One on one soldier Tug of War, Canada vs USA

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MCSGproject : lol, looks like they're all friends.. good to see comradery between the u.s and canada

John Ryan : Yeah we are fighting on the same side people. So enough with the who's better. They did this for fun.

Bearsbarehardyarns : Man this was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time

mark hickey : yes but if they had a tims coffee it would have ended before the coutdown.

irondude71 : Its a tug of war, not an actual war. But if it helps, I'm sure your dad could beat up my dad

Konoton01 : Less: "[Country] is the best!" More: Camaraderie!

MrBlackice420 : Good pull boys, I was more surprised the strap held than I was that either soldier won.

legodude19999 : @jchiapet LOL I'm Canadian and I find that hilarious!

christoph kunzle : Lol y r people takin about which country would win in war im pretty sure thats the last thing thats gonna happen a war between canada and the US

Erogileas : and the other is full of Canadians.

Jeddore Razzer : 1812 was Canadian troops drafted into the Bristish army who was a tyrant at the time, we never broke english law because we've always been english country. Even though we speak french as well. But if I recall... In 1812 we pushed the american army past DC and burn down the white house? And our SOF JTF2 has the highest victory rate out of any of the american SOF's and the CF has takin' more victories and pride then most americans. Now I love americans, and the states. But I hate pricks like you.

Ross Carter : That guy is a National Hero right there!

MissJoaniB : I come back to watch this every so often, and it makes me smile every time. Lost of fun to watch them competing and having fun.

Yoeman213 : @WrightfulProduction1 the vest gave the American more weight, it gave him the advantage, the Canadian had to pull more and still won owned

John MacRae : We also have a stronger and safer economy...and we're not owned by China now

ghwood wood : Put er' in four low lol

MikeyL : why are you representing your country by spelling every second word wrong?

Phineas T. Whiskers : For Everyone here saying how one country would destroy the other, Neither would win in a war between Canada and USA even if one edged out on top you could not declare it a victory by any means. It would be a Pyrrhic victory to its strictest definition.

Steven James Porter : lmao this is how disputes should always be handled :P No violence, just plain good fun.

pommedupin : We are tough and we know the difference between they're, there and their!! But don't worry, we will still stand by your country when you need us to.

MrWookLoaf : let this simple tug of war being the deciding factor between greater nations .. GO!

MOMOarabe : best 2 of 3 ahhahahah

wallacex3023 : I'm sick of videos turning into a stupid debate and then again I have to read the comments haha. Canada and the US fight along side each other. One against the other its obvious who'd win but that because Canada doesn't have as much shit to worry about agreed? Lol. "End of ze world" explains it all.

Rob Blute : If I was there I could have lost faster.

John Smith : I keep leaning my head to the left while watching this video

Igor Veljovic : All i can hear is "MURICA!"

MrSpeckid : who cares about whos "best" it's all about respect and they showed it at the end of the video

JPaizer2 : @WrightfulProduction1 for the american! He had the advantage, more weight to throw!

worldpeaceforme : I thought this was all in good fun! Then I read the comments :/

Blair Logie : that was close! Go Canada!

Tuskor : @miloman812 Bragging about population? I thought having more people was a bad thing but whatever.

Neoncelerity : The vest makes him heavier and he was using it to great advantage by applying his upper body as a counterweight. What made him lose was getting into the ready position and keeping it up for too long before the contest began, it wore out his leg muscles. Simply too gung-ho.

bromeisterbroski : lmao this game looks hilarious, they keep stepping back right into each others boots

The Anarcho-Jucheist : Go Canada Go!!!!

Martin Collin Boudreault : with mark3 boots on top of that wich the sole are made of hockey pucks material!! Very slippery... Good Job| Canadians Rock!

Thane Kul : That was the British. In 1814. Canada's role in the War of 1812 was mostly stopping the U.S. from invading Canada. Which was still impressive, but you didn't actually get all that deep into our territory...nowhere near D.C. certainly.

Nila95 : for all the haters this was a frendly competition both sides arent enemys if you want to complain and hate go find a video of a american soldier tug of war vs a iraqy soldier

TheRealLittleBIGhead : A group of guys having a friendly competition with each other before giving their service with each other HAS to, of course, turn into a crap-slinging fest as soon as it hits the internet. Great going, YouTube.

Son Goku : 0:00 - AMERICA!

7graywolf7 : I was so hoping the link would break and they'd both face plant.

Anthony Lussier : Canadian are awesome ! I'm so proud !

Katie Zurc : Says no one ever.

Arbi Daci : After that. he apologized for beating him.

YotaMax : did i even have to guess who would win?

Cherry Ottley : when you're fighting a war, you don't want brighter!

Blair Logie : that was close! Go Canada!

Jay Harkmen : ... if he's just stopped eating those big macs

Synax Four : Lawl at their heads instantly turning Red

Elysxum : Canada! :D

TheSocialprestige : "Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners. And necessity has made us allies. Those whom nature hath so joined together, let no man put asunder. What unites us is far greater than what divides us." -John F. Kennedy