Let’s Make Something This Summer
Lets make something this summer

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Drin : Well I’m personally excited for the interpretive dance he has up his sleeve

Aaron Pearlmutter : "Hey Ferb! I know what we're gonna do today!"

Kairi Creates : Beginning of video: Yeah inspiration! Make stuff! End of video: Here's an existential reminder that you're dying!

Torinkip The Conqueror : *INCORRECT* There is 104 days of summer vacation, *ALTHOUGH* The annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it

Madeline Doherty : I’m trying to learn Latin this summer Wish me luck

Ryan Nicholls : In the southern hemisphere, I will continue my already commenced winter project of not freezing.

cyanmanta : Writing my first homebrew D&D campaign. Hopefully I'll get to playtest it before the end of the year.

Crick1952 : Alright, I'm in I've been wanting to make a Pokemon fan-game set in the Wild West for a while now. I've started some of the planning but never had it as a priority. Wish me luck!

Self-conscious mess : This summer I’m gonna make myself really tired from staying up late every night

Madeline Zanon : I'm in Australia, it's winter, but I'm still motivated as hell my dude

UnderTheSkin13 : Austin: "Hey guys, it's summer!" Southern Hemisphere: "Nah, bruh."

AwsomeNess Studios : Thank you for giving me this. Hearing this is really starting to motivate me.

Panic! Like a Greg : _My summer plans are finishing school and then..._ *D Y I N G*

wang78739 : 1:04 But but but... I thought there were supposed to be 104 day of summer vacation before school comes along just to end it?? :P

Ryan Rail : Time to get to work on that model railroad for the next 90 ish days

Eric Burkenbine : This summer I will make an in home t-shirt screen printing set-up, so I can make my own shirts.

Garlic OS : I don't want to hear that stock clicking sound again as long as I live

Richard Aspden : "It's 104 days of summer vacation, then school comes along just to end it. The annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend it." - Phineas and Ferb

I am a lit Bean : I accept the challenge Austin and I think it’s a great idea I look forward for videos in the future about this summer project

Valentin Bachmann : Me while watching this video: „Heck yeah!“ Me abt 5 minutes after: „Uuuuggghhh“

Pista Alkohol : I have a job, but I will do it. I will work on my book.

You take a sip of your trusty vault 13 canteen. : What if my summer project is finishing Netflix seasons I didn’t finished, wich is like 14 of them?

Nate and Noah Try Life : [turn apathy into action] Austin, you’re the creator who makes working on your dreams feel attainable. Thank you.

Hotel Alabama : I actually started this YouTube channel not too long ago in hopes of achieving a similar goal. It was certainly in due part thanks to you, Austin. You've inspired me. So, now I make things. Thanks for that.

Death Trooper : My goal? Make other peoples summers awsome and maybe make some friends along the way!!

Taylor Curry : I've had a painting project on my mind for WEEKS but just haven't started. Thank you, Austin ❤️

Jacob Churchward Truered11 Torchic : In spring 2017 I started to build a castle in minecraft but never finished. So that's gonna be my project. See you in 3 months.

mugge47 : How about we make spaceship day the sequel

Ethan Teige : Thanks, I really needed this,,, I've been procrastinating on my YouTube channel videos and making excuses for not editing,,, this really helped me to get out of that funk. Now I'm gonna motivate myself correctly and make myself edit for my project's benefit

Salted fish : Wait ppl got 93 days of summer i barely hv half of that

Collin Films : Me and my friend watching this. Me: bro My friend: bro

Victor Pereira : It's winter here Also we have just one month without school

THE LUCKY TITAN : I got a summer project! Stay true to yours and I will stay true to mine! 🤘

Jumbledbyrd : So I found this a bit late, but now im motivated as hell to get around to making a short comic I've been inspired about for a while

Jared Johnson : God, I love this channel. Keep up the good work Austin!

HippoMii : Hey Austin, how's your project going? It's been a month :)

Squack asyoulike : 104 days of summer vacation with a whole lot of ways to spend it...

Tamarind Harth : When my “summer” holidays in South Africa are only 18 days and I have to spend each of them studying💔

RisingMooon : im getting into stargazing this summer after having been gifted a telescope~

Jamlandia : School ended for us today. No more work, time to take a break. My sister is graduating. Wait, I have summer school Edit: It's an advanced tutoring class but thanks for the support

Kicking It With Camson : YouTube recommended better show this to tons of people

Northie : I don't think I'm gonna be able to make a Cyberpunk movie to honor Blade Runner. But damn, you got me motivated.

Qrill : damn ur good now i kinda have to continue working on my short film, and pick up some other projects. good luck to all of us! thanks, Austin)

Ryan Gg : Jesus, this video came just in time, I need to make a short film by July 20th, and now I feel the motivation to start, thanks Austin

Playing with Plastic Productions : How many squares can you fit In this space?!?!?

Ron Ron : When you said “make sure is a summer project” did you mean it better be released in the summer or finished in the summer?

Zeke Freek : People who have to work full-time: "nah I'm good, thanks. I need my few hours of entertainment to stay sane"

JohnnyBear : Good Idea! I'm going to write a first draft for my novel. Thank You Austin, and Happy Summer!

Ava _Gamings : DUDE.I FRICKEN' HAVE SUMMER HOMEWORK. I am not lying . seriously. Wish me luck :(