How to triple your memory by using this trick | Ricardo Lieuw On | TEDxHaarlem

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Rippertear : "I want you to think of someone you know called John..." I think of John Cena... "I want you to see him..."

JeremyShaferOrigami : But walking us through that story took a LOT longer than 30 seconds!

Sirijan Thakur : How to tripple your memory Current memory multiplied by 3, i.e. 0*3 = 0 Congratulations!! ._.

R0I3I3IE : I was going to comment but then forgot what I was going to say...

naughty America : I know this method but it's not worked with a bunch of books.

Picasso VVIX : beard object jacket lightbulb bulbasaur squirtle charmander spiderman pikachu onion - i was so off

Nyah Ewan : I memorized all the words in the correct order like this: a BEARD is an OBJECT on your face. It’s like a JACKET on your face cause it keeps it warm. A SECRET is kept on EDGE. After the edge there is NOTHING. We’re going on a DATE to listen to a BAND and we drank PUNCH. After the date we stopped for GAS.

Dawit Arefaine : I was listening to music and past out and woke up to this playing on my phone lol

Jacques Nicolay : So.... how does this help me memorize a thermodynamics problem -,-

sanel hodzic : My memory has tripled... 0*3= 0. 🗿

Luna-Tic : I remember I was sitting with 2 other girls in a library. We had an exam the next period. Studying in silence individually was boring. So I thought it would be cool to gossip of what we knew already about the exam to eachother. So we gossiped and learned as much as we could. It was silly but fun. We all passed the exam. Try it some time.

Yahu Yahu : It's easy if we have to memorize to learn tons of we have so much time to make stories?

Reg Staples : Hey all; I learned this when I was in college back in the early '90s. It absolutely works and, believe it or not, the more you use it, the faster you can memorize. Your brain will remember 10x more than you think IF you use the correct technique. I went from flunking a Sr. level class to 94% in one semester. I used it at the beginning of this video and got all my words right lol. I once impressed a table of 20 people by naming them all at the end of the event. Creativity and imagination are the keys. Research this more and have fun.

Eclectic Reader : This technique will not help master the expectation of five chapters worth of lecture material for an examination. That's where life has no shortcuts. Study hard, do your best to retain the information, and remain optimistic when the scan sheets are beginning to be passed out by your instructor.

Beaches south of L.A. : I found this guy's speaking dynamic to be painfully bland. It was difficult to pay attention because he never gets to any point.

Syed Sym : I successfully memorized the last 10 presidents name.. And I am an Indian. Awesome

Jes Kvell : me after listening: doing new things because i'm inspired *3 days later* lying in bed watching silly youtube videos

Kate Si : I'm sure this works well for things that are just regurgitation of a glossary. I'd love to see someone talk about successfully using methods like this to memorize say, math theorems, or physics concepts, or something that doesn't have words that neatly fit into normal visual language because the concepts are very abstract and word association is probably less useful.

r mia : triple 0 is still 0 (great talk, really enjoyed it!)

Malte Christensen : I memorised the 10 words in the first go like this: In my BEARD I find a strange OBJECT. The object was a JACKET. In the jacket's pocket was a SECRET paper. Its EDGE pointed to a wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe was NOTHING except a DATE hanging from a BAND. After I PUNCH the band some GAS escapes.

McArthur Adal : 2:33 "i heard a lot of grunting and MOANING... i hope I didn't STRETCH you out" hahahaha

abmaximus : This strategy is impressive to people who hear this mnemotechnic solution for the first time, but in most learning situations the brain doesn't work this way easily enough to make up stories and remember all of them. It's a pretty good idea to use it once in a blue moon, but not on a daily basis.

tehran pajohesh : Our life wil be like this👇👇👇👇 Surrogates (2009) PG-13   |  89 min   |  Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller  Set in a futuristic world where humans live in isolation and interact through surrogate robots, a cop is forced to leave his home for the first time in years in order to investigate the murders of others' surrogates.

Redicent : I fell asleep for 1 hour and a half while doing I'm too tired

jhcfight : In my view that is what schools are supposed to do. Not specifically learning facts, but figuring out what's working best for you how to learn. For instance, I remember saying aloud multiplication tables in primary school. That's forcing a method without taking you into account. When my father learned me mnemonics to learn those because I was struggling with it, he was even corrected by the school for doing that. But as a result I understood the deeper concept of multiplication instead of learning 100 standard answers by head at that young age.

frank maldari : What if you forget the story line?

Dii Sp8s : I have a photographic memory which is a gift and a curse. Unfortunately, I can't turn it on and off. Anything I lay my eyes on is instantly etched into my brain. I also memorize most of what I hear. My frds think it's cool, but they don't realize how much random info that's stored in my brain. I wish I cld forget/delete all of the useless info I don't need.

