts have to say that most of its right. Great place to visit if you have a chance to. Lots of beautiful places to visit and see . Good advertising for Massachusetts though.