Heath Ledger Wins Supporting Actor: 2009 Oscars

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Eduardo Verastica : If Heath were alive to receive his Oscar, he would have a smile on his face.

Catastrophe Cause : The Joker Died With Heath, No matter who takes on that role again, it will never be the same for me

Amparo Narbona : 10 years after his death. RIP

🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 : The best joker

TheRetroGamest : Back when Oscar winners actually deserved it

Rohitansh Sharma : One of the most deserving oscar of all time

Retro TJ : If Heath Ledger was still alive, Christopher Nolan would cast him in every movie! Rest In Peace Heath Ledger, we all will miss you!

Anirudh Singh : Heath was not in supporting role ... Batman was on supporting role ... One of the best actor ever !

Jostrich : Most deserved Oscar win there will ever be

Ashutosh : So basically Thanos, Iron Man, General Zod and Joker are competing for the Oscar.

ARTHUR FLECK : If you are good at something, never do it for free. *RIP JOKER* 😢

TecDax : Some people might say "Oh, he just won cause he died" but no, he deserved it.

prathamesh patil : Damn!!,the joker have beaten iron man,thanos and general zod.

Mynameisawars : God bless Heath's soul. There won't be another badass movie villain like Heath's Joker.

Victor Ramirez : Even if he was alive he would have won the oscar aswell.

Galang eka sakti : R.I.P Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger. Two of them are great actors.

Kaushal Kishor : When people love Villain even more than Superhero! #HeathForever

Edward Cortez : The Joker, Iron Man, and General Zod were all nominated for the same award.

9gag Videos : 648 dislikes? And I thought my jokes were bad.

Cykablyat10 : 10 years ago today (January 22) he passed away

JiZz2Xtreme : Heath didn't even get to see his own performance.. nor how much people loved it..

Brennan Bowyer : He had more potential than any actor I’ve ever seen. He could’ve been one of the greatest if not THE greatest of all time. It is an absolute shame that he died before his potential could be realized. RIP and thank you for the greatest performance of any actor ever.

GenerationZ : The Time When The Joker Defeated Thanos, Iron Man and General Zod!

DIVYANSHU GOEL : If You're Good at something, never do it for free, and he got an Oscar for it!!

Andre Montoya : Seeing Phillip Seymour Hoffman and remembering he is dead too 😔😔

MoeBDig : The most beautiful thing is: He didnt just get it because he died, but for his outstanding acting performance! He will be missed!

Marles Chanson : I have watched Heath Ledger in a lot of movies. I won't lie, I was not a big fan of most of his interpretations, never liked him as an actor that much. When I watched the Dark Knight for the first time, I didn't understand who Joker was, I didn't "see" beneath the clown painting. I just watched,awestruck, the most phenomenal and (in my opinion) most accurate interpretation of Joker of all time. I've got goosebumps in every scene he was a part of. When I saw his name on the credits I didn't believe that, I got to actually look it up myself to be convinced. I just wanna thank the guy, for making me experience those intense emotions. You will be missed... #RIP

James Burgess : As much as we like to think if a comic book movie is executed perfectly, it can sweep Oscars, we can not forget the character performance of Heath Ledger that made it legendary.

ABBY sHEK : I actually cried 😢 *No one can replace you as JOKER* *RIP HEATH*

Ryan Oseguera : 10 years later and it still saddens me that he's gone. RIP you wonderful Joker

Jeet Chatterjee : Its been 10 years since the Demise of this Legend.......

Immortal Emperor Without an Epic Beard : RIP Heath Ledger You will always be the best Joker! Press F to pay respect!

Rose and Rise : probably one of the most deserving wins of all time....

Daniella Shankle : Crying.

D10S : R.I.P Heath :'( Best joker that ever lived.

IL B : "Well done" said by Christofer Walken can be really best praise ever

Manthan Tarafdar : 1.1k gcpd police officers disliked this video

ItsTimeIDisappear09 : RIP Heath Ledger and Philip Seymour Hoffman

Juan S : You've changed things... forever

Shilpi Sharma : He deserved Oscar ! Don't know why some people saying he was dead that's why got Academy ! I mean just look at him 😫 Heath I miss you so much ❤️ #LovefromIndia

Omar : Imagine if he was still alive, he'd be making so much money.

Juan Correa : Heath Ledger’s Joker was the only antagonist in any movie that made the protagonist/hero look very week. In fact, Joker won against the Batman. He broke the White Knight of Gotham, and broke Batman as well.

ALFA WOLF : 7:37 look someone's crying....one of the most deserved oscar ever alongside Leo.

CrazyComic Guy : Heath Ledger was such a great actor at a very young age, and he is still a great actor to this very day. Why do all the good people die too soon

bigfriki : He wouldda won it regardless of dead or not. He was that good in that role.

N Holt : Why am I watching all of these acceptance speeches?

Esotaric08 : back when oscars was good

Sagar Mathers : I come here every now and then...RIP Heath

Chris Bradley : no one can top ledgers joker... and im not saying this because hes no longer with us... he did it the best. Its really hard to top jack nicholson but heath did it... as for jared listen... i dont hate the guy but dont even compare his joker to heaths... its an insult. Ledgers performance as the joker imo puts him in the realm of de niro, di caprio, nicholson, pacino etc... i believe he did a better job than any of those would have done had they been cast... some say tht its an honor to play superman, batman, spiderman, the joker etc and yes it is a huge honor... and most actors think themselves lucky to land such roles... but in this case.. the character of the joker was lucky to have such an awesome actor bring him to life. RIP bro i wont forget u

Taha's Wrath : Heath Ledger's Joker was literally the best one 👌👌