Deep Blue Hunts For Elephant Seals | Jaws Strikes Back

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Thomas V. : Am i the only one who thinks those hollywood sound effects are annoying as hell? I mean, come on this is not Lord of the Rings. Have a little more class

Skert Skrrrt : 0:45 since when did Mickey Mouse start looking for sharks

chad windham : so sad to see discovery follow the same blueprint as reality tv.

Ricky ThaDon : Deep Blue is such a beautiful shark

[e2K] Idexlogy : "It's a lot longer than a gold fish." *I'M SCREAMING! AHAHAHAHAHA*

DC Mc : That tag totally messes up her camouflage. Not good, researchers! Deep Blue and/or any great white should be fairly invisible when they are under their prey; their dark coloring on the upper side of their bodies ensures this. That bright white tag tube stands out like a beacon. This could prevent her from being a dynamic and efficient hunter. Bad move...bad judgment by researchers. Ugh.

B. Lung : These sharks are all crippled and broken...Deep Blue has a large hole in her right flank and that second shark they filmed attacking the camera had it's tail badly mutilated; It is a miracle that it could even swim fast enough to hunt at all. I would like to think that these injuries were caused by other sharks but It is more likely that a boat propeller was the culprit.

Laurence Smith : American natural history documentaries really are shite. No respect for the animals. They should go watch a BBC documentary.

tadhgbrosnan : This is NOT the first time a deep, vertical ascent attack has been caught on film.  David Attenborough and the BBC did a Great White Shark documentary way back in 1993 which highlighted great white researchers at the Farallon Islands. They used an underwater camera attached to a surfboard to entice and film this EXACT type of attack.

Dan Kelly : It's a lot bigger than a gold fish says the highest pitched man i've ever heard LOL

Crosiss Kebbel : I can't trust discovery anymore they fake stuff for ratings fuc off discover

Supes Me : Every time you see footage of Deep Blue she's Pregnant. I wonder if shes had her Babies yet? Or if it's like a Elephant where it takes them years to have them?

This is what u want? - this is what u get! : 6:35 That tail..

Дмитрий Хабаров : Why didn't anyone raise the question WHY the sharks attacked the cameras?! First attack was, i believe, on cam attached to DB and it was done by shark A. The second attack was on the tracking cam by another shark, lets call it B. So there are at least 3 sharks there. Look at their fins and tails - shark B has a damages tail but shark A doesn't, so those are 2 different sharks. And they both attack cameras! Is this strange behavior or what? It looks like they were trying to remove the cam from DB. Seals have nothing to do with this whole episode. I'd focus my attention on behavior and probably some sort of communication between DB and other 2 sharks.

Gagosmith : this music ruins the whole thing...

Augustus Valentine : That's a heckin big doggo

Edwin Jimenez : This is why I don't go to the beach

uncle trash : Ooo she thick!

treck87 : Discovery UK, do you people not realize that something big and bulky dangling off of the creature like "shark cam" is perceived as a weakness or wound by other sharks and puts this shark at risk of getting viciously attacked because of your giant camera dangling off of her?!? Completely irresponsible to do that to the animal.

kenwes69 : Thats a 20 footer.....25

Julius Mar Dela Cruz : 5:26 There's a Megalodon on the left side of the boat near the island. Look at the fin, they were lucky they were not eaten LOL

Bradley Kandhai : Some of the footage looks fake.

Karla Sosa : 0:54 What's that!!! He's Hurt T-T

I M : God I hate it when people attach shit to other living creatures and take away their mysteriousness and privacy.. it's like we have to get involved with everything. Although of course if it helps repopulate them it's good

Rai 09 : 25 feet wow... beautiful creature!

Marc Verus : I love deep blue queen of the sharks 😈

Colin Dawes : Deep Blue Stays Deep

nadhir azlan : That male Great White has issues XD

GraceBrown : 5:55 *when the lunch bell rings at public schools*

rick dino : Discovery channel is full of bull shark shit! This is not the first time a video recording has been made of a great white shark coming up from the depths to attack a seal , it was done with a surfboard and a camera facing down at the farallon island off San Francisco back in 1995. I still got the VHS . sadly no VCR. A quote from the documentary ( what time is it now).

Captain Win : That male sharks tail is weird.

drew rettke : Y'all think that sharks huge you should see my...

Robert Frias : That was far and away NOT the first vertical attack ever filmed. Stumpy was filmed many years ago off Farallon Island attacking a surfboard. Far from the first. And those guys didn't tag, just observe predations and movements. This tagging crap is far too invasive.

Dom699 : imagine this one in a tornado

ICE TEA : so is that striking clip going to the movies.

Drew Pit : I've seen some massive white sharks but visually this looks unbelievable on camera

rksu747 : Really, Discovery? You think viewers are so dumb that we can't recognize when the shark is actually a CGI shark? Thumbs down for you!

ramesh anand : The vertical scars are propeller strikes. They likely struck the shark while tracking or tagging

Sasquatch Alleged : "Deep Blue" does not have a narly tail!

15273 84625 : You guys are the Discovery channel, was there a reason you didn't have two cameras going initially? My guess... you needed a filler segment. What proof do I need? Well, you had Michael Phelps race a shark this year. That shit doesn't belong on Shark Week it belongs on the next Sharknado.

Terminator5000 : how do these people get paid? from whom? how are they able to pay bills, child support, insurance, rent, mortgage? fuel, food? how do these people survive, is my question.

Eva's DDs : Shes just curious. not really out to get them.

La_KriSby : The music.... Who decides this shit.

Matt : Lmao people saying she shouldn't be tagged do you know how dominance works ? If a young male of 15ft see her he will weight up the size of her and she's a lot bigger so he won't take her on plus their eye sight is excellent

Nick : so the shark went to hunt seals and ended up hunting your underwater drone

مصفق طرزان : You know how I got these scars XD

Guion Lawes : YouTube needs to eliminate comments on all videos! Nothing good ever comes from them!

mark smith : These people know nothing. That is clearly a baby megalodon.

Billy Smith : Discovery going the way of reality TV is really sad. 😢 🦈

Thomas gunns : 20 ft shark man who knows could have been even a little bigger than that just think 20ft maybe 30-40 ft sharks are out there you never know then you hitting the Megalodon we only discovered 5% of the ocean until we discover all of it I believe there's something out there really BIG☠