Heath Ledger Wins Supporting Actor: 2009 Oscars

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James Burgess : As much as we like to think if a comic book movie is executed perfectly, it can sweep Oscars, we can not forget the character performance of Heath Ledger that made it legendary.

Amparo Narbona : 10 years after his death. RIP

🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 : The best joker

Erik Nordin : 10 years ago today (January 22) he passed away

Catastrophe Cause : The Joker Died With Heath, No matter who takes on that role again, it will never be the same for me

Matt Prado : The real tragedy here is that Heath Ledger didn't get to enjoy the success of winning an oscar

Retro TJ : If Heath Ledger was still alive, Christopher Nolan would cast him in every movie! Rest In Peace Heath Ledger, we all will miss you!

Victor Ramirez : Even if he was alive he would have won the oscar aswell.

Hernan Cine : I remember when I saw the movie as a kid, and I actually never saw a supporting performance that good, this guy nailed it

Mynameisawars : God bless Heath's soul. There won't be another badass movie villain like Heath's Joker.

steven alvarez : Had Heath still been alive, either A. People would run to him and ask him to do Joker's voice. B. He would have kept getting asked to play similar characters to his Joker. C. Like Daniel Day Lewis, Heath would barley be appearing in films as he would have challeged himself to finding more different roles.

Rohitansh Sharma : One of the most deserving oscar of all time

ahepperl : He earned this win. Beyond a doubt, he would have won if he was alive this day.

keny chauhan : The Greatest Actor ever . what a performances in The Dark Knight , Brokeback Mountain , Candy , Monsters Ball , 10 Things i Hate About You and in The Patriot . Heath as a Human Being and As an actor way ahead of his time . and still can't believe at just age of 28 he pulled off the performance of The Joker . Michael caine called Heath Ledger's performance as the joker in the dark knight as the Greatest Acting Performance of all time in the History of world Cinema and Matt Damon called him that He is the best actor he has ever work with .

Edward Cortez : The Joker, Iron Man, and General Zod were all nominated for the same award.

MESSAGE ANONYMOUS : Both phillip and heath, what is has gone wrong?

DIVYANSHU GOEL : If You're Good at something, never do it for free, and he got an Oscar for it!!

Jeet Chatterjee : Its been 10 years since the Demise of this Legend.......

Destiel : i actually cried

lonewolftony : This movie > every Marvel movie combined.

Saul Castillo-Saenz : When Heath's family gives the speech, you can see everybody just wanting to cry. It may be difficult to watch, but it shows how Heath affected not just the movie industry, but everyone in it.

Patrick Maslen : The disrepect given by 723 haters is phenomial

Bdot : He had more potential than any actor I’ve ever seen. He could’ve been one of the greatest if not THE greatest of all time. It is an absolute shame that he died before his potential could be realized. RIP and thank you for the greatest performance of any actor ever.

Conner Cox : Rest In Peace my friend.

Ryan Oseguera : 10 years later and it still saddens me that he's gone. RIP you wonderful Joker

Galang eka sakti : R.I.P Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger. Two of them are great actors.

Daniella Shankle : Crying.

Bryan Torres : i kinda cried 😟

ऋत्विक दूबे : probably one of the most deserving wins of all time....

ALFA WOLF : 7:37 look someone's crying....one of the most deserved oscar ever alongside Leo.

bigfriki : He wouldda won it regardless of dead or not. He was that good in that role.

Horrorman : RIP Heath😢

Brandon López : 10 years of your death RIP Heath Ledger 😇👼 Why so serious ?? 😈👹

Katnissjul : It's been 7 years and this is still so hard to watch

IL B : "Well done" said by Christofer Walken can be really best praise ever

prathamesh patil : Damn!!,the joker have beaten iron man,thanos and general zod.

Mjönir Hammer Martelo Do Thor : Mito

mrblf652 : So sad that two of the nominees have died from drugs.

JapHomer Marquez : Joker beats Iron Man and Thanos

Ezoi : I don't know why am i doing this to me

Faheem Abbas : A well deserved win. The only comic book performance to be worthy of an oscar

Andre Montoya : Seeing Phillip Seymour Hoffman and remembering he is dead too 😔😔

Omar : Imagine if he was still alive, he'd be making so much money.

Rodrigo Aramayo : the best joker in the history

krizitoyness : OMG BRANGELINA! R.I.P AS WELL. XD

Alang Wangshu : No one can replace heath ledger as the Joker

Akash Verma : I was watching this clip on my phone ,in my shop and at moment two lady customers arrived and they asked me why are you crying?!

Eh Poe : I’m sad he didn’t get the chance to accept the Oscar by himself 😢😢😢😢😢😢

KamKam : Such a great talent. Who knows what other great roles he would take if he was still alive.

The Supreme Dragon : If there is one Joker that will not be forgotten, it is Heath Ledger. I can bet money on that. He will live on. #thebestjoker