Cat vs Monkey - Thug Life

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Bieassia Law : That cat's like, "How dare you touch me after you rubbed your nasty blue balls"!!!!!

Xendrius : Monkey used agility, cat used swipe.

BMXyamabushi : no pixelated sunglasses, or blunt for the kitty at the end? It ain't thug live without that, lol.

Michael B. : If a monkey playing with his balls and then smelling his fingers doesn't prove the theory of evolution, I don't know what does.

Gabint Boonnak : Monkey does the scratch and sniff

Melody1474 : Pokémon battle in real life :P

Shinobi Moondog : Damn, the monkey is even more agile than the cat.

Solar Kitten : That cat is badass lol.

Lion Heart : Monkeys cant handle cat family..Cats having blades everywere hands legs n mouth n a god level speed too

leon0247 : Thug life if that's what you call it the cat just wasn't in the mood to be touched by no damn dirty ape

Scott Martin : Play it in slow motion, and you can see the cat wacks him right in the face.

Whats up boi! : Don't mess with that cat

Andres Rojas : The cat was 100% alert from the moment the monkey appeared.

Al Rivers : I love that cat!

Blobbert Mcblob : Honestly, as strong as a monkey of that size is, in a straight up fight, that cat would tear that monkey to pieces within seconds.

simless : Id like to own this cat

Kathryn Mitchell : GOOD KITTY!!! Who's a good kitty!!! You're a good kitty!!!

Furby AndElmo : Cats rule

Steven Ng : Cat the winner!!

Bobby Spurlock : Looked like the monkey had smelly blue balls because he scratched them then smelled his fingers.

molten freddy : Go cat team

Kathryn Mitchell : GOOD KITTY!!!

Brandon Dye : Apex predator

Fantastic imagination : I love cat

Owen Daniels : good for the cat

shadow man : that cat spanked that monkey

Diana Kreilos : good cat

Loc'd Emperor : That's a rag doll cat I have 2


Gy Bx : Cats are punks with bad attitudes.

jaskiaz : Omg that thing is just discutsing. Monkeys are just obsessed with their genitals and other monkeys. They r either sucking, fondling, scratching or rubbing theirs or others constantly. This cat is my hero!!

Itor Lamop : Cats a badass...

TopTen Tymes : Monkey- i run this! Cat- like hell! Lol

RSC Daily : the winner is cat

Jay Tee : Hahaha. Thats what we call the thug life of a cat.

mrhappyhead mrhappyhead : Cats are little monsters, don't

Axl Gran : Beautiful Cat

TAP IN MERCHANT : Kitty 1 tree rat 0

- nobody : that cats like...I got razors on all four feet, just try me punk!

Jose Antonio Valencia Caballero : ha! the cat has bigger blue balls aiii!

hagen : Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

sandal prince : Cat like Don't mess with me my punches 👊👊👊are faster than Bruce Lee's

Edgy Cats : 0:19 why

Jafar Martin : Monkeys are very fast but cats are extremely quick. Amazing how they can use either paw...

WeednShroomsGuy420710 : He nuts are straight up blue

vaishakh sudhakaran : Angry 😡 cat

scoldedcat : That monkey picked something off his genitalia, sniffed it and then put it in his mouth..... Now, that's one sick puppy !

Haira Deen Musah : thug life

evicencio31863 : That's a Blue Point Himalayan Cat!

Rene Gomez : Dammm dat cat is a G, swung as soon as he walked his direction!!!!! Nice👍👍👍👍