Christmas With The Kranks But Tim Allen's Dialogue Is Replaced With Grunting

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Nathaniel Foga : I don't see what you replaced , this is just how Tim Allen always talks .😁👌

Ratchet72 : I awaken in a hung over state, after a notification appears on my phone, I observe the content, My hangover is gone

TonyExists : This is a masterpiece that historians will have a hard time explaining

Joey Baseball : You really dropped the ball here. I thought you were gonna do an in-depth review. Christmas with the Kranks is actually a horror movie. But it's disguised as a christmas movie. It takes place in a town, where if you don't celebrate Christmas, you are the enemy. Christmas with the Kranks is basically _Get Out,_ but christmas themed.

Disgusted Dedede : AUUUEEEGHH?!?!?