2017 Ovis Aries: Regular Car Reviews

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Maarten van Rossem Lezingen : Why didn't you drive it?

HagbardCeline : Regular New Zealand Girlfriend Review

Avocado Warrior : Sheep music > Human music

Uriah Siner : "Sheep Music"

KSCuber : THIS is the quality content I subscribed for!

computerapple4 : Not A Car.

Viriatvs of Lvsitania : How's the CO2 output on these? Will they pass emissions in California if I import one?

Abbreviated Reviews : Hm. Sheep Music. I like it.


Scerttle : Couldn't tell if "oh no my brand" or "oh no my bran".

Henry : Powered by BROWN There, it's been said

Harv72b : I wanted to buy an Ovis Aries, but the dealer tried to fleece me. Now I have to hoof it everywhere. Boy, do I feel sheepish. I'll stop now. I know these are baa-aaa-aad.

P. Cookie : *Man I can't wait until these are legal to import to the US!*

Shadow Herb : It's a sheep thing, you won't understand.

Dragon Skunk Studio : I never seen an Aries so cute and squishy. K cars are my brand!

Godwind Racing : Welcome to RCR New Zealand, we were hosted by Camshaft Software, makers of Automaton, a videogame for every gearhead who say “I can make a better car company”. Well, this is your chance to put up or shut up from cam profiles to fleet marketing, you do it all and thanks to them, Regular Car Reviews made it to New Zealand, a planet’s bonus track, sweet as.

John Candycorn : Alright. Now give us the POV drive footage

Nittanyburg 20 : Which sheep is best sheep?

Jacob Burnette : NOT A CAR

Fuel Injection Sucks : Smoll dog would have hearded those shep right up.

crownvic ca : I want you to review that girl's hair.

Dana Vixen : Needs more RegularCow reviews... New Zealand's moved up to Cows and leaves the sheep to the Auzzies now... so they can tie them down as well

Henry Kincaid : Wait, a sheep is three times as powerful as a horse?! Damn, why aren't we riding these beasts instead?!

Gabe Solomon : I didn't think I could LS-swap a sheep. Then I believed in myself.

Hubert J. Farnsworth : *N A S T Y A S S F A R T S*

Christian Augustin : *you should do this for every wierd animal*

Andrei Gauna Adamson : Mannn that green hair girl is hot!

The Frumentarii : So this is the final edit of the Celica review, right?

raoul rabinowitz : Never clicked so fast

Unitato Getz : Do a 2017 Alpine Goat next

93OakTrees : Saw this notification and thought it would be another edit.

CPWindsorsub : Would have been dark if there was a jump cut to you eating a gyro at some point in the video.

xXxMartin96xXx : NOT A HORSE

Keiji3G : I'll watch the review when it's fixed and working properly

DoodleWill : Well I know what to spam my Welish friends for the next two weeks.

illiteratebeef : If these are New Zealand sheep, isn't this something like a fleshlight review?

ノック : Is this some sort of a Dodge Ram rip off?

Seth Porter : Regular Sheep Reviews

Rico Gutierrez : Oop, looks like dad is coming home from his *business tripp*

Elijah Williams : RegularSheep Reviews is sponsored by BROWN

Stiv : Can you LS Swap a goat?

Gabe Solomon : Is that Matt Farrah's million-mile llama?

BreakingMoto : cant forget about the 2016 model, known as the Hillary Supporter, most reliable sheep to ever roam the world...

Minibull037 : RCR, sort yourself out mate...thats not a Group A sheep...

Carmelo Oliveri : 4 am?..... I like your style

Derek Joon : My name is Mohammed Abu Dhabi, can I get this vehical with an ashtray and how many standard cup holders?

Joshua Walker : For those wondering why an Ovis Aries can have 3 horsepower, that's because peak power of a horse is 14.9 horsepower. It was defined by James Watt to be a unit of power over (a small amount) time. Humans have about 5 HP.

Brony Inspector : is yelling "my brand" part of the RCR brand?

MotoBieda : Was waiting for a test drive

kern417 : Review my wife's ovaries.