Male Super Final | Adidas Rockstars 2018

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TheGrundigg : "You'd think they both won!"... But they did. That's the point, two best climbers had good fun and topped a problem in the final, got their medals and prizes. They both won!

Twan Herben : Oh boi, this is the best celebration i've ever seen! XD

Flo B : So close for jongwon chon and my guess :D I really enjoy watching Jongwon chon, he's a very likeable climber. Those dance moves they did together though 😂

Tommy Myles : Haha the dance was so extra

charcoaljohnson : This one of the things I love about climbing, everyone is so encouraging even when competing <3

Ben Wright : The bromance is real with these two. I love it.

PabloAfroSamurai : This makes me happy

Yute Yang : Best competition ever!

Freestyle : Krud3r LIKE A BAWSSS

Simon Lotz - Bouldering Videos : What a moment!!! Thats how you should always do it just having fun ! :D

abra macabra : I don't like it. Can't find the true essence of climbing in this video. Cheap happiness replaces the genuine feeling of accomplishment. I know the market laws, but come on...

J Zee : Sportsmanship at it's best

Tommy Myles : Anyone else notice the buzzer not working when jernej pressed it?

andre carlo petalcurin : I really had fun watching the whole show. It's so fun to the watch. The audiences & the players.

Kalamestari : That's it?

Henry Hoffinheimer : This was incredibly lame