Marcin Szatanik | Fiat 126p | QUICK OFF & TRUE RALLY FANS | Darvit Walimska Wiosna 2018 | GRB

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Sheldon Miller : Lol the driver should buy all those guys a round of beers.

Caution : Legit by standers right there. Cheers to yall : I always wanted a skyline or a supra, but now this ones at the top of my list.

MrRiggyRiggs : Very cool. I mean the car weighs a pound but still.

l2ELLIK : it's like a reverse riot.

stoprefresh : That car is absolutely adorable.

Adam eR : kurua #kiedystobylo

isis employee : When u slip on a banana in mario kart

Robbie Tucker : Wish my girlfriend gave me this kind of support... oh wait I'm single

Marcin G. : WRC potrzebuje takich kibiców :D

userek01 : POLAND!!!!!!!!!!!

Dominika Strauss : Jak to mozliwe ze to jest na 21 miejscu trending usa ???

Flidd : Księga ulicy mówi jasno: Kto grubo leci przyjebac musi :)

G Barsetti : Hahaha that moment when they closed the door !

Stick Brightling : Wish another car came flying around that corner right after they got him out.

antdude : Did he win though?

Robert Frycz : Prawie jak w pit-stopie ;)

Wojtek Czaderna : The best thing you can watch on the Monday morning :D

Juliusz Dokladny : POLISH POWER

Karol Kołodziej : o kurła, co tu sie odjaniepawliło

Bet On Me : Mam przestawiony YouTube na amerykański, ponieważ rzygam już polską patolą i pseudo rapem na głównej. Myślałem, że uciekłem od tej "polskości" YouTubea, ale jak widać, Polska dotrze i na amerykańskiego. I wiecie co? Jestem kurwa dumny. :D Bo takie filmiki jak te napawają nadzieją i powinny oblegać nasz polski główny YouTube.

TabletopFun : That seems pretty safe.

pwnstroyer : This is what always should be trending. Seriously too great. :)

Ary Desila : the power of vodka

sienile : True race fans. Title did not lie.

Kim Jong Un : TEAMWORK

Rubik : hahaha dawaj HDS-a XD

Dżejkop Njyureck : Sprzedam opla

Anderson Morgan : I love how he tries to get out of the car and they're like "no! you're staying in there!" and they pushed the door closed

Stanislav Pocharik : на отлично :)

davidkosa : Was Clarkson Driving?

Michelle Peele : Hold my beer...

hasan munir : Faith in humanity restored.

Luca Drogon : Awesome people

Noxes_VRN : Молодцы!!!) Всегда надо оставаться людьми!!!

LaserShot X : Few seconds later.... *CRASH* Driver: F***

justin adams : That's boss

Cover Drum Cover : ))))))))

wisniorek : hahaha wyniesli go!!

Алексей Шульман : суровые польские парни

Louis Lemieux : The world would be better, if everybody worked in the same direction like this example ! But the money corupt even the best man.

Chris Calvert : Europe.

Adib BehrooziTV : That is why humans need each other

joshrawks21 : So epic haha

Migotka 94 : Najlepsi❕❕😊

janek_dzbanek : Kulturalni kibice. Szacun.

Deb Hill : This is why there are no fences for the spectators to stand behind.

simon nomis : never in Merica.

Al Guien : Man, you know somebody slipped a disk

Marcus Wright : The story would've been much different in Africa.