Slap Chop Rap (10 Year Anniversary)
Slap Chop Rap 10 Year Anniversary

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1️⃣0️⃣ Yr Slap Chop Rap Anniversary w/ @djsteveporter Make America Skinny Again, One Slap At A Time 🇺🇸 Get your Slap Chop now: Follow my new Instragram:


Jazlyn Rubio : This is what I waited 10 years for I'm not disappointed

yahya serar : Two amazing accomplishment today This Endgame

ThatWalkingCactus : he protecc he attacc but most of all he make slap chop tracc Edit: spelling

The Boomster : Can't believe it has been 10 years since this magnificent product has graced our world.

DesireusOfficial - : Watch this You're going to love my nuts

phdonny : I knew subscribing to the official Vince channel would pay off. Me so happy.

Maciek300 : Watch in 240p for the authentic experience

Harkirat Batra : Waiting for endgame? Naaaa This is what thanos wanted to see...

AcoolYT : The fact that Endgame and this video were published the same day... You're gonna love my nuts.

Jaden Smalls : Ahhhh we been loving his nuts for 10 years

BLADE Curtis : Me:hand the aux Friend:ok but don't play trash Me:

Faith Sunshine : Y O U ‘ R E G O N N A L O V E M Y N U T S

Swelldrew : Slappin it so hard the skin comes right off

? H a n n a h ¿ ¡ E ! : Friend: what kind of music do you like Me: *its complicated*


byunzoe_af : what made you make this? after 2 years of being dead

C - Fuel : Jacksepticeye’s gonna love this...

Joslyn Marqs : Vince:Breakfast to go🤷 Me: OH hell no 🙃

Like Hmmm : This deserves to be on Youtube Rewind 2019 😩👌💯

supershyguy16 : This was amazing I would kill to see this live

Cheeto Bandido : How Can We Be Sure this Is The Real Vince? 🤔

Taylor Drift : I love u slap chop 3000😭😂

thenameisgsarci : 10 years later and he still calls the strawberry a mango. Perfect. XD

Gabriel Soares : top 10 rappers that can defeat thanos wait a sec...

MR. Zer0 : *_Oh, this._* *_This is beautiful._* - Grunkle Stan 2016 or Sumn

KW07 : About to spoil endgame watch out Vince slap chops thanos

KingDog : This is it, this is the perfect video on youtube. We did it. We did it guys.

Galactic C3I : I’m so proud of this man and this community

Xio Carranza : “The skin comes right off” *Curcumcision Flashbacks intensify*

XxSp0oky777xX [YT] : HES BACK WITH THE SLAP That was cringy im sry xD

Mush Man : Who else wants this guy to Be a actual Youtuber

lilts : 👏Why👏are👏you👏guys👏sleeping👏on👏pure👏TALENT👏

Alex H : He slap the nuts He slap the ho But most importantly... He slap away assault charges.

kain1131 : this is the infinity war we needed

Elissa : I did not expect this, a legend.

taunusv4power : Vince. You're one of my favorite internet heroes. Nice to catch you for the 10 years. Keep it up man!!

illioptopede : i was watching the shticky commercial and i clicked on your channel and saw you uploaded! this is sick! 🤘

hehasnoregrets : autotune in 2019.. did u upload this from internet explorer?

Sonic lover : Nice job I have all your products

The Poyo Boyo : Wow this is amazing, great job Vince keep being awesome

PRO BRO : Me:my dog died and I'm depressed af Me:*sees this video* my purpose in life has been fulfilled

Daniel Ayy : Before: I'm sad :'( After: Now i'm gonna be in a great mood all day!

Link : Y O U R E G O N N A L O V E M Y N U T S

EpicMeme Productions : What would Billy think of this? Rest in peace Billy Mays Great stuff Vince

Hugh Jass Bear : “The skin comes right off” Buffalo Bill woulda loved this.

SWOOPSCOOP ! : And this is the reason i have push notifications on

the stars are broken : can we get a karaoke version to this??

Natasha Estes : This put me in a good mood & I will be in it all day 😃

SpaceLite : IM here before 100k+ viwers