Deep Blue Hunts For Elephant Seals | Jaws Strikes Back

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Deep Blue is a heavily pregnant Great White Shark and is ready to hunt some unlucky Elephant Seals. Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips: Follow Discovery on Twitter:


Ricky ThaDon : Deep Blue is such a beautiful shark

Thomas V. : Am i the only one who thinks those hollywood sound effects are annoying as hell? I mean, come on this is not Lord of the Rings. Have a little more class

chad windham : so sad to see discovery follow the same blueprint as reality tv.

[e2K] Idexlogy : "It's a lot longer than a gold fish." *I'M SCREAMING! AHAHAHAHAHA*

DC Mc : That tag totally messes up her camouflage. Not good, researchers! Deep Blue and/or any great white should be fairly invisible when they are under their prey; their dark coloring on the upper side of their bodies ensures this. That bright white tag tube stands out like a beacon. This could prevent her from being a dynamic and efficient hunter. Bad move...bad judgment by researchers. Ugh.

uncle trash : Ooo she thick!

Johan VonStutenheint : It's a lot bigger than a gold fish says the highest pitched man i've ever heard LOL

tadhgbrosnan : This is NOT the first time a deep, vertical ascent attack has been caught on film.  David Attenborough and the BBC did a Great White Shark documentary way back in 1993 which highlighted great white researchers at the Farallon Islands. They used an underwater camera attached to a surfboard to entice and film this EXACT type of attack.

B. Lung : These sharks are all crippled and broken...Deep Blue has a large hole in her right flank and that second shark they filmed attacking the camera had it's tail badly mutilated; It is a miracle that it could even swim fast enough to hunt at all. I would like to think that these injuries were caused by other sharks but It is more likely that a boat propeller was the culprit.

Marc Verus : I love deep blue queen of the sharks 😈

Colin Dawes : Deep Blue Stays Deep

Edwin Jimenez : This is why I don't go to the beach

Gagosmith : this music ruins the whole thing...

Augustus Valentine : That's a heckin big doggo

Scorpio Life : Although I am terrified of the ocean and SHARKS I am also OBSESSED with them! So awesome!

City Eastwood : That shark fight almost looked like cgi. Crazy footage, can't wait to never to frolick in the ocean!

This is what u want? - this is what u get! : 6:35 That tail..

nadhir azlan : That male Great White has issues XD

Supes Me : Every time you see footage of Deep Blue she's Pregnant. I wonder if shes had her Babies yet? Or if it's like a Elephant where it takes them years to have them?

piper : Holy shit she's beautiful

Rai 09 : 25 feet wow... beautiful creature!

Дмитрий Хабаров : Why didn't anyone raise the question WHY the sharks attacked the cameras?! First attack was, i believe, on cam attached to DB and it was done by shark A. The second attack was on the tracking cam by another shark, lets call it B. So there are at least 3 sharks there. Look at their fins and tails - shark B has a damages tail but shark A doesn't, so those are 2 different sharks. And they both attack cameras! Is this strange behavior or what? It looks like they were trying to remove the cam from DB. Seals have nothing to do with this whole episode. I'd focus my attention on behavior and probably some sort of communication between DB and other 2 sharks.

jjstratford : Is her wound currently healed?

G13 Hamilton : Hi guys . Great footage .. noticed the big guy has damaged tail.. probably compensating for it and definitely slowing it I'd say.. awesome all the best ..J

Holts Zom : Deep Blue is always pregnant its the Bonnie (from Familyguy) of the ocean

مصفق طرزان : You know how I got these scars XD

Dom699 : imagine this one in a tornado

Karla Sosa : 0:54 What's that!!! He's Hurt T-T

Eva's DDs : Shes just curious. not really out to get them.

Sasquatch Alleged : "Deep Blue" does not have a narly tail!

GraceBrown : 5:55 *when the lunch bell rings at public schools*

Nick : so the shark went to hunt seals and ended up hunting your underwater drone

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ইচ্ছে ঘুড়ি : Oh, the shark was infected! 😢

Youtube Punisher : Why did this shark have two different tails from begining to end

Billy Smith : Discovery going the way of reality TV is really sad. 😢 🦈

808 G8GT : Wow.l they travel in January 2019 Deep Blue is off the coast of Honolulu Hawaii feeding on a Whale carcass. There was an incident of a model/ diver swimming with her. The diver actually was touching Deep Blue and holder her fins. Search Hawaii Deep Blue

00Mindi00 : Can't someone go and film these segments WITHOUT the cheesy AF directing dialogue and music? SMDH

Hilton Preston : exactly where I prefer monitoring sharks... from my desk

Christel Lliedo : Whatever shark it can be, the footage is absolutely stunning with perspectives I would have never dreamed of seeing. Thank you !

Pupu Kaka : Deep blue is THICC

hankakah : Deep Blue was just photographed and videotaped in Hawaii 2 days ago.It was seen feeding on a Sperm Whale carcass, along with Tiger sharks, Hawaii's usual big feeder.

Ungha Bungha : Open Water DVD right behind her. That's dark...

Drew Pit : I've seen some massive white sharks but visually this looks unbelievable on camera

Thomas Wright : What was wrong with the sharks tail at the end??

Jacquelyn : 6:24 That's Lucy with the mangled tail. I confused her with Quasimodo also.

Mucusmayhem 111 : 50yrs old and pregnant, wow. The sharks tail seems to be a bit shredded. Absolutely beautiful. Stunning camera work. 👏👏

Rose Blades : 0:54-1:03 ouch :( I wonder what happened to the Shark for that to happen

Tyrone Taylor : Deep Blue: "Not helping, Discovery!"