😱 Top Cancer Causing Foods Proven To Kill You 😢
21 Cancer Causing Foods That You Should Never Eat

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This video lists 21 cancer causing Foods that you should never eat. Make sure you watch it full. Cancer is the major cause of most deaths worldwide. This is quite alarming for people who are exposed to cancer-inducing environments. Some causes of this disease include the sun, pollution, second-hand smoke, stress, etc. Recent studies have shown that even popular foods can trigger it. Sounds scary! You might have just eaten one of them while watching this video. For the complete article, go here: https://www.healthnormal.com/21-cancer-causing-foods-you-should-never-eat/ #Cancer #Health #Healthy Cancer Cancer Causing Foods Cancer Foods Cancer Causing Foods 2018 What foods cause cancer? Foods that cause cancer


Rose Lane Mable : Wow that's everything what's left to eat?!

Jack Smugging : The processed meat thing has been around for years. Johnny Carson had an expert on his program many years ago who was against the additive to preserve them. Johnny asked him what the chances were of getting food poisoning if the additive was not in them. The "expert" said, it was many years ago and memory is showing, that it was something like ten times more likely. Carson laughed him off of the stage with questioning him that it was better to die of food poisoning than maybe getting cancer. That intellect is what is wrong with our country today!

Pam V. : I have said for years that most of the cancer is caused from the junk they put in our food. ANY processed food is bad. I read that Twinkies have a shelf life of ten years! I used to eat them when I was younger.

Steve Thomas : Oh hell! Where all gona die !