Thank you for everything you guys are making me stay alive and so thank you

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Sharky Sharklops : You are such a wonderful and giving person. Peace out, little brother.

Theweevster18 : Thanks

MiraMe. : We love you!!♥️ You're the awesome one here, thank you for sharing your drawings and just being you! Much love from Spain🌸

AJMCNG : Sending you and your whole family so much love. I’m so so happy to be a small part of your life and you are an amazing part of mine. All the love and support from Ireland dude, you’re incredible

yoshiclay9000 : thanks for making the best content out there my dude

EckhartsLadder : Love ya bud

Elliott Rose : Thank you for sharing your time with us

Bran Deff : We love you, Weev! Stay strong, you've had such a huge impact on all of us and your legacy and drawings will always be with us. Again, we love you, Weev!

Dragoon Dirk : Thanks for saying we're awesome, Weev. I really needed to hear that. What you need to know is that you are the truly awesome one. I can't believe how courageous and brave you are. You truly are a special person and you've effected people in a way that is going to make you live on forever. You're such a great kid. I can tell from all that you are doing with the Make-a-wish foundation and those awesome socks you designed. I'm so happy that I know you are surrounded by the love of your mama and your family. I'm also so happy that you have had all this great support on youtube. It might not make a big difference to you but a piece of you will be alive with me and all the other people who are watching these videos and supporting them. I look forward to more videos, Weev! Till next time.

Ben Furner : You’re awesome man keep it up!! Much love from Australia ❤️

najahbrah : Know you have the love of thousands and thousands of people. That's like a whole football stadium full of people that absolutely love you!

Mash V : They should make a book with your drawings and use the money for cancer research, you're inspiring and part of you will always live with us. Thank you.

Bill CollinsTM : Kat and I love you, little brother 💕❤️♥️❤️💕

Meester Peester : We love you buddy! You’re the strongest kid I know and you and your pops and fam will be in my prayers every single. You’re a fighter!

Neil Nograles : Gonna keep praying for you dude.

Davi Lago : Thank YOU, friend! Much love from Brazil!

Farid S. : Thank YOU for the inspiration and display of exemplary courage.

William Holland : Thanks for making your journey so public. Its been so enjoyable every day seeing your drawings!

Johann Hoika : Thank you for your wonderful drawings!

Fernando Gabriel : you are the best! Love from Argentina ✌

Buster Shuman : You're a beast 💪🏻💪🏻, can't wait for more of that art. You know I rung that bell lol!

Kat Collins : We love you so much, sweetheart❤️ Thank you for being such an amazing young man and allowing us the pleasure & joy of knowing you & your sweet, funny, beautiful heart.🤗 You have touched so many people, so deeply, especially my family. I want you to know you will be in our hearts forever. Thank you for being you💜

Mango : This tears me apart We're here for you, friend Thank you so much for making this content for us Love from Japan

Rohlix : Sending much love to you and your wonderful family Weev!❤️You are awesome and your drawings make my days happier... Peace out!

Simon Baxter : Love the videos dude! All the way from England

Jon L : Weev, you're a great kid who has been an inspiration to us all. Continue to stay strong, dude.

forrmonkey : Know that you are bringing a lot of happiness and joy to every single person who watches your videos buddy. Keep up the great art.

Patrick Gillan : Thank you for being a beautiful person

Robert Nunn : You are the first person I've ever watched every day. I find you absolutely inspiring. My daughter loves your pictures. You are in my thoughts as I go through my daily routine.

Habkinson : Much love from Sheffield UK, keep fighting, and keep drawing!

Los Manos : Thank you for being such a strong person and inspiration to us all.Much love from Lithuania

TITANSPIRIT : Weevster my dude, I'm glad you share your videos with us. You're tough as they come and a really genuine guy. Cheers me up seeing your videos, much love from Ireland!

ajohndoe17 : I’m so thankful I found your channel. You’re so amazing, and you’ve been so strong through all of this. I can tell you with 100% certainty that you’ve changed my life, and probably the lives of everyone else that’s watched your videos. You’ve shown us all what true strength is. We love you and your family. Thank you all so much for allowing us to be a part of your journey!

Kristi Crozier-Grafton : Thank you for your beautiful drawings, and keeping us updated with each new character! The descriptions of all of them are awesome.

Robert Clower : Thank YOU for sharing with US! You're awesome!

Ashish Ranjan : Thank you for sharing your drawings and your time with us. You are awesome. Love from India 😀

Ty Hunt : we love you, kid.

sopersoon : We love you man! Keep making these awesome video's

Brandon Hoffman : Thanks Weev! Can’t wait to see your picture today

Juek mp3 : Hideeho weevster. You're the one we should all be thanking, your amazing art and positive message has inspired us all. You're my hero. Thank you

Jai Cahill : This brings a tear to my eye, I'm glad that our love has given you a bit of joy little guy. <3

dayyng : Thank YOU for bringing a smile to other peoples faces and for being strong enough to shine through this phase in your life.

mazemasuu : stay strong! you are amazing! greetings from switzerland :)

Axetofall : Thank you for your beautiful artwork

WaZ : Your the awesome one man!

Joakim Stenmyren : You're such a strong guy and I truly envy your positive mindset. Thanks for letting us be a part of your community and I wish you the best buddy. Much love from Sweden!

Marky Snott : Every once in awhile you encounter someone that makes you realize you want to be a little bit more like them. Thanks for making us all better people.

Cr4zyw00t : No no no no, you're the best!!

Ketrunal : Stay fighting little homie! Keep pushing and stay strong! We'll be here forever for you Weevster!

Samuel Clark : You are my hero!