Moses A : Funny comments. It's about memorizing which is a small subset of studying. Memorizing does not replace understanding.

truth speaker : Have been using same method since childhood without anyone's guidance

Blackand 102 : But I can't see john cena.....

Jawad Khan : i discovered this method when i was in 8th grade; i was expecting something new and different.

Talha Hassan : 9/10 i imagined a guy with beard holding a object, he is wearing a jacket . He has a secret , he is on the edge of giving it away nothing happened today (date). Suddenly someone punches him and he can't breath properly (gas) try this

Ricky Eardley : one = gun = think of shooting BEARDS out of a gun two = shoe = a judge uses a shoe as a gavel after a lawyer OBJECTs in court three = tree = you wear a tree as a JACKET! four = door = you open a door to find someones dark SECRET five = hive = Think of a weird shaped hive that is square and has EDGEs six = tricks = a magician puts a rabbit in a hat then shows you the hat and NOTHING is there! seven = heaven = you die and go to heaven and have the greatest DATE of your life with your dream girl eight = gate = You open a large golden gate and on the other side your favorite BAND is on stage nine = wine = you drink a bunch of wine and then go and PUNCH a waiter in the face ten = pen = you go to the GAS station and stab a hole in your gas tank with a pen to fill it up Memorize the rhyming associations for numbers 1 to 10 and then you create a story that centers around the rhyming object (gun, shoe, tree etc...) the crazier the short story the easier it is to remember. The rhyming association words stay the same for every list you make and you can even expand and memorize 1-20 or higher. i.e. 11 i think of a story around snake eyes (11) 12 a story around a clock 13 taylor swift 14 valentines day 15 julius caesar 16 drivers licence and so on. Just remember a base list of things to associate with the numbers 1-20 and you can memorize any list of 20 random objects with stories in roughly 3-5 minutes. If you would like to learn more it is called the Peg System and it is amazing for learning to memorize as it takes very little effort to learn (maybe 20 minutes) and will stick with you forever.

Deshmukh Ganesh : video is nice, content is best. can you tell me how can I remember code and computer programs(I request, please don't give answers as practice and other regular ones :P)

Dark Knight : i think this technique helps only to memorise a bunch of random words. I doubt if a poem or some songs or a whole book can be memorised this way. And certainly one can NOT memorise Vedas this way. I'm 100% sure of it

Emme The Fangirl : I really enjoyed imagining a sweet third grader throwing the sun on my feet. Lol

Kim Nguyen : lmao who else got perfect on the test at the beginning on the first try??? honestly I'm used to remembering random things because it's like studying for a bio test hahahah

Andre Santos : I'm using this for learning hiragana and katakana

erock33 : Most small children can memorize and most students can do that relatively easy with repetition. What they can't do and struggle with mightily, is the application of information once they have it memorized. Application of knowledge is much more useful than memorization. He used application in demonstrating a better way to achieve a low level cognitive ability. Unclear on how helpful that would be in the real world. Great for carnivals and side shows though.

Dragon Feu : This is definitely the dude that makes my dreams...

Darth Dogoz : I think i have so much bizzar images in my head... It starts getting mixed up... .. Sometimes i get wilberforce mixed up with shakespare 💀

Pragya Bharti : Great idea... Learning,experimenting,believing ,aquiring and getting better at anything... It's so positive and exciting. Thanku so much:)

FitMixMotivation : But you prompted their memory by saying “what happened here” and “remember your neck had ?” Furthermore you took way longer than 30 seconds for memorizing it which is all the time you gave us on our own.

Jean-François Pigeolet : Great presentation ! Thank you ! :)

Zoonofski : Has anyone been able to find the company that he works for?

enquiry enquiry : ricardo you have a BEAUTIFUL SOUL, thank you for this video-Q)How can you get corrupt lawfirms/government staff to learn from their mistakes, and not to repeat them at the expense of victims like me?

Theodore Vegh : Toe with a beard, noah yelling I object!, ma wearing a leather jacket, row of secret service agents, law on edge of a cliff, chow bowl is empty, cow hide with calendar date, foe with band-aid on nose, boy drinking punch and ties in a gas tank! Simple! I got 100%! -Ted A. Vegh

MB Travel : Wow I actually learned this from my teacher mr Davis word association it does work.

Naholo Jibe : this works only with word order memorization which means that it's not applicable in real world. in other words, this is nothing more than a cool little trick to impress your friends at a party.

Michelle Schultze : first try beard object jacket secret edge nothing date band _ goes