How to triple your memory by using this trick | Ricardo Lieuw On | TEDxHaarlem

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JeremyShaferOrigami : But walking us through that story took a LOT longer than 30 seconds!

Rippertear : "I want you to think of someone you know called John..." I think of John Cena... "I want you to see him..."

Make India great again : I know this method but it's not worked with a bunch of books.

Picasso VVIX : beard object jacket lightbulb bulbasaur squirtle charmander spiderman pikachu onion - i was so off

Sushila Mhetre : How many of you are scrolling down to check whether it works or not 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jacques Nicolay : So.... how does this help me memorize a thermodynamics problem -,-

sanel hodzic : My memory has tripled... 0*3= 0. 🗿

Jenna Urry : it took me 4 minutes to realize the title said "memory" not "Money" smh

M Reuter : How to memorize stuff easier for real: Long passages or phrases: type it out and read through it, then change the font and read through it again, then go through and change the font color of the end of some words to white. ex: the word "memorize" would look like "m " then try reading through it again, maybe change the font again or font size, keep getting rid of the end of words until you have almost the entire passage changed to blank space and word beginnings. This helps you memorize the words and phrases themselves and changing fonts helps you to remember words in relation to the sentence and not the location on the page, our brains like to take shortcuts wherever possible. Object pairings (ex how to know which name matches up to different groupings): for this you will need to memorize truly at least one or two things. When trying to remember object pairings, try to remember relationships of one thing to another. Think about the words themselves if all else fails. Are the words in alphabetical order when they appear in the right order? Reverse alphabetical order? Do the word sizes go from big to small, or vise versa? Does the series of things follow a pattern? Maybe the mneumonic just happens to follow the same first letters as your friend-group, the relationship doesn't have to be a typical one. Take the word "parallel", for example, the two L's make parallel lines. Your mind is always looking for the relationships between things, if you provide it even subtle ones, it is more likely to remember them. Random other things: Making stories does help occasionally, but so does songs, visualizing things, drawing things out (maybe you're learning about Einstein's theory of relativity and you draw a cone that goes over a dog's head to help you remember the shape of mass in the space-time continuum, it doesn't always have to directly relate), picturing things on different parts of your body so you remember it when you look at that part of yourself, prolonged occasional exposure, linking memories or locations with what you wish to remember, thinking of it abstractly and relating it to real life (maybe you just measured something at 6 3/4 inches and you need to remember that for your project you're working on, imagine what you'll be doing in 6 3/4 hours or what you'd buy with $6 3/4 and you'll remember the object or thing you'd be doing far better than the numbers). There are lots of small things that your brain can cling to and make up far easier than a complicated story, and your needs vary per occasion so your memorizing tactics probably will too. I hope this helps! I've personally found it easier than the one-size-fits-all storytelling tactic that we're often taught. <3

LunaTic : I remember I was sitting with 2 other girls in a library. We had an exam the next period. Studying in silence individually was boring. So I thought it would be cool to gossip of what we knew already about the exam to eachother. So we gossiped and learned as much as we could. It was silly but fun. We all passed the exam. Try it some time.

Moses A : Funny comments. It's about memorizing which is a small subset of studying. Memorizing does not replace understanding.

Kavita Iyer : Everytime there is a make your memory better is they give a 10 word test and then they tell you to make a song or a story outta it. Yeah right how are you gonna teach me do calculus, mechanics and physics plus jurisprudence and contract law completely and then we'll talk smh.

Iry-Hor : This strategy is impressive to people who hear this mnemotechnic solution for the first time, but in most learning situations the brain doesn't work this way easily enough to make up stories and remember all of them. It's a pretty good idea to use it once in a blue moon, but not on a daily basis.

PlanesTrains Automobiles : I have a photographic memory which is a gift and a curse. Unfortunately, I can't turn it on and off. Anything I lay my eyes on is instantly etched into my brain. I also memorize most of what I hear. My frds think it's cool, but they don't realize how much random info that's stored in my brain. I wish I cld forget/delete all of the useless info I don't need.

Talha Hassan : 9/10 i imagined a guy with beard holding a object, he is wearing a jacket . He has a secret , he is on the edge of giving it away nothing happened today (date). Suddenly someone punches him and he can't breath properly (gas) try this

Jawad Khan : i discovered this method when i was in 8th grade; i was expecting something new and different.

Jarrod Stowe : Let me appeal to deep thinkers: 1. The question: What is ---> the fastest way of learning. A. Answer: The fastest way to learn, is to learn how to learn. 2. What is learning? A. Learning=input. B. Input must be retained, input = memory. C. What drives memory? 3. Memory A. Retained knowledge depends on meaning, motive, and drive. B. Meaning, motive, and drive decides what knowledge is retained, therefore.... 4. Learning is personal and dependent upon: A. What you want to know B. Why you want to know it C. What you have to gain or lose 5. Archetypical principles: A. This video is about memory tricks, but the usefulness is limited. We learn that which we seek, and we seek what matters the most. Therefore, motive is principal in can't be conjured through mental gymnastics, it's internal. An insatiable curiosity to understand gives meaning, insofar as the discovery serves a personal purpose. Period. Without motive, learning is artificial, stagnant. 6. Failed learning. A. Failure to learn is indicative of inadequate passion/motivation. 7. Solution: A. Motive/passion ---> subject matter ---> memory --> learning ---> proficiency ---> career.

