How A Massive Dam in China Slowed the Earth's Rotation

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FutureNow : That dam is damn gorgeous. A damn gorgeous gorges dam.

Marzipan Wars : That’s 60 more nanoseconds of school this is obviously a big deal!


Dark PePe : Chinese president: I'll build a dam and the Earth pay for it

IamNeverPro : Sleep 60 nanoseconds longer Made in China

FutureNow : So I have this dam to blame for my day lasting slightly longer. The key to immortality is thus more big dams! That's how science works, clearly. Take note, Grey.

25,000 Subs with No Videos Challenge : i could have used that 0.00006 nanosecond to do something productive

The Amazing Channel : Mom : Why didn't you scored good in the exams?!!! Me: I didn't have time. Mom: everyone lives the same amount of time in a day. Me: but China took my 70 nanoseconds

Justice Warrior : But this would only matter if the earth was round! Since it's FLAT we have nothing to worry about

Naeesha Turner : So is the earth still considered flat 🤔..........

Kaustubh Verma : Change the global parameters? That's a very China thing to do..

raymonth suhardi : So by making the earth smaller, that means we can make a day shorter?....... Start digging boys..

Curtis : I thought my playback speed was on 2x...

Ricez : Has the Earth's rotation gone *Despacito?*

Ultra Riot : More importantly they made the Yangtze dolphin go extinct because of that dam. One of two inland species of dolphin in the world is now gone forever because of the Chinese. What to expect huh?

Cody'sLab : The moon is doing the same thing; on a much larger scale.

HunkleAndrew Youtube : Now I have to wait longer for Christmas

Markos Karam : 3:04 That means the day would be longer by 0.00000006 seconds means A year would be longer by 0.0000219 seconds and an eternity would be longer by 0.00219 seconds longer... Still less than a second.

Vaishali Dhuri : It's made in china. So this defect will be destroyed soon😂😂😂

ScottySquatch : ......daaaammmmmmnnn China.....

DeSinc : every single movement on earth has an effect on the earth's rotation. even your mum going up some stairs or honestly even an ant moving up an anthill slows the earth's rotation.

Paul Ivory : 0:19 I've got a feeling the animator has way too much fun making that!

iPhantom : Me: **reads the title** Me: *thinks about it** also me: **Kowalski Analysis**


SpectraFade S.F : *Thanks china now i can complete my homework at school in 3seconds*

Theboss24611 : Take that flat earthers.

Sam R : So anyone on the opposite side of that dam on Earth should make the same dam to balance our Earth. Be a hero and save the Earth

Windows Plays : That is daaaamn high

Pixel Husky : 1:45 Finally someone noticed our country... What was its name again?

Melon : What if that dam gets destroyed...Damn

FA TH ER : Any irony for building a WALL....?

Mine Chan : The transition into the sponsor was dam good

Hugh Mann : *I could use that extra time to jizz off a couple of more times*

Bunty Sonawane : Damn! I don't like losing 6 nanoseconds of my life.

Comfort Ubisi : New Zicelosta Rahamanda😂😂😂😂😂😂

Feynstein 100 : The Three Gorges dam produces 22.5 thousand Megawatts of electricity. And still it can only power a handful of nations? How much electricity do people use? Dayum

Achilleas Labrou : If they were building new clear power stations, they would have problem with radioactive waste. With coal thermoelectric plants they would have Carbon dioxide emissions. There is no clean and cheap way to produce energy. The hydroelectric dams are the less harmful and profitable way to produce electricity.

HassanLechkar : Anyone up for some Winter Once Every Four Years You Probably Watch Them?

Yuan Raphael : I would lile to broke the massive dam in China so school's time would be like 1sec only

Ben McInnes : I'll yeet myself into this comment section

Contortionist 04 : Thanks China for the 60 nanoseconds! Helped me during my dam exam!

Pranab Jyoti Phukon : It is a demonstration with a major FLAW. Your theory of "object moving in a circular motion circulates slowly when its size expands and circulates in a faster way when size is compressed" is only applicable on earths surface where elements of friction such as air or air pressure, gravity etc are present. But this theory is not applicable in space where the earth is moving in a circular motion as there is almost no elements for friction around the earth.. So the the speed of the EARTHS ROTATION WILL BE REMAIN THE SAME.

Farrel Radithya : While I'm here feel the time is going faster

Niroj Khadka : Who cares .

董家琪 : The 67% approval rate was considered insanely controversial only because in China any government proposal requires two thirds of the delegates to vote yes to be approved. That's 66.7%. 67% is dangerously close.

Rohit Kallakuri : Anyone noticed WARHAMMER 47560 at 3:10

Naosheen K : What a STUPID artificial country! Now slowing down the earth Artificially.

manoj tewatia : It's unappropriate nd worthless

Microsoft Koala Protein : Lol New Zicelosta Rahamanda.

lazyperfectionist1 : But then there was the settling of the underwater tectonic plate that caused the tsunami that devastated Indonesia in 2004. That moved a substantial portion of the Earth's mass _closer_ to its axis, and so marginally _increased_ the rate of its rotation. And let's not forget how, in the time of the dinosaurs, days were closer to _22_ hours long.