Triple Point of Water

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INTRO Sting : This is a very dangerous we did it in class in the 8th grade and Timmys dad beat him with jumper cable wires

Ivan Pagnossin : Very nice! Thanks :D However, a little typo: triple point occurs at 0.01 °C (273.16 K), not 0.1 °C.

Noah Nicholes : At a moment like this I am reminded how the basic understanding of scientific fundamentals is heavily influenced by constant variables that are present due to the natural and chaotic elements of life. only in a chaos free enviornment can water boil, freeze, and melt at the same time. I see, but I do not understand.

lisarenee3505 : Scientists can science, but apparently they can't grammar very well. _"Ice water is placed inside a vacuum chamber and turned on to lower the pressure."_ Umm... how do you "turn on" ice water (because that's what it says) and what does that have to do with lowering the air pressure? /sarcasm

Phil Martienez : im surprised no one said that it looked like a penis forming at the very beginning. Ill show myself the door, my apologies

Terran123rd : Imgur says hi.

C Smith : That's crazy, science is cool.

John Daker : I'm confused. I understand the freezing, but where is the heat source to cause the boiling? If the temp is 0.1 degree Celsius, how is it boiling? And if it's boiling, there seems to be no steam. Without steam, there is no gas.

Deanzphx Gaming Channel : Very nice!

Valentín Rodríguez : scientist: look at the beauty of science... water: look i made an ice dick