How A Massive Dam in China Slowed the Earth's Rotation

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FutureNow : That dam is damn gorgeous. A damn gorgeous gorges dam.

s10dlka : Your mamas so fat that she moves the Earth's rotation when she comes down the stairs!

THE LEGEND 27 : *Thank you China* *I love sleeping 60 nanosec longer*


Marzipan Wars : That’s 60 more nanoseconds of school this is obviously a big deal!

Kaustubh Verma : Change the global parameters? That's a very China thing to do..

Alden's bro : China hacked the planet rotation speed.

WeirdName : thanks to china we have longer school days

Dark PePe : Chinese president: I'll build a dam and the Earth pay for it

25,000 Subs with No Videos Challenge : i could have used that 0.00006 nanosecond to do something productive

FutureNow : So I have this dam to blame for my day lasting slightly longer. The key to immortality is thus more big dams! That's how science works, clearly. Take note, Grey.

BakedPotatoYT : It's fine, we all are going to die anyways.

Denzel Beni-Hobbs : *This video was made in china*

IamNeverPro : Sleep 0.60 nanoseconds longer Made in China

- Zage - : Thanks to China I'm never late for class

Cody'sLab : The moon is doing the same thing; on a much larger scale.


J KAYLA : Americans are the Best Storytellers

Naeesha Turner : So is the earth still considered flat 🤔..........


DeSinc : every single movement on earth has an effect on the earth's rotation. even your mum going up some stairs or honestly even an ant moving up an anthill slows the earth's rotation.

Trance Lover : Any irony for building a WALL....?

Pioneer : 3:20 Made in germany lol!

Mine Chan : The transition into the sponsor was dam good

godfrey abraham : Enough of the crap

Theboss24611 : Take that flat earthers.

RAZ0229 : Whatever CHINA Does!!! . . . *_(Great Appreciation From PAKISTAN)_*

shyman012 : Every time a baby is born, it slows the earth by 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 of an atom

Curtis : I thought my playback speed was on 2x...

Herminia Rojas : I can't think of a good comment

Dianne Rose : Dude, watch your language!

Fei Han : When everyone on earth runs toward the the direction of the Earth's rotation, the force from our feet exert Earth's surface will slow the Earth's rotation. If we can do it long enough, we will have the power to stop Earth's rotation and making Earth rotating to the opposite direction.

HassanLechkar : This dam is an absolute unit. _In awe at the size of this lad._

kerpal3 : God Dam It China!!!

Ben McInnes : I'll yeet myself into this comment section

Windows Playz : That is daaaamn high

宇宙鬼哥 : 白皮猪 你他妈屎拉不出来也怪地球另一端的中国关闭了地心引力

Deadly Ladd : 0:43 Dan and Phil

Straw Man : Tall people.......

Comfort Ubisi : New Zicelosta Rahamanda😂😂😂😂😂😂

WalkingWithJesus : thats a big change tho

matt prior : They are also as an nation fast replacing USA as the top crazy nation with weird and bad ideas !

WalkingWithJesus : well i guess you can say its a bit... UNDERTOW

Troy Claus : Total BS. We all know that Earth's flat.

董家琪 : The 67% approval rate was considered insanely controversial only because in China any government proposal requires two thirds of the delegates to vote yes to be approved. That's 66.7%. 67% is dangerously close.

selfie kroos : Capitalism.. The joys of

Hindustani muslim jai hind : China ruining the planet and itself

Memest : Hey China? Why don't you uhh Nuke up that dam right now eh? It's pretty damn hot in here and I would like snow. E H

DrJames Davies : A dam to slow down the earth’s rot? A downright stupid idea with absolutely no scientific evidence whatsoever

lazyperfectionist1 : But then there was the settling of the underwater tectonic plate that caused the tsunami that devastated Indonesia in 2004. That moved a substantial portion of the Earth's mass _closer_ to its axis, and so marginally _increased_ the rate of its rotation. And let's not forget how, in the time of the dinosaurs, days were closer to _22_ hours long.