People on the Street React to the Moon in the Most Awe-inspiring Way | Short Film Showcase

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National Geographic : Sometimes, it takes the power of a telescope to reveal how truly breathtaking the universe is. Did you resonate with these street goers' reactions to the moon?

Spur-of-the-Mountain : *Guy talking on phone* “Hey hold on, hold on I’m looking at the moon”

Phoenix Uprising : I did the same thing with my mom. I will never forget her reaction when she saw the moon for the first time through my telescope. Her reaction was pure joy and amazement. She told me “no wonder you are always outside with your telescope”! I love sharing these experiences with family and friends.

Divakar Singh Bhadouriya : National geographic is best👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

Mustafa Ahmed : Love the calire de lune in the background.

Lucky Ferals : Someone should go on a telescope tour. Coming soon to a city near you....

David Buschhorn : And people in cities? That's ALL you can see. The moon. I live far from cities and the sky is breathtaking with stars. Each one a bright speck on the dome over you. Just like those photos you see on science sites. Someday, if you're driving at night through Iowa or something, take an exit and drive a mile or so away from the freeway. It only takes a few minutes. Get out of your car and look up. If someone pulls over and asks what you're looking for, the real answer would be, "Me, I guess."

Bishwajit Sutradhar : Now I want a telescope.

Jonathan Springs : If only people could focus on cool stuff like this and not race related drama.

- FREE HACKS - : For any of you wondering which that telescope is, that's a 12" Sky-Watcher Dobson with a Tele-Vue 13mm Ethos eyepiece. A total price of $ 2700. But you don't need these high-end scope to look at the moon, just go to a telescope shop ( NOT WALMART or ANY DEPARTMENT STORE ) and ask them for a 6 inch reflector for around 400$ and have fun for a lifetime. :)

He is my President : Truly a beautiful video.

Rasmus Nielsen : Clair De Lune - perfect choice of music for this video :D

jonis jebisow : It's science not religion that brings true change and joy!

Prachi Patil : SOUL SATISFYING Video Ever💘💘💘

New Message : "One night, I was bored in my apartment, and quickly organized a National Geographic filming session, complete with release forms, cinematographers, location scouts, and lighting rigs."

Inspiring Reflections : We are all kids pretending to be adults!

Mary Stachowiak : Oh my God. . .What a Wonderful World this Could be!

Kerry Li : Wish everyone is bored like him so we can have the chance to see the moon...

Márcio Campos : Knowledge is only knowledge when shared... Thanks for showing people one of the wonders of life and what comes with it.

toxic reaction : Now do one with the sun😂

Damien Mitchem : How do i get that telescope?!

Vivek Jadiyar : You and your telescope are wow!!!

Fookat TV : Cool vdo..I have Telescope. And uploaded moon transit vdo. Thanks.

Rahmad Renaldi : The moon is round, yet people said earth is flat

Srijana Baruah : I'd like to change sides,to get a view of the earth from moon😊😂

Kelly White : Good job!! We need more people and institutions doing this sort of thing. It's kind of sad to think these people have never seen the moon up close... everyone should experience it.

Akshin Kashyap : Take my money💰 and give me that

Hannah W : This is so important

Carl Mortera : Every people reaction: O my God!

MartyKuB : Clair de lune fits this video perfectly.

Intellectual Hazard*/_\* : Nat Geo...i want to take a look at Mars!!

Susan Evers : PERFECT musical accompaniment. Thanks for sharing!

Sweet Katie Pie : I love this and I hope many many more people watch and feel the joy radiating from this video!

Confused Wolf : Au Clair de Lune... very evocative.. afraid always think of "Dog Soldier" (the brit film). Why do you think i chose my moniker (wink)...

Fauzul Azim : Flat Earth: No! it's not the moon... it's a fake video from NASA that is played back by this instrument. O my god! they never stop lying to us!!

Abelatif Kouloud : this is beyond words!!!

Raghav Baijal : I remember, as a kid, the first time I saw Jupiter at Griffith Observatory in LA. It took my breath away. I'm 37 now, but I still remember that moment.

Théâtre des Vampire : There's a group in L.A. that do this called Sidewalk Astronomers. I got to see Saturn with its rings. Very awesome and memorable.

demas christoventus : Omg there's a rabbit in the moon

Bluebell River : I have a mere 5 inch reflector and Ive often let people look through it to see the moon. The reaction is always the same. "Wow".

FAMUCHOLLY : COOL!!! On SOOOO many levels. From satisfying basic curiosity about the natural world, to sharing the need for human bonding through a common experience. Nice video, and an even better person.... THUMBS UP!

Han Gyo Jin : Who else wants to watch the moon tonight after watching this?

Centurion CR : I have a very small telescope, and my family had the same reaction when they saw the moon.

Aldus Wong : i brought a 20 dollors telescope. After that I am in love with the moon. The moon is so bright, so easy to aim to and the detail you can see from the earth is awesome.

Jesus Christ Denton : That was 12 year old me’s reaction too. 😀

bubble king : This is wholesome.

joseph isaacs : It’s because nobody pays attention to astronomy anymore.. that’s why we have flatearthers and people that don’t believe we’ve actually been to the closest celestial object to us: the moon.. hence, the dumbing down of our society...

A SKill : Why did some of them refuse?

CJ official : thats touch my feeling

Enzo : So either no one has seen pictures of the moon upclose on google or textbooks (which reminds me of people not knowing how continents look on the world map)... Or the moon is really THAT much more beautiful on a telescope. I don't know which one it is, but I should really try to get the chance to look through a telescope one of these days.