One on one soldier Tug of War, Canada vs USA

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MCSGproject : lol, looks like they're all friends.. good to see comradery between the u.s and canada

John Ryan : Yeah we are fighting on the same side people. So enough with the who's better. They did this for fun.

Snowblind : I'm glad to have our Canadian brothers at our side. I don't understand these arguments, I'm sure that both of us would help each other through thick and thin, well, at least I would. Now that that's said, I will throw out the fact that the US did start getting tired at the end most likely from all of the gear, but still it was an pretty even match.

Red Baron JKU : Good ole fun, why all ya'll making this into an argument? Who cares who is better, we always have each others back no matter what. Ask any of our boys who served over seas, they loved fighting alongside the Canadians and Im sure the Canadians will say the same.

dc2008242 : they both look red in the face from struggling, lol just know that one solider's performance vs another one does not make either or better, you shouldn't base a large amount of people on a single person's or few person's experience & performance

Josh O'dell : To all the people complaining about the American gear come off it that gear would give him extra leverage and also more weight for the Canadian to pull with boots with no thread so I'd say it was even

Jacob Parsons : He had a vest on that makes him heavier


Harmi : Yaaaaaa so proud to be CANADIAN!!!! :D

Noah hassan : Go Canadiens

Ern Mac : CANADA!!!!!

Wayn-DD : Love our Canadian/American relationship. Even when we win it's all smiles and pats on the back. Friends forever. 

John Smith : How dumb does that guy sound screaming AMERICA!!! Then losing hahaha GO CANADA. Hockey is our game!

CobaBull37 : canada!!!!!!

Leanne Davis : Why is everyone debating and arguing I think this is kind of cute and fun.

Reptilian Monk OG : Canada sucks balls

GnodabT : they had black bouts

Cherry Ottley : when you're fighting a war, you don't want brighter!

The Sports Lot : cuz u guys got 20 times the amount of people. We can take you in anything 1 on 1 even if you guys have the better odds. Watch some crashed ice. Every Canadian qualifies, Candian wins, Canada wins 9 out of 10 times. Just like hockey. That is what Candians do.

The Sports Lot : somebody's jealous...

famousgirl9x9 : THANK YOU. Finally someone gets it.

famousgirl9x9 : We are both fighting the same enemy in the same country, so why try to put one military down? We fight side by side and lost men and watch as they lose limbs. So why generalize the US military. Yes we have Mexicans. Canada doesn't have high school dropouts in their military? We both have are good and bad soldiers. we both have soldiers that go to prep schools and come from bad neighborhoods. Get over it. People who aren't in the armed forces always try to say which is better. Pathetic.

famousgirl9x9 : I love how people who are not in the military judge the military the most and try to say who's military is the best. It's so hilarious. You can't compare. Both militarires have their strong points and their weak points. Both militaries have their strong fighters and their weak fighters and we are both in Afghanistan and were in Iraq fighting together against the same enemy.

The Best of Discord : @miloman812 Rofl yes you may have a larger population, but this is why our economy is able to function with more stability. Also, it is the reason healthcare works so well around here.. Not bragging either, but higher population rate seems like an odd thing to point out, when the benefit isn't great.

wildman5950 : I'd blame the dog.

Son Goku : 0:00 - AMERICA!

Jeddore Razzer : 1812 was Canadian troops drafted into the Bristish army who was a tyrant at the time, we never broke english law because we've always been english country. Even though we speak french as well. But if I recall... In 1812 we pushed the american army past DC and burn down the white house? And our SOF JTF2 has the highest victory rate out of any of the american SOF's and the CF has takin' more victories and pride then most americans. Now I love americans, and the states. But I hate pricks like you.

MikeyL : why are you representing your country by spelling every second word wrong?

MikeyL : Because you have more people in one state you think you're better than us? What you just said means that americans have less land per person, now if you're so dumb that you can't understand that then I'll make it more clear. I get more land for me because I'm canadien and we have less people, you get less land because you have more people, so please keep running around in your high density, in dept country.

John MacRae : We also have a stronger and safer economy...and we're not owned by China now

Martin Collin Boudreault : with mark3 boots on top of that wich the sole are made of hockey pucks material!! Very slippery... Good Job| Canadians Rock!

Grim Sparky : This could be the answer to all our problems, issues, and disputes... settle this with a nice friendly game of tug of war!

Erogileas : and the other is full of Canadians.

MrMrNoober : I'm Canadian and i even say we would not beat the USA 1 on 1 because we only have around 65,000 people in our army and Americas tech is way better then what we could afford.

Bearsbarehardyarns : Man this was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time

Jarhead forthewin : and the other is filled with what? Eskimos and ice cycles?

jym Last : 0:01 " 'MERICA!!"

I'm Nobody : Lmao.. So what if you have more people? Quality over quantity.

OddWizard : @miloman812 Bragging about population? I thought having more people was a bad thing but whatever.

TomBean21 : god I'm embarrassed to even be British reading all their stupid comments. Sorry to the world for some reason a few Brits feel the need to comment about how "great" we are on every video with america and their forces in. Sort of like the kid at school who'd talk about how big his penis was, we all knew it wasn't and all he wanted was to make himself feel better.

6Texasboi : Don't count your chickens before they hatch . . . Those "mexicans' are making their way north ! lol.

Halrawk : Wow guys, relax. This isn't a war, it's two people having some fun while a couple others watch. Who cares what country they are from, all the people in this video are clearly friendly with each other.

bromeisterbroski : lmao this game looks hilarious, they keep stepping back right into each others boots

Vikram Kanda : proud of Canadian army

Jake_Ammz17 : Now 1812 was the British who owned you at the time so technically the British ruled you!hahaha plus we never were conquered.. Go I'm not gunna brag about how we have more people in 1 state than your whole country.. Ive used tht 1 too many times good job Canada!!! You have a tug of war champion over 1 American I am a lil jealous but I can live

Jake_Ammz17 : So Many Canadians r soo proud of this! I search anything with Canada in it.. This pops up lol it's funny.. Tug of war 2 people.. Want a cookie :) now if the American won I wud b talking trash 2 but lets get 1 thing strait.. Canada has never ruled any1 haha nobody has ever taken America under any circumstance

Yoeman213 : @WrightfulProduction1 the vest gave the American more weight, it gave him the advantage, the Canadian had to pull more and still won owned

Wholesome Comments : the americans face was as red as our flag.

Hunter Klipp : And our uniforms are brighter :) yaaaaayy Canada

PrototypeClex : I bet you wouldn't have posted this video if you had lost. I wonder if the US unit put this on their site too?