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Fun Particle : This clip doesn't have the Views it deserves. I fucking love this!

G Denham : Fuck yeah! Oh i had forgotten how fucking funny this was! LOL!

Tiztu : Hot damn, this is glorious!

TED_MAUL : are you still in touch with Theo?

TheMrZombified : Masterpieace But, I have one caveat though.It needs fog.Fog would make it truly spectacular.


G Denham : I love the disappearing pisstaker in the background at about 1:35! I think Theo is the third Milliband brother!

Paul Bennett : speechless

Pascal Polanski : nice

nickmorss : if only i really knew... it came from a freind of mine i used to work with. I love the mac flurrey screen saver and just cant understand how his neck deosnt snap off with all the swinging... so gay exactlly.

Blob Punk : that is aweeesome!