Was Elastigirl NATURALLY Thick? (An Analysis)

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Matt G (oPryzeLP) : Dude... The smoking gun is when she was falling from the plane unconscious.

Rooman : You know...it was probably ridiculously easy for elasta girl to give birth


Adolf Hitler : *_I see you're a man of culture as well_*

OppaiSensei 69 : 1950:There will be flying cars in the future 2018:

Dav : This is what my life has come to.

vampirecutie :3 : Me: Has lots of homeworks and responsibilities Me 3am: Is elastigirl naturally thick?

Jerry the mouse : When pornhub is down ...

keagan Minogue : how do I delete someone else's video?

mand : *the ass remains phat*

xico Garcia da Silva : damn boy she thicc

Spectator 72 : Wait, this is an actual legitimate review and not a meme? Excuse me while I go into the other room and laugh the last living breath out of me.

Meme Insider : Thank you for proving this point. Top notch analysis.

skeletony4 : Why does this exist

Sprunk Soda : People from 1980: I bet we will have flying cars in 2018. Now: Is Elastagirl naturally thicc?

djhutchison : What you're saying about body types at the beginning of the video isn't entirely correct. Yes, those were the vogue body type for women at the time, but the body type Elastigirl is rocking in the film was actually pretty common for a cartoon mom of the time.

The being destroyer of worlds : My mom was the first to say she was sexy... 😩😩

Help me get to 100 subs without any vids : *We stray further from god everyday*

dizzyh3art is epic : Everyone knows you made this video just to cover up your search history.

Dobokdude : Wow someone ACTUALLY made a viral theory video about ''the ass'', lmao now I've seen everything

Stag : She thicc naturally bc her stretch powers are exactly that, stretching. She can’t expand or contract her mass to make herself thicker because her powers don’t work that way. She stretches and, like all stretchy things, becomes thinner as she does so. Think of the boat and parachute, she becomes wider but at the price of becoming thin, same with her stretching through the doors where she continues to thin out until she can’t keep stretching. If she were to stretch herself constantly to become thicc she would have to sacrifice either hip width or booty size because in her stretchy powers the two could not exist simultaneously. She would either have a phat ass and thin hips or wide hips and a flatter ass. Case closed.

Hacker Joe : she is not thicc , she is *EXTRA THICC*

Azeputos : the peak of humanity


Johnna Higdon : Shes just giving Jack Jack a bath... *W h Y h E r H i P s N o T L y I i N*

The Rockstar Gamer : 1950: In 2018 we’ll have flying cars and find a cure to cancer 2018:

Artsy Fartsy : I love how there are these usually deep analysis like idk "Was Screenslaver really a villain?" and stuff like that and then there's this.

GoodBoi : This is why God created us

Newt Scamander : She *protecc* She *atacc* But most importantly She is *thicc*

MultiSpoilers : I swear to god she's thicker in the second movie

MyHardyhar : 0:26 is.. is that what i think it is

Josh Brown : This👏is👏what👏science👏was👏made👏for👏

kaliskonig : "We as a society have grown up and realized..." Yeah took white people long enough. lmao jk

Alex Meggoe : well the internet has run out of things talk about

Scrambled 59 : You spelt thicc wrong.

ɖơƖƖ : T H E A S S R E M A I N S F A T

WhodaMama YT : *FBI wants to know your location.*

Calvin Nicholls : Why do people care so much?

Audrey the Unicorn : why is this a thing?

OShaughnessy ROF : I guess we all really did have that CD with the cover

Drew Wagner : First time I heard ElasticGirl is too thicc

* Astra * : Humanity, you make me suffer

J. The Perverted Summoner : Fantasthicc analysis

iman sayuti : Got hard on the entire vid


YoutuberBovlix : In 2004: No ones is complaining about her thickness, 2018: Shes SO THICC.

Joseph Nnaji : Look, all you illiterates! Its quite as simple as this. Rubber, of such stucture, with elasticity, only allows for elongation or THINNING to spread-out, or become, ya-know, LONGER. The elasticity is in the sense that she can always regain her original structure after said stretch. She doesnt have the ability to THICKEN. Period! Lol. Get a hold of an elementary physics textbook; will you!?

Niall Hardowar : Helen's melons made me laugh more than I should have

BroBear : s o d a m n t h i c c a n d f a t

Tom Ryan : eeeee xxxxx tttttttt rrrrrrrr aaaaa tttttttt hhhhh iiiiiiiiiii ccccc ccccc