If You're Interested in Supernatural Horror, I Highly Recommend These 8 Movies

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HyperDrive : Other Supernatural horror I would recommend: The shinning, the conjuring, the cabin in the woods, the other and sleepy Hollow! Let me know what's your fav!

Jw Nj : I would also add The Changeling & The Exorcist 3.

selenium : My favorite movies!!

Senior Woodz : It Follows doesn't seem to get the credit it deserves, it's such a tense movie. I'll have to give The VVitch another view as I didn't care much for it the first time around.

GyppZ : Here you have a few more recommendations, The Changeling (1980), Jacob's Ladder (1990) , Gerald's Game (2017), Crimson Peak is not that great but I find it to be very interesting to watch. Also Civil Wars and The Kingsman 2 are super scary. How can they have so many good reviews and yet be so ridiculously bad in so many aspects? terrifying. The Witch is my favorite from this list.

Ryan Benson : I love the Frighteners! I’m always surprised more people haven’t seen it.

Chong Li : I solely watch your videos to learn about not so obvious movies Please don't put in popular films to keep people happy

SpaceMonkey033 : talking of atmospheric horror that doesn't rely on jump scares - the Skeleton Key is underrated

Kris Coene : I would've put in "The Entity" and "Rosemary's Baby"

Hemomancer : Hyper Drive has your video been demonitized? I can't get an ad to play.

Maylin Cardenas : Suspiria is so pretty!

Robin Block : So glad I discovered your channel! Great work.

Steven Crawford : Best thing about this channel is that it isn't just another top ten video list. It also chucks in movies i haven't even heard or have forgotten about giving me things to add to my to watch list that i haven't seen.

AGENT BLACK : Great choices. I wouldn't say Poltergeist was cheesy though, it's just 35 years old and of its time.

Jon T : I was really pleased by the appearance of the Frighteners on this list. With the assumption that classic zombies (not rage-virus zombies) are supernatural, I'd recommend Dod Sno (The scene where the old man describes the mountain's nazi-occupied past is perfectly creepy, and (spoiler alert) the later combat seems logical, starts out with the living combatants triumphantly winning the fight, and then turns horrific as the zombies overcome the living combatants.) I was deeply disturbed when I watched the first "Silent Hill" movie. (oddly, one of the few movies where Sean Bean doesn't die... er, I think.) I enjoyed Rec. I consider that a more supernatural horror, versus the US remake, Quarantine, which ascribed its rage zombies to a plague virus, while Rec ended up ascribing its zombies to a more supernatural, demonic "infection". Some runner-ups that don't quite count as a horror movie: Shaun of the Dead (really a comedy. Er, or rather, a rom-zom-com) Big Trouble In Little China (if you squint during certain scenes, Lo Pan and some of his minions can be spooky-lookin') Jason X (personal guilty pleasure of mine that really follows in the steps of "Aliens" by transitioning from horror into a rousing action adventure.) Spawn (The 90s movie is action, and the HBO cartoon is a set of three TV mini-series, not a movie) Land of the Dead (while the zombies are classic supernatural Romero ghouls, the real horror of this movie is in how horribly humans treat each other, which is of course, natural, not supernatural.) Final Destination (a stupid-teenagers-dying movie that transcends its subgenre, the element of "death" being the stalking killer could be argued to be a "natural" being, depending on your point-of-view.)

John Drayton : A really good list. Fans of this subgenre should really check out 'Lake Mungo'. Slow-burn but very creepy.

Oscar Cantor : Superb list!

Gnan Akash : Case 39, orphan the best super natural movies I have ever watched

Dyl C : The Orphanage is very good. Also, first!

Pinki Mietz : It follow's is boring af... :(

Atticus : Finally, some unobvious recommendations. It's been a while. Normally it feels like a top 10 IMDb list of a subgenre reading.

Blind Truth : Pretty good list overall but the quality of films you recommended varify greatly in quality as far as I am concerned. I personally could never recommend The Witch while despite being well shot and acted fails in two very important aspects, the first being not being scary in the slightest and the second being quite boring and failing to engage me in the slightest. Part of the issue could be that the film was totally overhyped so my expectations may have been set too high as I know others enjoyed it a lot. It follows while not a bad film in my opinion just seems to be out of place in a list containing genuine greats like The Omen and Susperia.

Philipp Bretz : Have you seen "the color out of space"? What do you think about it?

Itay Levin : Wow that's an amazing selection. I haven't seen them all but Suspiria and The Witch are amazing!

Ganja Alex : 43k subs? Oh come on !

Andrew Verdecchio : YES!!! Christine is soooo underrated. 👏👏👏 good list.

ivan wood : Great vid!

BennickGAdeus : Every time I hear someone mention Suspiria, my eyes roll out of my head. I found it insanely cheesy.

humano de mierda : Perhaps would enjoy Andrzej Zulawski's "Possession" (1981) with Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill

Dalle Smalhals : Rosemary's Baby = not horror?

Gene jordan : i don't believe tobe hooper ACTUALLY directed poltergeist. i've seen all of hooper's films & it screams of spielberg DIRECTION, not just production. hooper had drug issues at the time & there's a estimated 60-70% of the film that's spielberg-directed

Foebane72 : Are you going to cover Andy Muschietti's IT in the Horror Thriller video?

Ganjiblob Flankis : Serious question: are all proper horror films tragedies?

Desperate Mohammedan the World's Strongest Arab : The Director's Cut is definitively the way to go with the Frighteners, simply because to adds significant character development (including the famous scene with the unhinged FBI agent, I mean what were Universal thinking cutting that?) missing in the theatrical version.

Desperate Mohammedan the World's Strongest Arab : Shouldn't that be "(allegedly) Steve Spielberg's Poltergeist"?

Bijinius Cross : ..."The Frighteners" is a horror movie? Since when??

rex mundi : The frighteners is not horror.

Linards Hartmanis : Your taste sucks. Sorry, I'm being honest.

kirby march Barcena : I saw the Frighteners in the '90s which got me laughing and frightened in various scenes.I didn't even knew Peter Jackson directed that one until I found out in Youtube.