Secret Starch : Can anyone hear that robotic voice ??

Folfoly - فولفولي : All I have remebred was 3 words hh

Theodore Vegh : Toe with a beard, noah yelling I object!, ma wearing a leather jacket, row of secret service agents, law on edge of a cliff, chow bowl is empty, cow hide with calendar date, foe with band-aid on nose, boy drinking punch and ties in a gas tank! Simple! I got 100%! -Ted A. Vegh

° : I was going to comment but then forgot what I was going to say...

McArthur Adal : 2:33 "i heard a lot of grunting and MOANING... i hope I didn't STRETCH you out" hahahaha

Jont Noneya : Too many additional images - "What happened with your shoulders?" I answered, "Weight was lifted" when the answer was "You paid your bills". This is the problem with this technique. Images can get distorted and rearranged just as much as any facts.

enquiry enquiry : ricardo you have a BEAUTIFUL SOUL, thank you for this video-Q)How can you get corrupt lawfirms/government staff to learn from their mistakes, and not to repeat them at the expense of victims like me?

Dance Ent : Thought the title said “how to triple your MONEY” hahah. Wasn’t disappointed though, this was very interesting

Sirijan Thakur : How to tripple your memory Current memory multiplied by 3, i.e. 0*3 = 0 Congratulations!! ._.

Tina M : I got the president connection, but could never remember the order of the presidents using only the story he said.

MB Travel : Wow I actually learned this from my teacher mr Davis word association it does work.

M S : this works only with word order memorization which means that it's not applicable in real world. in other words, this is nothing more than a cool little trick to impress your friends at a party.

Jeniel Uchiha : Ok that trick was really amazing but can someone explain what the 3 skills are used for again?

AARIF KHAN : Any one here On his exam's tym.

Theodore Vegh : "The Memory Book" by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas

blondwiththewind : I've seen this method before.....but it's just too random and not meaningful to be useful for me in the long-term. Also: lists are not all I would need to are what I need to recall.

bymlyc : Damn. Read this as "How to triple your money by using this trick".

Nyah Ewan : I memorized all the words in the correct order like this: a BEARD is an OBJECT on your face. It’s like a JACKET on your face cause it keeps it warm. A SECRET is kept on EDGE. After the edge there is NOTHING. We’re going on a DATE to listen to a BAND and we drank PUNCH. After the date we stopped for GAS.

R_078b : Pfff kaolo gaar maat kut engels

Max DiBiagio : OMG, the story is too long and boring, I lost it after few sec.. I change channel after few min.. :( I guess my attention span is not great, maybe I should start from a video about improving attention span..

jhcfight : In my view that is what schools are supposed to do. Not specifically learning facts, but figuring out what's working best for you how to learn. For instance, I remember saying aloud multiplication tables in primary school. That's forcing a method without taking you into account. When my father learned me mnemonics to learn those because I was struggling with it, he was even corrected by the school for doing that. But as a result I understood the deeper concept of multiplication instead of learning 100 standard answers by head at that young age.

Sup4c4t _ : Didn’t work I want a refund

Dawit Arefaine : I was listening to music and past out and woke up to this playing on my phone lol

Achisachis73 : I thought he was going to demonstrate the better method with the same words. Thumbs down I give.

ASH TaG : i thought it was a computer memory trippler

Bk Ranjan : Heyy i got 9 correct that too in proper order...but yeah i could not retain***secret***

Tony Anytime : if your trying to remember a subject better to understand the subject than learning random thoughts just to remember terms.

Dragon Feu : This is definitely the dude that makes my dreams...

Gram T : one thing i dont like about this, not questioning it's effectiveness, is that they the story is constructed with too many details. in practice, that takes time and the more details to remember, the more each detail becomes fuzzy. second of all, the audience didn't really recall the answers completely on their own. they were guided. "what were your knees replaced with?" also the first list are not related to each other as much as the second list is. the second one lists a category of body parts. what's the first one anyway? what would convince me is if these memory gurus start letting their audiences challenge them

SkilzGamerz : Salute to everyone that has to learn for exams and watches this because you began late with learning


Sean Karl : Does anyone get the impression that there is nothing REALLY new in most TEDx talks. I personally would feel rather embarrassed talking to a bunch of adults about something that probably even goes back to the ancient Greeks, and trying to pass if off as though I had made some contribution to it. All presentation and no content - call me old-fashioned.

Dave Mustaine : Best method to memorize is to understand, you can make 20,30 or at most 100 stories like this but nothing after that, understanding concepts makes learning easier and fun and that too goes in long term memory which is retained lifelong!