Nord at NAMM 2018: Jesús Molina highlights

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suchdoge : How can a person be so technically proficient and have that much feel at the same time?????? He must be Jesus!!!

Zealous Tutorials : why is everyone filming on potrait mode

Evan Vincent : I could listen to this guy all day. It's not just the speed, it's the feel. His feel is out if this world.

camilo castiblanco : Felicitaciones, me encanta ver tu humildad. Mucha gente dice "sólo toca rapido' pero no tienen la cabeza para entender lo que haces , pensar pasajes tan limpios a esa velocidad es de admirar. Sigue desarrollando tus pasajes líricos y sonido, para que no suenes siempre igual. Humilde consejo.

Jose Prieto : Probably the best Colombian jazz piano player of his generation...

Simon Mitchell : Did he just play Paradise Lost!! Omg! And then Mario?! GTFOH!!

Jed Taneo : 32 jealous people who can only play calculator.

Wesley Wagnac : Simply awesome! Just like the t-shirt says, “All the glory to God forever.”

Bashanvibe : I love this guy. And it's refreshing to hear Nord Lead Stage to it's max using full chords.

Toney Rod : Art Tatum lives again

James Hitt : Incredible. Love that trad-jazz/rag element to his style. (And is it just me, or did I hear a Mario World tune in that second track??)

bob green : Man! Between this guy and Hiromi, there are officially no notes left to be played.....ever

Snuggie The Goblin : Wow!!! This is some high brain function- next level stuff!!!

horowizard : This guy is channeling Art Tatum.

Mario Casasola : Hermano, eres un testimonio de que a Dios le gusta la música porque te creó a ti!

StarDust : he basically plays close to how i fapp.


NaturesChild : Too much for my brain to handle. I'd get a head ache listening to too much of this.

Andrew Miracle : I love me some Cory and Jacob, but Molina has really squashed the grand acoustic piano.. It makes me think about the Nord Hammer action though, but still now I need to go work on my left hands

E.V. Jr. : Todas as notas são percebidas com extrema nitidez, não importa a velocidade com que são executadas. Técnica impressionante. Dom incrível!!!

John & Gretchen Richardson : Another cup of coffee please.

Nate Ortega : 5:25 what song is that? I recognize it...

Mirco Tinacci : Oscar Peterson?

Luke Anderson : Wonderful dexterity, and love the fun he's having. However, I'm sure he'd agree, he owes most of what he is doing here to the great Oscar Peterson. :)


danielormuz : Este músico sincelejano es grande porque desde niño siempre ha dicho que su talento se lo debe a Dios... Ese es el secreto de su arte.

swiffty1 : That face at 4:48 (guy with the iPhone Recording) when you realize you just heard some FILTH!!!

Lejeff Barker : Absolument génial ! Merci !!! Comment ne penser à Peterson.... Il suffit de fermer les yeux pour le voir apparaître.

mfabbo : I laughed when he played the Arturo Sandoval lick from night in Tunisia. Not to mention just everything else he threw in there! It’s crazy that this level of improvisation exists! It’s like he’s just skipping a whole process and exactly what he thinks up of in his mind just comes out perfectly as you would want into to and it’s so satisfying!

Cyb3rAssassine : 2:48 the guy on the right "hello darkness my old friend"

Michael Tsung : " Hold my beer..... " : )

Simon Mitchell : Omg...What a BASTARD!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRDDD!! My confidence is completely smashed to shit after hearing this :(

Herbert Hutterer : you can certainly be impressed by his technique. But is this all music is about? Personally I rather listen to musicians like Cory Henry or Mats Öberg and many others where the virtuoso technique doesn't end it itself.

David McRae : Does anyone know what passage is played at 2:19?


Jay the Student : Very masterful., loved the Snes Mario reference

Warren Roberts : anyone know the name of the ballad he's playing at 5:25?! Id like to learn that for myself.

DringBR : I thought this guy was just an excellent Latin jazz player but now I see he can do everything. Staggering versatility. I wonder where he studied.

Guillermo Cabrera : playing Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson in Tea for Two and again Art Tatum in Yesterdays, he's got the best technique and playing.. have to see what has he to bring by himself. He could be the best pianist in history

1minutesongsr : He looks humble, and he is also amazing

DeltaRazero : Skilled, but speed is not everything. Quick tempos does not make something a delight to listen all the time

Mario Candanosa : Amazing.... Nord and Jesús.

Tutos Bass : Y hay mucho talento parecido al de jesus molina en colombia!!! Aunque sin lugar a duda este paisano colombiano es un prodigio!

Funbia_dude : El Majin Bu del piano!

ave ibilis : Nice Oscar jesus

Andy : Nords are pretty well known for dropping notes at moderate polyphony, i'm surprised we didn't hear more of it here

Ronie Araujo : Cara vc e top demais

Ítalo Souza : Nossa! Esse cara toca demais!!

Aarón Gordonas : 0:37 Tea for Two

pattor77 : playing the piano seems to be soo easy!