Redesigned Banksy Frame

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3D printed frame, acrylic paint on canvas and a fresh Franklin. 3d print files are a WORK IN PROGRESS AND ARE UNTESTED:


Sistemas Qualis IngenierĂ­a : wow!!! that's super cool!! hahaha and that was quick!! xD

WAGfilms : Fantastic! Looks like it can spit out non-shredded Benjamins, too!

The Practical Engineer : How cool! so it doesn't actually shred it right? its the illusion.

Joseph Charles Colin - The NEW FACE of Art : cools sell a million of them

bornach : But can the batteries last for over a decade?

Life is Amazing : ha ha, this is everywhere now. also how did you do that? lol

Lord Manley : This is a thing of great beauty. Is it for sale?

aampudia8 : would you share the files to 3d print the frame and print the image?? (i'm the same guy as "Sistemas Qualis IngenierĂ­a")

OhaaG : Lel

Jacqueline Johnson : I have the STL, but where did you get your mini art for this?

Colin Peach : How does it work?