Enya - Caribbean Blue (video)
This beautiful video by Enya for her song Carribean Blues is one of my favorites Happy Tuesday

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Pre-order Enya's new album Dark Sky Island, out Nov. 20, 2015. iTunes: http://bit.ly/darkskyityt Amazon: http://bit.ly/darkskyazyt © 2006 WMG Caribbean Blue (video)


redfred70 : Reminds me of hearing this on the radio in my car, driving my girlfriend home (now my wife of 22 years) from South West to North East London in the early hours of the morning. In the days when there was no traffic on the roads late at night in London. Every corner we turned gave me the chance to glance at her beautiful face, and then out of the car windows, at a million stars. I was 21 years old then, the best of times. During dull times at work and when I’m on my own, I often look back in my mind to that time and my heart fills with love for her, the happiness, and all we’ve been and will be. The world is full of beauty, just look for the little details and cherish every second of our one and only lives.

Nerd of God : I first heard this song when I was six. My parents took the family on vacation to Panama city. We took a glass bottom boat cruise and the captain played this song while the dolphins were jumping along side the boat.🌟⭐🌟⭐ Absolutely the most magical moment of my life.

JP ELIE : If only life was as beautifull as this woman voice ...

JASON.S : We need more songs like this today

Hedy Eckert : Enya is not of this world. There are people like that, the came from another place. I have known a person like this. Enya’s music makes me unafraid of everything.

Adriel Adson : Essa música é uma terapia 😍

Marley Bu : How can you dislike this beautiful song? Enya is unique. March 2019 😀

Nadin Al-Shaker : Caribbean Blue Enya Eurus Afer Ventus So the world goes round and round With all you ever knew They say the sky high above Is Caribbean blue If every man says all he can If every man is true Do I believe the sky above Is Caribbean blue Boreas Zephryus If all you told was turned to gold If all you dreamed was new Imagine sky high above In Caribbean blue

Mochamad Adilevy : One of my lifetime achievement: play this song while lying on a boat in the bluish infinity of Caribbean under the ocean of stars.

HystericalDark : More than 3 thousand dislikes, proof that most people these days have some pretty bad music taste. I personally could listen to this all day. The boy is adorable and the video is so beautiful

Angell Schell : Obra de arte sonora que nós eleva✨❤️✨🙌✨🙏✨🙌✨💜💙💚💛❤️🧡🌻✨

John Flash : How can you dislike this beautiful song? Enya is unique. March 2019 😀 Sound of heaven i think?😇so calming

TheLonelyCreativist Husky : Why does this make me cry....it's so good

rubydawinter : This was my parents wedding song. such and beautiful song!

awakened_link : There's something very magical yet peaceful about this song; it makes me nostalgic for some reason.

HouseofBecky : My sweet child just passed away this week. I'm healing bit by bit with this song.. I feel like this is the magical sound filling the skies as our loved ones ascend to that special place beyond the clouds...

Jason Young : Absolutely Beautiful !!!

Kaneko Daisuke : Caribbean Blue is a masterpiece. But I feel winter-snowing image instead of ocean image about this song.

Victor Filan : One of the last great songs before popular music turned to 🙀‼️

T Rodrigo : My favorite song by my favorite artist. The images in my head when I listen to this song are much different than those who imagined the music video, but I appreciate their interpretation all the same. If I had a dying wish it would be to spend 2 hours chatting with Enya about her music.

Karin Manharello : A paz transmitida por suas canções e sua divina voz... obrigada Enya!

Guy Smith : Enya's music, where Earth meets Heaven.

Mauricio Batianich_G : Enya eres magica e increíble me quitas toda la deprecion y los problemas, gracias por existir Saludos! 😆

Kurt Dai : Why Enya is such beauty? 为什么Enya还是那么美?

DRAKEDARKNESS : im here cause of deadpool 2

SaDmAn SaKiB : childhood song💘...atlast after so many years i found it ..its probably 10yrs,,now i am hearing it!

Anthursan 5150 : Enya it's my favorite New Age female singer, this tune it's a happy waltz and mentions the Anemoi, Boreas, Afer Ventus , Eurus and Zephyrus (Ancient Greek wind gods)

Mufti G : June 2019, still feel inspired like the first time hear to this song

Ирина Менешева : такой интересный клип! как-будто кино!)

Berivan Ersoy : Love you enya from turkey 🇹🇷

Saimoom Black : Voice from Heaven. She is so beautiful.

Amina Ferhat : Beautiful it makes me relax and imagine beautiful things

Freddy Jiménez : We need more songs like this today Who is listening in November 2018? Obra de arte sonora que nós eleva✨❤️✨🙌✨🙏✨🙌✨💜💙💚💛❤️🧡🌻✨

александр федотов : Еня!Вы -не похожи ни на кого либо.То как Вы выражаете под музыку емоции-мне не с кем даже сравнить!Спасибо за Ваши песни.Вы Особенная!

DoomGuy11 : *This song is a piece of priceless art*

trojan warrior : Who is listening in November 2018?

Candianborn83 : Thank you Deadpool for bringing me back to my childhood!

Michael S : I successfuly fell in love with a person 37 years older than me <3

Richard Freeman : Daydream fuel...

Harkeill : So much people put shit on Enya and her songs, that it makes me wonder what is wrong with people, why they have no taste in the classics - and Enya certainly is one that will live down the ages.

Hina Afridii : makes me remind of my childhood days,damnnnn life was soo good those days now everything is soo dramatic and unrealistic :)

Виталий Шпякин : Enya лучшая группа!, это мой самый любимый клип)

Thea Oteyo : Sound of heaven i think?😇so calming

Sour Cream : Best Video Ever Made! Please your the USA in 2019. I so want to see you live in person

kustjagara : A beautiful woman and an even more beautiful voice.

Ruben Rachetti : ENYA es realmente hermosa como su musica y sus videos!! Realmente me cautiva este tipo de musica; gracias por compartirla, jamas me cansaria de escucharla !!

PowerfulPorpoise : Yes I found this song. It plays at Sea World Ancol

LINA MARIA SÁNCHEZ CEBALLOS : cómo puede haber tanta belleza

Robert Darling : I wonder if Enya knows the incredible joy she brings to us listeners.