A Bit of Fry & Laurie - Psychiatrists

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ProjectFlashlight612 : Breasts and fear

Viv. O : It's rather hard to distinguish between these two who's the Doctor and the patient. They're both barking mad.

A. Maria Finta de G. : I like this! But who has psychiatrists, these days, who ask this type of question? Now,it's all drugs, drugs drugs...!

v ant : Extraordinary! Fascinating!

xumbacampos : UNBELIEVABLE!! Not ONE "isn't this guy, like...House?" Teenage comment! Good start.

John McCulloch : Absolutely spiffing bit of writing that only the likes of Fry or Laurie could pull off.

G. Billo : Brilliant

IshtarNike : This is genius.

MichaelKingsfordGray : Psychiatrists are all insane.

BidlaBuh : This is a great metaphor about the conditio humana. This is what people do all the time; not only analysing their behavior, but analysing their style of analysis, and so on. This infinite regress can drive you insane - and it does. You can see this in any serious argument you have about anything.

Mr_FJ : Spoiler: They are ALL mad.

D Bodake : Absolutely fantastic!