How A Massive Dam in China Slowed the Earth's Rotation

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Marzipan Wars : That’s 60 more nanoseconds of school this is obviously a big deal!

25k Subs with No Videos Challenge : i could have used that 0.00006 nanosecond to do something productive

Trygve Evensen : 1 250 000 people relocated, that's *a lot*

The Amazing Channel : Mom : Why didn't you scored good in the exams?!!! Me: I didn't have time. Mom: everyone lives the same amount of time in a day. Me: but China took my 70 nanoseconds

raymonth suhardi : So by making the earth smaller, that means we can make a day shorter?....... Start digging boys..

Justice Warrior : But this would only matter if the earth was round! Since it's FLAT we have nothing to worry about

Ang Akuan : Donald trump:We Need To Break The Wall

Yogesh Jaiswal : They will make the earth MADE IN CHINA

_FBI _ : *Thank you China* *I love sleeping 60 nanosec longer* *edit: *holy crap we went to 1k*

Curtis : I thought my playback speed was on 2x...

Paul Ivory : 0:19 I've got a feeling the animator has way too much fun making that!

Chronicle 1 : Dangit, China, I needed those 60 nanoseconds for homework!

Mama Lisa : Damn? Slowed the earth? Hotel? Trivago?


Markos Karam : 3:04 That means the day would be longer by 0.00000006 seconds means A year would be longer by 0.0000219 seconds and an eternity would be longer by 0.00219 seconds longer... Still less than a second.

TheBluePC 5 : There economy growth is slowing down and they are focusing on slowing earth WTF

William Hough : 2:43 he really does love outdated memes... THEY'RE TPOSING

Ricez : Has the Earth's rotation gone *Despacito?*

FutureNow : That dam is damn gorgeous. A damn gorgeous gorges dam.

Eli Egbert : oh yay another problem china caused

Forever Alone Guy With No Life : Thank you china just buld more dams so I can have longer school holiday

Snow 06 : Me watching the video: Interesting🤔🤔🤔 Me in my head: Rhinos are just unicorns with Diabetes

Mine Chan : The transition into the sponsor was dam good

Jetlite : Change the global parameters? That's a very China thing to do..

ILiekPlanes : How me farting slowed down Earth's rotation

ZeeC : It only cost $31b which is ¥200b ..

SuperKvack ! : me: raises hand also me: Im a time bender👌😎

Nihaal Appana : China why did you make the day longer!!! I need to study 60 nanoseconds extra now before an exam

FutureNow : So I have this dam to blame for my day lasting slightly longer. The key to immortality is thus more big dams! That's how science works, clearly. Take note, Grey.

Mario Gámez : Liberty Prime: Chairman Xingping will fail. China will fall. Commencing tactical assessment. Red Chinese threat detected.

Sam R : So anyone on the opposite side of that dam on Earth should make the same dam to balance our Earth. Be a hero and save the Earth

Spiky_haha : yeet yourself in lmao

Miles Brenner : Have we all just accepted his exceptionally smooth transitions to sponsor time?

Cody'sLab : The moon is doing the same thing; on a much larger scale.

Visage Visage : I used to live 8,64 × 10^13 nanoseconds a day. Now it will be 8,64 × 10^13 + 6 This has totally ruined my life

Hassan Abbas : How to make your day shorter or longer? Ask china to build a dam

iPhantom : Me: **reads the title** Me: *thinks about it** also me: **Kowalski Analysis**

cyka blyat : *It's New Zicelosta Rahanmanda*

DeSinc : every single movement on earth has an effect on the earth's rotation. even your mum going up some stairs or honestly even an ant moving up an anthill slows the earth's rotation.

Flaming White : That's dam awesome

Paul Castillo : 0:45 I finally got it, six months after this video was aired. That duo is the hammer and the sickle.

Mj Stafford : Did you really just refer to Northern Ireland has Ireland 😡

Justice Warrior : Best Chinese investment!

Jonathan Gallardo : United States: “We have a volcano that can cause a global depression”. Russia: “We have the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet”. China: “We created a dam so large, it slowed the rotational speed of Earth”.

Ajay Singh Rathore : China: Makes a big dam Earth: DAM!

Tim Sijben : "I'm not going to be political." > Continues to be political.

KappaKappaKappaKappa : That sponsor was smooth AS FVCK

Contortionist 04 : Thanks China for the 60 nanoseconds! Helped me during my dam exam!

s10dlka : Your mamas so fat that she moves the Earth's rotation when she comes down the stairs!